Fri.May 26, 2023

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How Much Should You Be Paying Your PR Freelancer?

Remote PR Jobs

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you may have considered hiring a freelance PR professional to help you build your brand and increase your visibility. In such a competitive industry, finding a PR Freelancer that best suits your needs can be difficult. How do you know who to choose? How much should you pay them? How do you know what is considered "good?

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The Importance of Building Media Relations in PR


In the field of public relations (PR), building strong media relations is a critical component of success. PR professionals aim to create positive relationships between their clients or organization and the media, with the goal of earning positive media coverage and managing any negative attention that may arise. Establishing these relationships takes time, effort, and careful planning.


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Is the Investment in Niche Advertising Worth It?

HMA Public Relations

In today’s world where everything is scrutinized and so much content is custom, it makes perfect sense for ads to do the same thing. Learn about the effectiveness of niche advertising in today's blog post from Alison Bailin.

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S&T Live Recap: For Southwest Airlines, a Complex Crisis Required a ‘Thoughtful Communication Plan’


“Whenever we get into any crisis moment, the guiding principles for us are compassion and action,” said Linda Rutherford, chief administration and communications officer for Southwest Airlines. “Who are the involved audiences, what’s going on with them and how can we show movement?” Rutherford was the guest speaker for the May 24 episode of Strategies & Tactics Live , PRSA’s monthly livestream series on LinkedIn.

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The Importance of Personalizing Your Press Release for Journalists

Journalists receive an overwhelming number of press releases daily, making it hard for your news to stand out. While some news is valuable, most is not.