Thu.Dec 29, 2022

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Examples of Great Brand Repositioning Strategies

Ronn Torossian

There have been plenty of companies that have managed to reposition their brands successfully and generate better results than maybe they even expected. That’s why one of the best ways for companies to learn all about brand repositioning is by the example of some of the most successful brand positioning from companies in the past. […]. The post Examples of Great Brand Repositioning Strategies appeared first on.

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Changing Consumer Habits


Changes in consumer behaviors and purchasing decisions are always happening, however, with the advancement in technology, and society in general, these changes are happening faster than ever, which has left companies feeling like they are desperately trying to play catch up. Here, we explore different ways for companies to adapt to recent changes in consumer behavior , and purchasing decisions to be able to generate customer loyalty.

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7 Things You Need to Do After Publishing New Content

Contently - Strategy

We all know the rush of excitement that comes with publishing a piece of content. The feeling that your hard work is (finally) out in the world, and you can breathe a momentary sigh of relief, sit back, and admire the final product. But your work isn’t really done yet. Publishing is just the end of one process and the beginning of another, essentially launching a chain of distribution tasks.

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