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6 Benefits Of Long-Form PR Content

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Content like blogs and opinion pieces allow a CEO to show depth and personality, which helps build a distinct personal brand. Authoring a weekly blog allows a leader to write in her own voice – which becomes part of the voice of the brand. Two blog posts each week becomes a permanent SEO-friendly knowledge base.

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5 Content Pitfalls in Fast-Growing Businesses

The Proactive Report

CMOs at the largest technology companies report that building out content marketing as an organizational competency is the second most important initiative, only behind measuring ROI. ( Not utilizing the knowledge and experts you have. Brilliant content posted on your website, blog or newsroom will not do the job.

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Niche Marketing: 5 Tips to Leverage Your Content Strategy

Critical Mention

In short, getting good at writing email subject lines is essential to successful niche marketing. The key areas of SEO to which niche marketers should be paying the closest attention include: High-quality written content : Professionally-written, optimized blog, email, and ad content is the best option here. Critical Mention.