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Data-Driven PR Campaign Planning: Part 2


Welcome back to our blog series about data-driven PR campaign planning! This week, we’re concluding the series with an overview of how to craft your messaging, identify the right authors and outlets, distribute strategically and proactively, and finally, measure success. Measure success. What’s in it for them?

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Adapting to a Data-Driven PR World


While acquiring data can be easy, finding the data that is accurate and supports your brand’s work, mission and goals is more complex. You need to do more than find data; you need to find the right data. Take online classes, find a mentor or read thought leadership on the subjects that challenge you.


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Clearing the Two Biggest and Heaviest Cultural Roadblocks for PR/Communications’ Data-Driven Journeys (Part 2)


Three key focus areas where short-term approaches mar the benefit of strategic and critical thinking and planning: Focusing on measurements and reporting as an activity instead of analyzing trends and patterns and adding more context for deeper and actionable insights – which can become capabilities embedded in various PR/Communications processes.

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20 PR and Marketing Predictions for 2022

Sword and the Script

This means PR pros will need to figure out how to have their clients mentioned in these outlets and learn how to measure their success.”. PR grows more in demand. Data-driven PR. One of the big headlines for 2022 is that a data-driven approach to PR will be a must.

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What is Tech PR? PR strategies that sell your tech brand


Tech PR can also help to differentiate a technology company from competitors, position them as a thought leader, and create a positive brand image. Strategies used in tech PR include thought leadership, social media management, strategic partnerships and community engagement, content marketing, media relations , and influencer marketing.

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Latest PR Trends


With the evolution of technology, companies have generated a lot more data, which can inspire the creation of a lot more ideas, as well as increase the reach of those creative ideas. In fact, this trend in PR is only going to continue to grow and change the way that both PR and the media industry are cooperating.

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The Top 5 Skills That Young (And All) Communicators Should Develop

Shift Communications

As the communications industry continues to change and to adapt to digital environments, these are the key skills/specialties that I see as key to communicators: Analytics : The ability and necessity to measure results in a digital environment is stronger than ever. Find a creative director who can act as a mentor.