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What not to do after you get a story in the news

Axia PR

Avoid creating friction between you and journalists after a story goes live. Getting a positive story featuring your company in the news is always cause for celebration. Your company will likely want to thank the journalist for the article and see if you can keep pitching your company to that journalist. However, this can actually cause problems with your company’s relationship with that journalist.

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How to craft an effective boilerplate for your press release

Agility PR Solutions

A press release boilerplate is often viewed as just another box to tick—the last piece of the puzzle that few might pay attention to. After all, it’s placed at the end. However, dismissing the boilerplate as merely an afterthought could be a missed opportunity. Why? You’ll find out in this article. Let’s start at the […] The post How to craft an effective boilerplate for your press release appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

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The Difference Between Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence

Inbound PR

In today's fast-paced and interconnected business environment, technical skills alone are no longer sufficient for achieving success. The ability to navigate complex interpersonal dynamics and effectively manage emotions has become more crucial than ever and I feel it every day in my work. This is where emotional and social intelligence come into play.

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How to leverage local PR tactics for global impact

Agility PR Solutions

PR strategies are ever-changing and constantly required to adjust to the latest local insights and cultural sensitivities. This forces PR professionals to stay flexible and conduct constant research to stay ahead of the curve. Building winning global campaigns has become an art form—perfectly blending local tastes with worldwide trends. Hence, we intended this guide as […] The post How to leverage local PR tactics for global impact appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

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The Importance of Personalizing Your Press Release for Journalists

Journalists receive an overwhelming number of press releases daily, making it hard for your news to stand out. While some news is valuable, most is not.

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Effective Communication Strategies For Mental Health Advocacy

The Hoyt Organization

Mental health advocacy campaigns are crucial in educating the public, reducing stigma, and promoting access to professional help. These campaigns are especially useful today as mental health disorders are on the rise worldwide. However, despite this uptick in mental health disorders, mental health services are still stigmatized, leading to people shying away from seeking help.

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The Brits Invade US Newsrooms With a ‘Killer Instinct’ and Fleet Street Ethics

Mark My Words

WRAP.PRO “In media, everybody is floundering. As legacy media takes continual hits, everybody is looking for the magic ticket that appeals to consumers and advertisers,” said Mark Borkowski, a London-based British publicity, image and crisis consultant, told TheWrap. “It is about the perception of who is successful, and therefore doing something similar is going to lead to similar success.

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Digital trust will only become more important, but businesses aren’t prioritizing it—skills are lagging, and only 1 in 5 companies is increasing budget

Agility PR Solutions

Consumers are aware that they have to watch their step with online transactions—if not, their credit card details can obviously be at risk, but so can their full digital identities. And with breaches happening so often that they don’t even make the news anymore, it’s like the internet has reverted to its wild west stage. […] The post Digital trust will only become more important, but businesses aren’t prioritizing it—skills are lagging, and only 1 in 5 companies is increasing budget appear

Company 101
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Navigating Stormy Waters: The Role of Media Intelligence in Crisis Management

Medianet Australia

In the dynamic world of public relations, navigating a crisis is akin to steering a ship through a storm. The right tools can mean the difference between capsizing and reaching safer waters. Media intelligence, with its detailed human analysis of media coverage, provides a compass for PR professionals to navigate the swells and calms of today’s media landscape (or should we say, seascape!).

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23 Digital PR Examples and Strategys That Work Today


The term digital PR means different things depending on who you ask. We even had an entire podcast episode devoted to the differences between digital PR strategies US and UK with Rise at Seven’s Will Hobson. Some people refer to digital PR as content-led link building. But there is a lot more to digital PR. There are also asset-less digital PR strategies that include pitching quotes to journalists.

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Do's and Don'ts: How to Pitch Your Press Release to Journalists

Speaker: Michelle Garrett, PR Consultant, Author, Speaker

Yes - press releases are still relevant in the world of public relations! 🎯 Ever wondered how to write a compelling press release, or what are current best practices for pitching your news to earn media coverage? In this exclusive webinar with Michelle Garrett, PR Consultant, we’ll cover tips and advice to help you get the most out of each piece of news you pitch!

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Journalist Spotlight | Interview with Tom Hartley, Freelance Journalist

Medianet Australia

This week, Medianet is joined by Freelance Journalist and Director of Middleman Media, Tom Hartley. As a Broadcast Journalist, Tom delves into how this medium has been impacted by social media’s growing presence, as well as how PRs can be taken off the digital page and onto the screen.