Fri.Nov 24, 2023

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What Are Brand Mentions and How to Track & Analyze Them


Your brand doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Every mention of your brand online, known as a ‘brand mention,’ plays a crucial role in shaping your reputation and visibility. Understanding and tracking these mentions could mean the difference between a thriving brand and one that’s struggling to capture attention. In this article, we’ll dive into the […] The post What Are Brand Mentions and How to Track & Analyze Them appeared first on Prowly Magazine.

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Bias in AI and How to Deal With It


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become increasingly integrated into various aspects of our lives, from healthcare to hiring processes, offering the promise of efficiency, accuracy, and convenience. However, the technology isn’t immune to one significant challenge – bias. Bias in AI can manifest as racial, gender, or other forms of prejudice that can have far-reaching implications.

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Reshaping Public Relations In 2024: The Rise Of Purpose-driven Storytelling And Authenticity

The Hoyt Organization

Consumers are presented a daily barrage of misleading advertising. They seek authentic and meaningful connections with brands and are no longer swayed solely by glitzy advertising or grandiose promises. They crave genuineness, social responsibility, and a sense of shared values. Aside from consumer values changing, a new generation (Gen Z) has entered the marketing landscape.