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Reconsider Fashion PR

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The fashion PR industry has a pretty interesting story to tell if you can look beyond the Avant-Garde (unwearable) runway creations to the clusters of people backstage, dressed in black, with clipboards, walkie-talkies, and this season’s must-have manicure. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week brings in more than $40 million to New York each year. Fashion blogging is mega-business.

Fashioning a stunt

Mark My Words

Textiles and fashion occupy a central position in the realm of material culture. This week Karl Lagerfeld sent a parade of waifs down the runway brandishing placards for women’s rights (of a Barbie doll kind of flavour) Lagerfeld certainly knows how to pull off a stunt, but is this really the best fashion can do? If you look back in history, fashion actually does have the power to make such changes: Coco Chanel herself emancipated women from the restrictive corsetry giving them freedom to move and work. There’s a point.

Cleopatra: The PESO Model Pharaoh

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earned media Julius Caesar level of supreme show-womanship Mark Antony old-fashioned decree owned media paid media Plutarch a Greek biographer PR ethics Publius Canidius Queen of Egypt Shannon Bowen Ph.D. Cleopatra was highly skilled at public communications. So much so, that one can evaluate her communications strategies in light of a modern PR strategy: The PESO model. Intrigued? Read on.

Coachella 2016: Music Fest or Gossipy Mess? Let the Data Decide.


If we tune into the buzz surrounding Coachella today, much of the conversations revolve around the celebrities making appearances and their bohemian and desert chic fashion statements. Whether they’re onstage or simply lounging at a concert or one of the dozens of parties around the festival, stars know their outfits will likely pop up in an online fashion gallery within hours.

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Blogger Outreach Versus Media Relations: What Marketers Need To Know


Bloggers usually focus on narrow niche audiences such as moms, fashion for plus-size women or travel destinations in Southeast Asia. One of my clients recently suggested a list of fashion blogs for a program to support its new line of cookies. While the fashion bloggers might well enjoy snacking on the product, there simply wasn’t a good reason for them to write about it.

Instagram Is the Rihanna of Social Networks


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Agile working requires total theoretical change

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I believe that there is an even deeper structural problem and that is the old fashioned, linear orientation the PR industry still holds on how communication works and – consequently - on communication planning. It is because most PR people are educated this way, with very traditional planning methods and old-fashioned communication theory. Communication planning models. Prof.dr.

Example of a Stellar Media Pitch

Rock the Status Quo

Thanks and a shout out to Marlene Srdic , editor of Life Refined magazine and a fashion/beauty blogger at StyleSizzle , for sending this to me. Rock The Pitch #13 This critique has nothing to do with bad luck. It’s ALL GOOD, baby!! She immediately gave me the “Why” as well as a deeper story possibility other than just talking about the exhibit in a 250-word blurb. Hope that helps!

Getting an Edge; Why Your Elevator Speech is Crucial to Job Search

PR Job Coach

Feel free to employ your mirror to constantly rehearse so that it is indelibly committed to memory and rolls off the tongue in an easy and natural fashion. I am Emily Jones, an aspiring PR professional with a passion for fashion. Landing an interview, let alone a job has never been tougher as we enter 2013. Job seekers still outnumber jobs available by four to one, not very good odds.

Holiday tech offers a bright new way to set the mood

Ron Torossian

Are you one who wants to have a good old-fashioned Griswold Family Christmas but without all the frustration, time spent handling lights and explosions? Well, now you can. Christmas decorating options go well beyond LEDs and battery operated candles. In fact, multiple major tech companies are working hard to capture your imagination – and your decorating dollars – this holiday season.

PR Interviews: Crosby Noricks 20:20 Vision

Norton's Notes

Hanson from Minnesota but this week it is with Crosby Noricks is the founder of PR Couture, co-presenter of the entry-level fashion PR workshop Fashion PR Confidential and author of Ready to Launch: The PR Couture Guide to Breaking into Fashion PR. PR Couture is described as a beloved resource among fashion and PR students publicists and fashion brands. Fashion.

How powerful are your influencers?

Shift Communications

To better illustrate this process, let’s take a look at the fashion sector. Still, with huge numbers, these influencers are still helping fashion brands reach the right audience, right? Over the past couple of weeks, I have the opportunity to work on a number of influencer analytics projects. We look at which influencers are truly moving the needle. Not so fast. Christopher S.

Google Best Search Site, Ever?

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As the top online websites all try to tap more into the fashion social commerce world, Google has launched , an online fashion search site, (not to be confused with Google’s new fashion search site lets the user go into the “boutiques” and find items of fashion based on their searches, likes, and follows. You can follow celebrity fashion and trends. Marketing Websites algorithms fashion fashionistas Google searchThe idea is pretty cool. I’ve already changed my likes twice, based on my mood.

Why Content Marketing Fails

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Not only were there fashion tips from the likes of Punky Brewster , there were loads of Barbie fashion spreads , dramatic storylines , and ads just as enticing as the content itself. By Eleanor Pierce. Before I talk about why content marketing fails, I want to talk about Barbie. Did anyone else get Barbie Magazine as a kid? I did. And it was amazing. Maybe not. Content is king?

