Sun.Jan 08, 2023

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I recently read several articles centred around public relations in 2023. Key take-outs focused on the continuing impact of changes to the workforce, post the COVID-19 pandemic and shutdowns of 2020. (Yes, I know COVID-19 remains with us, however governments and employers are responding in different ways from 2020). PR Daily has a terrific list of predictions (and a lot of humour in the article).

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Tactical tips for reaching audiences despite evolving obstacles

Agility PR Solutions

Many companies have started realizing as of late they have been missing some key information regarding their target audience to be able to meet their needs more effectively, or to even market to them. There are various reasons why companies have a lack of data on their customers, but fortunately, there are a few different […]. The post Tactical tips for reaching audiences despite evolving obstacles appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

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How to create Instagram Reels

Axia PR

The step-by-step guide to creating Instagram Reels for your company. Instagram Reels are one of the platform’s newest surfaces for brands to create content, attract new customers, and go viral. Instagram Reels are short video clips that emulate the layout of TikTok, a very popular social media platform. Taking advantage of Instagram Reels will keep your company up to date with social media trends and expand your online presence.

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Most marketers lack the digital infrastructure to deliver mature hybrid CX

Agility PR Solutions

The last few years have completely upended the way customers want to interact with companies, and 7 in 10 consumers now want a blend of both physical and digital channels—but new research from the CMO Council reveals that most marketers are still struggling to adapt to these new expectations. The Council’s latest report, Cracking Tomorrow’s […].

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Peter H. Paulsen’s Inspiring Tale Continues to Resonate in 2024

Two years after its initial release, Peter H. Paulsen’s book, From Brick and Mortar to Prosperity, continues to inspire readers around the globe.

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5 ways to use social listening tools to enhance brand awareness

Agility PR Solutions

In many ways, PR strategists and parents are alike. Sure, their intended audiences might differ (for parents, it’d be their children, and for PR strategists, it’d be their clients). But they both want to know the answers to questions like: Where’s my intended audience hanging out? Who are they hanging out with? What are they […].

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