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How Your CEO Can Save Your Company?s Image

Critical Mention

When a company faces a crisis, its CEO must step up and restore his or her organization’s PR image in a crisis. Strong leadership and a carefully-crafted crisis communications strategy can help a company recover its image and earn back its audience’s trust. The investigation escalated when it was discovered that up to 3.5

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Learning From Past Crises to Navigate Post-COVID-19

Reputation Us

As the president of ReputationUs and with 28 years of experience behind me, I have been striving to refine the art of managing corporate reputations during a crisis into a well-honed specialty. Since then, I’ve been advising banks and credit unions on issues ranging from hurricane relief efforts to active shooters and cyberattacks.

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PR’s Crucial Role in Strengthening Cybersecurity Awareness

Burrelles Fresh Ideas

We use technology for everything from banking and shopping to communication and entertainment. Crisis communication preparedness: Preparing for cybersecurity incidents is as crucial as prevention. In today’s hyper-connected, 24/7 world, the digital landscape continues to be an even bigger part of our daily lives.

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Will humans have to re-write AI’s draft of history? 42 marketing and communications predictions for 2024

Sword and the Script

As AI is here to stay and is evolving rapidly, the need of the hour is to expand the scope of law for protecting people, not only those in the public domain but also the common man from every walk of life against invasion of privacy, revenge scandals and frauds. ” ~ Prof. Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season.

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Web Ad Blocking – is it Ethical?


Publishers do have a right to be paid yet consumers have a right to protect themselves from irritating and sometime abusive ads, as well as invasion of their privacy, loss of time (distraction) and money (bandwidth.). The ethical issue here fits in the category of a “right” versus ‘right” dilemma, a conflict of legitimate values.

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