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22 PR Tools From the #PRstack Community

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In the past 12 months, the #PRstack community has  created an app that has characterized more than 250 third-party tools. The community has developed a list of its favorite 22 PR tools for Spin Sucks. The 22 PR Tools From the #PRstack Community. Anewstip is a simple tool to quickly find relevant journalists to pitch your stories to on Twitter. Tool Google Analytics. 

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The Psychology of Marketing: Nine Tools You Need

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Benedict Brychta looks at the tools you need to understand and use. The post The Psychology of Marketing: Nine Tools You Need appeared first on Spin Sucks. Marketing Online Marketing Amazon create a tribe emotion marketing strategies marketing tools promote exclusivity promote urgency research data SEO the psychology of marketing wharton school of business Zappos

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5 New Social Media Tools That You Should Know About


There are some recently released social media tools that communication and marketing professionals may find very helpful…or at least find good to know about. In this post I want to take a look at some new tools that are available for the more prominent social media platforms and give an idea of how they can be helpful for PR professionals and marketers. 1. Facebook Search.

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Six Online Tools for Blog Post Inspiration

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Linda Wilson has six online tools that will help. The post Six Online Tools for Blog Post Inspiration appeared first on Spin Sucks. A great post starts with a great title, which is responsible for every click you receive on your article.

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How To Use Tech Tools to Improve Your Content


Tech tools make me seem like a better writer than I am. My content pieces are often readable and coherent despite my abilities because of a gauntlet of tech tools I use to improve them before publishing (I also have good editors, which for the purposes of this piece we’ll ignore). What I want to do in this post is examine tech tools that improve different dimensions of your writing.

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Four Content Discovery Tools to Engage

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Content discovery tools address this challenge by finding the most-shared, trending content and providing relevant content suggestions for your weekly editorial calendar. Here’s a look at four content discovery tools that can add meaningful value to your audience engagement efforts. To get started, you need to connect to the tool with your Facebook, or Twitter accounts.

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Increasing PR Productivity With New Tech Tools

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

So we thought it was time for a look at some new tech tools and apps to help our industry find more effective ways to save time and increase productivity. Now that you have all kinds of wonderful topics to write about, if you need some help coming up with catchy names, you can always feed those topics into this tool from Hubspot. Master time management  with the  Pomodoro Timer app. 

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The One PR Tool You’ll Need for 2016

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The One PR Tool for 2016. On the first day of Christmas, Spin Sucks gave to you…the one PR tool you’ll need for 2016. But she’s not the PR tool for 2016 that I am going to recommend (she can’t even be accused of being a tool). Her company, Iris , is the PR tool I recommend. By Gini Dietrich. and Gin and Topics. Let’s get started!

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Online Tools that Help with PR

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All of this can be managed—and your day-to-day life won’t seem so hectic—with a few online tools. DIY PR with These Eight Tools Canva. This is a fairly new tool that allows you to design your online properties as if you are a pro. Analytics is  the tool a business owner needs to make important decisions about their website, even if it’s not used for sales.

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Five Content Marketing Tools to Help Scale Small Teams

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The post Five Content Marketing Tools to Help Scale Small Teams appeared first on Spin Sucks. Communication Tools asana Brainsparker build effective content canva CMO content marketing Copy Editor Create great content Create great content that drives business creative designer Google AdWords Grammarly keyword tool Project Manager Proofreader scale small teams SEO specialist Sketch

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Top Free Content Marketing Tools for Beginners

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To be successful at content marketing, you need to the right tools. While some may be expensive, here is a list of top free content marketing tools that will help you make a successful start. The post Top Free Content Marketing Tools for Beginners appeared first on Spin Sucks.

Simplify Media Relations Planning with This Free Tool

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The post Simplify Media Relations Planning with This Free Tool appeared first on Spin Sucks. Communication Planning how to get journalist interest how to get media engagement media relations planning media relations road map media relations tools pr planning tools By Michael Smart Her earnestness—close to desperation–is what took me aback. So I paused. Your advice is great.

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#CreativePR: Tools That Give You An Edge


Stay tuned for posts 3 – 5, which will look further into some of the tools, tactics, and strategies that innovative PR professionals are using today. . Never before has there been such an array of DIY tools to do that. But you have to know what you need before you can select the proper tool.”. Which are the proper tools for you? Here are 5 Leta recommends. Hemingway App.

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Eight Tools for Social Media Listening

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Now let’s discuss eight free tools to enhance what Google is sending you. Twendz is a reputation management tool that looks at how people feel about a brand or a topic. Next week I’ll give you the tools for assessing where your customers and prospects are already participating online. They are listen, assess, engage, measure, and refine/improve. First things first.