5 Questions You Need to Answer Before Publishing a Press Release


For a fashion company based in Miami, New York City and Los Angeles might be good choices for distribution. As you walk through the steps of publishing a press release through an online distribution platform , you’re going to need to have answers to the following questions. Answer them ahead of time and shave time off of the distribution process. Who’s My Point of Contact? Timing is key.

The American Dream: Growing a Business | Spin Sucks

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We all want to work for ourselves, in some fashion. So if you’ve already read it there, it won’t hurt my feelings if you ignore me today. Ah…the American dream. If we work for The Man, it’s to have autonomy to do what we think best for the company. If we work for ourselves, it’s to have work/life balance and the flexibility to come and go as we please. Right?


Dos and don'ts of press releases

PR Daily

For all of our technological advances, the good, old-fashioned press release is still a staple in the PR pro’s diet. If you read this site regularly, you’re probably very aware that many of your fellow communicators still get it wrong. They might have had an easier time of it if they had taken the time to review the dos and don’ts of the press release. Click here for a larger image

4 Brands Running Successful Brand Journalism Programs


With a print and digital magazine called “ The Red Bulletin ,” Red Bull shares stories on celebrities, sports, fashion and lifestyle. Your audience is looking for stories, and the ones that resonate with them will generate leads and drive results for your brand. But is your brand telling the right story? For your brand’s content to be successful, you need to implement brand journalism.

Behind the Headlines with Crosby Noricks


Crosby Noricks is the founder and director of PR Couture , the leading source for fashion and lifestyle communicators and the author of Ready to Launch: The PR Couture Guide to Breaking into Fashion PR. Further, just last month, in light of their 10-year anniversary, PR Couture announced the creation of their very first inaugural award program, the 2017 Bespoke Communication Awards (the BCAs) , to celebrate excellence among those working in fashion and lifestyle communications. What drew you to the field of Fashion PR and led you to launch PR Couture 10 years ago?

Five PR Predictions For 2017

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

But there’s been a shift towards specialist agencies that focus exclusively in PR for companies in sectors like technology, fashion or real estate. In 2016, public relations saw its share of highs and lows. But perhaps the most notable thing to happen to the industry this year was the way it evolved, thanks in large part to constantly-changing technology. Specialist firms will grow.

Infographic: How Generations X, Y and Z consume video

PR Daily

watches the most fashion and style videos. Generations X, Y and Z might be the youngest consumers out there, but woe to the communicator who thinks he or she can communicate with them in the same ways—especially when it comes to video. RELATED: Essential steps and new tricks to win big on Snapchat. ]. What types of videos does each generation prefer? Generation X. Generation Y. Generation Z.

How To Build Trust In An Era Of Desperate Truth Seeking Consumers

The Influential Marketing Blog

Image Source: [Marketing Week] After a slate of political statements from fashion designers during past fashion weeks , a hot topic in that industry is just how much of a “statement” these brands and their leaders should be making. It is hard to get away from the feeling that we are being manipulated all the time. As always, I would love to hear what you think! Leadership.

How Reverse Retail Is Changing The Way We Buy

The Influential Marketing Blog

Today, electronics brands like Samsung are building out retail experiences like the Samsung Galaxy Studio in New York’s fashionable SoHo shopping district as a way to showcase products and innovations without actually selling them directly to customers (which still mainly happens through third party retailers). Was showrooming going to destroy the retail business? How could they fight back?

How Instagram’s New Features Help Brands Target New Audiences


By doing a general search, you would find hashtags with those words, providing you with conversations to listen in on and users to follow or target, like fashion bloggers or undiscovered shoe brands. With a 66 percent increase in users over the past year, Instagram is essential to visual social media marketing for many businesses…and it recently became more valuable. Last Tuesday, Instagram unveiled major, new features to users in the United States, giving the app a more global feel. These changes can pay big dividends to brands that invest in the social network. The benefits?

Why don’t writers indent paragraphs anymore?

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What I''m trying to remember is—when did indenting become so old-fashioned that it now hurts my eyes to look at it? In the meantime, it appears that many people grew to prefer the cleaner look of the block text and to our retrained eye, indentation now appears clumsy, old-fashioned and incorrect. It looks old-fashioned. The offering was pertinent, topical and practical.

Ruth Edelman

6 A.M.

She hosted an annual event for the Ebony Fashion Fair. We had tutors before it was fashionable. My mother Ruth Edelman died peacefully today at 4 A.M. She had battled acute myeloid leukemia for the past eight months. During this difficult time, she never complained or surrendered. She was bright, passionate and caring to the end. Ruth was the best entertainer in Chicago. Ruth Edelma

How Facebook shrinks the necessity of traditional PR

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The internet boasts a seemingly limitless number of media outlets and blogs covering topics ranging from politics to fashion. For example, for someone who follows women’s fashion, Vogue and Glamour have long been the top sources for advice and endorsements on brands and products. Now non-fashion news sources such as Time or Business Insider delve into topics like women’s fashion.

