Fri.Jun 07, 2024

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PR’s Role in Defense Tech’s Public Image


In the dynamic world of defense technology, innovation is the touchstone, and secrecy is the constant backdrop. This sector thrives in the high-stakes realm of complex ethics and public scrutiny, making public relations a crucial element in shaping its public perception and fostering trust among various stakeholders. Traversing this multifaceted landscape requires a specific set of skills.

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How do we feel when leaders cry?

Mark My Words

BBC Online Mark Borkowski is a crisis PR consultant who works with international celebrities and big corporations. He said if he was advising Mr Gething following his public cry he would say “don’t hide it, look to exploit it but don’t lean too heavily on it and find better ways of expressing authenticity” He said the British public had become more open to seeing emotion from leaders. “Politicians once upon a time had to show strength and zero vulnerability… but we

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Crisis Communications Expert Shares Invaluable Insights on Software Spotlight Podcast

David PR Group

In today’s fast-paced digital world, crises can strike any organization at any time, putting reputations and bottom lines at risk. John David, a seasoned crisis communications expert with over 25 years of experience, recently joined the Software Spotlight podcast to share his invaluable insights on preparing for and effectively managing crises.

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Small Groups Spread Large Percentages of Online Falsehoods, Studies Find


You can download a copy of “Tackling Misinformation: The Communications Industry Unites” here. PRSA has more resources on the topic for communications pros here. A small group of social media users spread most of the fake news that circulated in 2020, TechCrunch reports. Published in the journal Science , separate studies by researchers at MIT, Ben-Gurion University, Cambridge and Northeastern University found that many of the falsehoods that social media users spread regarding COVID vaccines a

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The Importance of Personalizing Your Press Release for Journalists

Journalists receive an overwhelming number of press releases daily, making it hard for your news to stand out. While some news is valuable, most is not.