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Repurpose Content with These Six Tools

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Similarly, those how-to guides and checklists can easily be turned into visuals and infographics with one of my favorite tools ever: Canva. The post Repurpose Content with These Six Tools appeared first on Spin Sucks. By Stephanie Vermillion. often wonder if Hermione Granger knew how good she had it. could get used to that. Sadly, that time turner has yet to find its way to me.

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Three Productivity Tools that Will Change Your Life in 2017

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On the third day of Christmas, Spin Sucks gave to you, three productivity tools that will change your life in 2017. The post Three Productivity Tools that Will Change Your Life in 2017 appeared first on Spin Sucks. Gini Dietrich describes her must-haves, but also encourages you to stop by and add your two cents.

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Tools for Mobile Marketing Strategy Success

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Unfortunately, while mobile continues to grow in its importance as a marketing tactic, many marketers still lack the tools and knowledge to develop a sound and integrated mobile marketing strategy. Below are some tips and tools you can implement into your mobile marketing strategy in order to measure how effective it is, and improve based on your findings. and nearly $220B worldwide.

Twelve Digital Tools You’ll Be Using More of in 2015

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On the twelfth day of Christmas, Spin Sucks gave to you… 12 digital tools, 11  most read blog posts , 10 top communicators , nine great PR blogs , eight up and comers , seven must-listen podcasts , six communicator gifts , five communications trends , four free webinars , three strategy games , two Crazies’ secrets , and the PR win of 2014. Sococo might be my favorite tool of 2014.

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[Guest Post] Top 5 Tools Agency Owners Must Embrace for the Digital Future

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As a contemporary PR practitioner in the new, digital age, I don’t know where I’d be without the following tools that many advertisers and marketers are already adopting: 1) “Unlock to Share” Plugin. Before you gawk at the notion that an app frequented by middle school students can be a useful marketing tool , hear me out. Of course, there’s plenty more each did, but you get the gist.

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4 Ways Analytics Tools Improve PR


So how can PR Analytics tools help? Retain and Win Clients – when an agency uses a PR Analytics tool to monitor campaign success, it’s much easier to point to ROI and build case studies quickly. In addition, brands are continually looking for PR agencies that have solid data-based measurement and analytics tools in place. By Seedepth. We’d love to hear your experience.

Two Tools for Bloggers

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Without spending any money building an app or creating a new version of your blog for the tablet, there are two new tools you  definitely need to check out! OnSwipe is the other tool. Two Tools for Bloggers originally appeared on Spin Sucks on April 3, 2011. Blog Social Media blogging tools brankica underwood Flipboard Julio Varela kindle publishing live your love onswipe

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Five Tools for Managing Your Company’s Social Media Profiles

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Matt Banner shares five social media tools you can use to manage your business' social media presence. The post Five Tools for Managing Your Company’s Social Media Profiles appeared first on Spin Sucks. Related Stories Twelve Productivity Tools for the Digital Marketing Pro Top Seven Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketers The Downside of Social Media: The Comparison Dragon. Social media is probably one of a hundred different things on your daily to-do list. Keeping up with the fast paced social world is fairly difficult.

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Ten Apps and Tools to Make Your Strategic Planning More Productive

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Here are 10 effective tools and apps that will boost your business strategy. Support Your Strategic Planning With the Right Tools Many business owners think that the strategic planning work is done when they complete the business plan. When you prepare a realistic and attainable strategic plan, you will need the right tools to help you implement it into practice.

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SlideBatch: A Super Cool New PR Tool

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then had lunch with Paul and  Ed Mayuga  in Boston at the MarketingProfs B2B Summit and learned more about this cool new tool. I was expecting it to be just another thing that I would feel uncomfortable when they asked me what I thought, but I was blown away. The post SlideBatch: A Super Cool New PR Tool appeared first on Spin Sucks. By Gini Dietrich At Content Marketing World in Cleveland, I had the opportunity to meet Paul Shirer , the founder of SlideBatch. It’s super cool and it has huge benefits for a PR pro. What is SlideBatch? It’s all ready for you.

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Strategy & Tech Tools Can Boost Content Success

The Proactive Report

Tech Tools. The eMarketer article suggests that tech tools are the answer to this problem.  You do need tech tools to monitor and analyze conversations so that you understand your audience, create personas and find topics of interest for your content.  A good social media dashboard is essential. PR strategy tech toolsmarketing objective supported by content marketing.

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5 Free Analytical Tools That Are Useful


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Three Tools to Show PR Value

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Show PR Value with These Tools. To make a case for the PR value you provide (and your budget) to even the most reluctant executives, you’ll need three tools: A crystal clear strategy; . When I ran an agency, these are the three tools I had ready whenever I had to go head-to-head with a request like this. The post Three Tools to Show PR Value appeared first on Spin Sucks.