So You’d Like A Job In Public Relations

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Because of entertainment and fashion, a job in PR has taken on a “glam” halo that is often unrealistic. A successful B2B or consumer public relations operation is often dependent on a strong team of seasoned pros and a bench of promising up-and-comers. Do show you understand public relations. . Don’t pigeonhole yourself. Don’t burn any bridges. Not even one.

Rebranding the wheel: Marketing lessons from Starbucks

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The branding tactic is simple: Consumers continually see the green logo with the white, floating mermaid, and in Pavlovian fashion they long for a jolt of caffeine (or a tasty decaf version). Starbucks baristas have been prepped to explain the concept behind Latte Macchiato in a certain fashion. It has become nearly impossible to avoid Starbucks—on the street or online. Presentation.

Rethink FHRITP: Together We Can Make it Mean Something Good


Famous men vs. famous women: Famous men get a pass but famous women are diminished , reduced to questions about diet, exercise, their weight and fashion designers. FHRITP: The reporter pushed back at the boorish behaviour of the man and his friends because she had finally had enough. This FHRITP twist, however, is particularly odious, pervasive and ridiculously common. She wouldn’t.As

Five Social Media Trends for 2016

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For example, if you’re a fashion retailer, you shouldn’t just post clothes taken in the studios. By Aaron Lee. It’s the time of the year that everyone talks about their social media trends. I can hardly believe we are here and 2015 is coming to an end. This time last year, I got my New Year’s resolutions written and planned how to focus on the latest trends.

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What is Brand Journalism?


Rather, the brand shares stories about celebrities and action sports athletes, as well as fashion and lifestyle content. What is brand journalism? What is it good for (if anything)? Why should you care about the tactic? Some would say you shouldn’t care. Brand journalism is no different than content marketing. It doesn’t offer any gains that can’t be found with the other. It’s impossible.

Once Upon A Crisis At Volkswagen

Talkwalker PR

While this is a great start to building a solid online reputation monitoring system to detect early-warning signs of potential crises as described in the “pre-crisis” phase of crisis management, once you start seeing negative articles flowing on the web about you, it’s a matter of knowing how to react, in an orderly fashion. Should I worry? It’s been everywhere in the news.

The Shocking Beef about Feeding the Content Monster

Sword and the Script

There’s a new positioning on the burger business every year: fresher, healthier, old-fashioned, or eco-friendly to name a few. There’s a new positioning on the burger business every year: fresher, healthier, old-fashioned, or eco-friendly to name a few. by Frank Strong. The burger business tells us a thing or two about content marketing. Don’t like the grease? There’s flame broiled.

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5 Ways to Fix Common Small Business Marketing Mistakes

Beyond PR

Despite a wealth of knowledge and experience, you might end up compromising quality just to get the work done in a timely fashion. You might even want to consider working as a good old fashioned secret shopper to track the entire buyer’s journey. Understanding the basics of brand building is an important part of marketing success, but getting it right can be challenging.

A Look at Malaysia Airlines’s Crisis Communications During the Crisis of Flight MH370

Melissa Agnes

The airline has done a good job at publishing new updates in a timely fashion to their home base as well as to their Twitter and Facebook platforms. By now, we’ve all heard of the terrible crisis Malaysia Airlines is facing with flight MH370 appearing to have vanished out of thin air with over 200 passengers and crew members aboard. So how is Malaysia Airlines handling this crisis?

PR’s New Media Model


The content is there, but we can’t find the piece of furniture we need until we categorize, catalogue and disseminate it in an orderly fashion. PR no longer is a press release or media relations business. We use a wide range of content and activities to communicate our messages and reach our target audiences. We generally rely upon three content types: Owned. User-generated. Third party.

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Managing The Risks Of Influencer Marketing

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

The personalities it chose may not have been household names, but they were fashion-savvy social media users with quality followings. Influencer marketing programs are a godsend for PR agencies and others who look to combine the third-party endorsement of earned media with the credibility of word-of-mouth marketing. Compliance. The results were gorgeous, and the dress quickly sold out.

29 Advanced Digital Newsletters That Help You Learn


Because things move so quickly, monthly newsletters seem to have gone out of fashion. You Should Read This If. You want to find a more time-efficient way to curate content. You’re an SME struggling with web marketing. You’re a public relations practitioner. You’re bored of reading the same old content and want some new authors. You want to learn. Full stop. But First.

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The Top 50 #GoldenGlobes Social Influencers on Twitter


All the hottest fashion trends at the #GoldenGlobes HERE: Fashion news, up-to-the-minute show coverage, plus exclusive party photos and trend forecasts. News, fashion, beauty every day from Britain’s favorite women’s monthly magazine. CjozfeeXKo #fashion #entertainment. Fashion news, style advice, beauty tips & shopping picks from the @Telegraph. Telegraph Fashion (@TeleFashion) January 10, 2016. Fashion, food, travel and more… in a nutshell it’s all about the luxe lifestyle. Fashion aficionado.