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5 Ways Your Company Can Make a Social Impact Today


While I discovered this platform during the height of COVID when creative solutions were needed for social impact initiatives, we continue to use it to host virtual 5Ks. Inspired by the outcome of the initial virtual 5K, I volunteered with community members to launch the #WeAreWeston 5K in support of our local food bank. . • RunSignUp.

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Five Companies Enacting Change through Charity


Bombas, an apparel company that spent years perfecting socks and t-shirts consumers will never want to take off, is founded on the philosophy of donating socks to those in need. All while supporting the local artisans who make the jewelry. One-for-one giving has gained popularity among brands who are looking to give back.

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Why a “One Size Fits All” Approach to Public Relations Doesn’t Work

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For example, if you work for an apparel company looking to drive holiday sales, you’ll use angles around the best gifts for the fashion-lovers on your shopping list, and include why your clothing/shoes/accessories are new and better this season. Tell the Story. Once the goals are clear, it’s time to develop messaging.

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Agency Life 101: Julie Staadecker, Account Director

Shift Communications

One hour I might be leading strategic media approach; the next I could be at a local fair handing out product samples to engage directly with consumers. On the people front, I’m lucky to work with a strong team of smart, creative, fun colleagues. How we get creative for client campaigns is what I find can be the biggest difference.

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