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Forecast 2026: 3 Takeaways for the Next 3 Years of the PR Profession


Organizations with 250 or more employees were more likely to select reporting, measurement and freelancers as their highest budgetary expenditures. Independent PR practitioners, those with a national or international presence and those with 250 or more employees were more likely to foresee working with CBD brands in the next three years.

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Consumer Evolution Due to Pandemics


What will matter to many of them in the future is how the brand treated its employees during the pandemic. Department of Labor Statistics, the number of cashiers in the country is expected to decline by 4% by 2028. Consumers have also been watching brands that were popular with them before-COVID-19. Cashierless. Who Do I Pay?

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Instagram Is the Rihanna of Social Networks


264 (2028). Activate your employees. Paradise Hotel Nor… entertainment tv. 42.2k (1297). 4.3k (1845). 242 (2104). USA Hockey Team. 16.6k (1691). 9.48% (+1). 3.1k (1925). 149 (2390). entertainment tv. 31.5k (1416). 9.46% (+1). 240.5k (623). Grey’s Anatomy. entertainment. 625.2k (333). 9.46% (+1). 22.3k (1377). 250 (2076).

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