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Crisis Management 101: Shark Week Case Study, Pt. 1

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Thanks to Google Trends , we know interest in the term “shark attack” is set to increase drastically as searches for “shark week” do: According to The Florida Museum of Natural History’s International Shark Attack File, 2016 saw 84 unprovoked shark attacks, which is on par with the average 82 incidents a year. is suffering a crisis.

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How a PR agency can contribute to your communications strategy, and how to select the right agency for your business


A successful communications strategy is the driving force behind building trust among all of your stakeholders, enhancing your corporate reputation and establishing your company as a leader in your industry. Why work with a PR agency, and is it right for your organization? That said, not every organization should hire a PR agency.

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Why You Should Hire a Crisis Communications Agency?


Prohibition PR is a full-service agency specialising in crisis communication, reputation management , and strategic messaging. As a public relations agency specialising in crisis communication, Prohibition PR provides clients with custom-made strategies and tactics to get their organisations out of hairy situations.

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Why it’s important to prepare for a PR crisis


Brands and businesses know how important it is to protect their reputation. In the midst of a crisis, reputations that have been so hard to build can be easily destroyed and the effects can be hard to undo. It doesn’t take much to provoke a crisis, sometimes just a simple mistake on social media can be enough.

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Credit Union Times: CU Crisis Planning Essential

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The Credit Union Times interviewed CU crisis experts, including LT Public Relations ‘s Casey Boggs, for the August 31st cover story (below), “Credit Union Crisis Planning Essential.” Credit Union Crisis Planning Essential. Crisis management is 99% preparation and 1% execution,” Boggs said.

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What is Technology PR?


Here are some common types of Tech PR and how they’re implemented: Product Launch PR: Focuses on creating buzz and generating media coverage for new product releases, highlighting their features and benefits. It’s important to have a plan in place before a crisis might arise.