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2024’s Top 5 PR Trends: What to Watch


List and rank the top five most effective PR strategies for the technology industry, focusing on new product launches. For instance, AI can help you generate ideas for your next blog or article, advertising strategy or any facet of PR. These emerging technologies can offer immersive and innovative experiences for your audience.

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Forecast 2026: 3 Takeaways for the Next 3 Years of the PR Profession


The promise and peril of artificial intelligence Eight out of 10 public relations professionals surveyed said they were “likely” or “very likely” to use artificial intelligence (AI) technology in 2023. Many consumers buy CBD products online. This level of enthusiasm is a clear indicator of where the industry sees opportunity.

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Will Generative AI Replace Marketers and Content Creators?

Landis PR

billion by the year 2028 —a more than sevenfold jump from just $15.8 Although change is certainly an inevitable part of life, it can still be quite challenging—and even intimidating—to adopt new, increasingly more intelligent forms of technology as they emerge in the marketplace. billion in 2021. appeared first on Landis PR.