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Latin American PR Leaders on New Communication Essentials


Gallo, head of communications and public affairs, Latin America, at the Zurich Insurance Group. “We face, as individuals and as consumers, an era where people no longer believe in top-down messages,” said Santiago V. A brand’s communications should remain “simple, short and concrete,” he said.

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Why You Should Know About Information Disorder

Reputation Specialist Michael Toebe

(Karen Naumann, Senior Instructor, Public Affairs & Communication Strategy Directorate · Defense Information School). Skillfully selecting a teammate or team ready to support you and guide you through the war declared on you is insurance-minded thinking and first aid awaiting you should you need it. Think: safeguards.


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We Must Confront the Uncomfortable Truths – Roger Bolton

Ethical Voices

Yeah, I couldn’t hack the math, but I ended up being assistant secretary of the Treasury for Public Affairs and the chief spokesman for U.S. The minute you do that, you’re cutting yourself off on the knees. economic policy, so I figured out some stuff along the way. But you know what?

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Ethical Issues with Coalitions and Front Groups – Greg Bailey

Ethical Voices

In the public relations business, I’ve had one ethical dilemma. The work was in a 13-state region, and I was doing public affairs and grassroots advocacy. I was working for a national association client. We were going into a state to start a coalition to work on some healthcare issues.

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Lake Forest Chamber of Commerce Livecast talking Crisis PR

The Stalwart Blog

I started actually as a Navy officer, turned Navy public affairs officer. Steve Smith: Just as an opener, just tell us a little bit about PR security systems and how you got into this line of work. Dave Oates: Sure. I’ve been in the PR business for about 25 years.

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