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Ring! Your Best Web Marketing Tool is Calling

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The best web marketing tool is sitting right in front of you. Example: The Best Tool in Action. There are a bazillion web marketing tools. But the best web marketing tool is offline. Like the forgotten inbox (your USPS mailbox ), that phone on your desk is a powerful marketing tool. Marketing andy crestodina best web marketing tool human conversation phone

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Four Tools to Assess Your Audience’s Online Usage

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Last week, after we looked at the tools for online listening , I promised I would follow it up with tools to use in assessing the conversation. There are four tools you can use to begin to understand your audience’s online preferences. Fliptop is a tool that will let you upload email contacts from your computer, an email marketing platform, social media, or Salesforce.

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Slack: A Communication Tool Every Team Should Use

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Some of you may already know about this tool—it’s a favorite of developers and start-up teams that work virtually. There is a tool called Slack that is billed as, “a messaging app for teams. Slack puts everything in one spot—and it has open APIs to most of the tools we use. This is probably in my top three loves of this tool. By Gini Dietrich. Are you ready?

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Introducing Spider: A Super Cool Link Listening Tool

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The link listening technology of which I speak of is Spider , which is billed as a social listening tool. We don’t need another social listening tool. Sure, you can use hashtags and put in keywords and do all of the same stuff you do with other social media listening tools, but what I like most about Spider is it provides link listening. But the timing was off for me.

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The Most Important Post-event Engagement Tool

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Think of the last branded event you created and the engagement tool you used. Regardless of the method, using social media before and during an event is a great engagement tool. Post-event Engagement Tool. Social media is certainly a powerful tool to use during an event, but its power only increases afterward. By  Steve Randazzo. Get hashtag heavy. Make it a competition.

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The Most Important PR Measurement Tool You’re Not Using


Fortunately, Google has a free tool called Google Tag Manager that can give you more granular data from your web properties (note that Tag Manager also has a mobile SDK, although I focus on the web application). We’re a long way from that now. We want to know really detailed stuff about user behavior and all of that requires little bits of javascript that ping servers with data.”

The Latest & Greatest Social Media & Marketing Tools


It’s exciting to see so many tools to help us be better at social media and content marketing, though it can be overwhelming to keep up with them and learn how to use them all! Fortunately for you, I’ve done the work for you by identifying five fantastic marketing tools. 1. You go on with your life, and the tool does the work for you. TweetJukebox. IFTTT. Canva.

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Nervous? Use the RAIN Meditation Tool to Calm Yourself Down

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Right now, I going use RAIN, a tool used by many meditation teachers — originally developed by Michele McDonald —to calm myself down. Use the RAIN Meditation Tool to Calm Yourself Down appeared first on Spin Sucks. By Gini Dietrich. A few years ago, I was standing in the lobby of a hotel, talking to Jay Baer. asked him if he was nervous. He said no. Use RAIN When You Are Nervous.

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12 Tools for Powerful Influencer Research

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There are loads of great online tools that will help you with your research, so you can find the right fit for your campaign. Jane Hurst shares her favorite tools. The post 12 Tools for Powerful Influencer Research appeared first on Spin Sucks. How do you find the right influencers for your campaign? You need to do your research.

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Four Free Tools Every Content Strategist Should Be Using

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That’s why I want to share my favorite free tools for every content strategist. Four Free Tools Every Content Strategist Should Be Using. is a great tool, but it can be expensive. The good news is a free version of their user testing tool is available to use three times a month. Crazy Egg is a heat-mapping tool that offers a free trial. Gender.

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5 Data Visualization Tools That Anyone Can Use


More than just charts or graphs, today’s tools allow journalists and communication professionals to provide interactive content in very customizable and visually pleasing ways. Fortunately, there are a lot of newer data visualization tools that take care of the coding for you. What I want to do in this post is briefly go through some data visualization tools that anyone can use.

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3 Ways to Improve Your Content With the Right Tools


There are still ways to make your content stand out from the rest, however, and it starts with the right marketing tools. At his recent Cision webinar, “ 9 Tools & Tips That Drive Content Marketing Results ,” Ian Cleary discussed the common problems plaguing content marketers today and how the right tools and technology can solve them. Drive more traffic to your content.

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Simple Tool, Small Wonder: Buffer App

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Amidst all the froth about the new Facebook features and the general release of Google+ , it’s easy for social media professionals not to spend much time considering the importance of simple tools. While it’s generally thought of as just a tweet scheduling tool, my experience has been that it unlocks the promise of social media for businesses that have been sitting on the sidelines.

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