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Spotlight on a Solo PR Pro: Meet Doug Levy

Solo PR Pro

He was a frequent contributor to All Things Considered and Morning Edition and ended up as an intern in NPR’s Washington Bureau a year later, gaining extensive industry experience and honing his writing skills. I helped them recognize the importance of clear internal communications. From journalist to PR pro.

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Letter from BETT

Stephen Waddington

BETT had an international feel with a notable rise in exhibitors from Asia. It’s a useful tool for real time marketing, crisis and newsjacking work. There are powerful insights for internal and corporate communication. Help me write a new handbook for 2019 I’m working on a new how-to book for marketing, PR and SEO for 2019.


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Letter from Newcastle: There’s a tool for that but be wary of free stuff

Stephen Waddington

Marketing in markets without media, tool databases, Google graveyard, reframing Brexit, internal meets external comms, #CommsSchool makes blogging a habit, and the March #FuturePRoof podcast. It’s among the clearest thinking I’ve read on the political crisis that the UK currently finds itself in. ?? You’d be welcome to join us.

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#19: Building a framework for reputation management


Differences between risk & crisis | Jump to text. Deploying crisis management teams | Jump to text. Chris Rivera: Well, Ben, the unfortunate part is when I went to college, I studied technical writing. By the way, for anyone that doesn’t know what technical writing is, don’t worry. Talking Points.

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The joy of pain – VW, schadenfreude and public relations

PR Conversations

A global crisis situation – such as that experienced by VW currently – brings out an ugly side of public relations. Such ‘rules’ reflect their own opinion or a form of ‘received wisdom’ We saw it with Toyota, BP, Thomas Cook, and any other recent crisis of small or large magnitude.

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How To Create An Editorial Strategy for Your Blog: Part Two


Before you write a word of your editorial strategy, I want to make sure you know what your editorial strategy should be, and that we are on the same page for why you should have one. Who do you write for? What do similar blogs write about and how will your blog be similar or different? What drives you to write each post?

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How to Get On in New Communications: Be Nice


Stuart is an international PR adviser, speaker, trainer, and blogger. That means my best crisis comms advice and experience can’t be fully disclosed as some of it has helped clients avoid a crisis and therefore talking too much about it risks actually bringing it out into greater prominence!” “Writing makes me aware.