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Why You Should Hire a Crisis Communications Agency?


Having a crisis communication plan in place ahead of time reduces confusion, ensures an effective communication flow, and improves messaging timeliness during or after a crisis. The basics of good crisis communications are the same for every company. For a free consultation, please call 0113 430 4160 now.

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The 21 Responsibilities of PR and What They Entail


Read up to learn more about measuring internal communications and how internal communications will continue to change in coming years. Media Training. With the reach of today’s media formats and the explosion of publications, media training is important for a much larger number of people in an organization.


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The 20 Responsibilities of PR and What They Entail


Measuring the effectiveness of internal communications is an interesting PR problem that Mary Lou Panzano, vice president and head of U.S. communications for Bayer Corporation, explains more in this Forbes article outlining internal communications best practices. Media Training. Crisis Communications.

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PR and social media set for continued growth

Stuart Bruce

The FT says : “The social media result is particularly striking given that some companies have had high-profile failures in this area. It quotes Robert Swannell, chairman of Marks and Spencer saying discussion of social media definitely belongs in the boardroom.

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Credit Union Times: CU Crisis Planning Essential

Reputation Us

.” If your financial institution is in need to safeguard itself and its reputation from potential issues, we’d welcome your outreach: Credit Union Crisis Planning Essential. We’re in a crisis and we need your help,” Anthony Huey, president of Reputation Management LLC in Sarasota, Fla.,

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So Your Spokesperson Flew the Coop…

Waxing UnLyrical

Invest in getting your spokesperson(s) media trained. If you botch an interview, you run the very real risk of damaging your reputation, losing brand value and jeopardizing organizational objectives. Take the time to develop a crisis communications plan.

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