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Book Review: The Nowhere Office – Reinventing Work and the Workplace of the Future

Wadds Inc.

Public relations is a knowledge-based profession in which much of the day-to-day can be done remotely, but it still requires people skills and human interaction, which the author explicitly states won’t go out of fashion – Hobsbawm positions them clearly as part of the essential mix of successful, productive knowledge work.

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HubSpot Training: How to Uplevel Your Team’s HubSpot Platform Savvy

PR 20/20

And we’re constantly learning and evolving when it comes to the ever-changing world of business and marketing. It included: Weekly HubSpot product updates posted to our internal wiki. Five new certifications per employee (plus updates on the basics we require, like inbound marketing and HubSpot product certs). Weekly Updates.

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AMA Q&A: Marketer’s Confidence, Leadership Opps & Pokémon Plays


As technology, culture, media and marketing converge, it’s an intriguing time to be a marketer. If you’re wondering how other marketers feel about our industry right now, take a look at the Marketers’ Confidence Index. marketer’s optimism as expressed through their organizational spending and growth.