What you should pack in your crisis communicator ‘go bag’?

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Here are some things crisis communicators should never leave home without. PR pros should take a similar approach to crisis communications. A true company crisis is something that impedes an organization’s ability to conduct business.

Fix (or Establish) Your Brand Reputation

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Brand reputations can make or break a company; a few bad reviews or questionable comments on social media could turn away customers instantly. Make your customers happy. Make your customers happy by revving up customer service and customer interactions.

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Three Steps to Successful Crisis Communication

Melissa Agnes

Crisis communication is one of the most important aspects of your crisis management. In fact, whom you communicate with in a crisis, along with when and how you communicate with them, can mean the difference between successful crisis management and crisis management failure.

Future of PR and social media for International Air Transport Association crisis communications conference

Stuart Bruce

Stuart Bruce speaking at the IATA Crisis Communications in the Social Media Age conference. (c) This morning I gave a keynote at the global ‘Crisis Communications in the Social Media Age’ conference in Istanbul.

Airline reputational woes go global

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Over the past year, the air carriers in the US have been involved in multiple incidents that have compounded the industry’s reputational woes. Adding insult to injury, Ryanair then utterly botched compensation for its stranded customers.

What you should pack in your crisis communicator ‘go bag’?

PR Daily

PR pros should take a similar approach to crisis communications. A true company crisis is something that impedes an organization’s ability to conduct business. A crisis may be operational (your product malfunctions), but a crisis can also be reputational (a high-profile investor is named in a scandalous lawsuit). Think of these pre-prepared missives as your communications emergency preparedness kit.

How Southwest Airlines creates meaningful, memorable content

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Hubbard , spokesman for Southwest Airlines, shared timeless lessons and practical solutions for communicators eager to break through the noise at PR Daily’s Media Relations and Measurement Virtual Conference on Friday, May 15. Crisis Communications Internal Communications Social Media

PR and social media set for continued growth

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For example, last autumn, an initiative by British Gas, which is owned by FTSE 100 group Centrica, to use its Twitter account to promote customer service was greeted by hundreds of tweets pouring scorn on the company’s decision to raise energy prices ahead of winter.”.

This Twitter Ad Shows Us Why Social Media Advertising Needs Cross-Functional Teams Empowered with Compassion and Humanity

Sword and the Script

Because your customers and prospective customers get a vote. Here are some examples of the verbatim comments: “Service is meh and they will not allow any port forwarding so some of your home devices may not work and they could give two craps. Customer experience matters.

Boyd Gaming lays off 2,500 employees, Apple asks retail employees to WFH, and earned media drives 88% of consumers to websites

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Hello, communicators: Though many brand managers took part in #NationalFrenchFryDay on Monday, fewer seem to be taking advantage of #NationalTapeMeasureDay. Instead, communicate regularly and transparently with your workforce, so they can prepare for what’s coming.

Managing the Aftermath of a Digital PR Crisis


The latter includes direct, continual contact with fans and customers. However, when mistakes are made, all of those benefits can act against the brand, amplifying a momentary lapse and creating a monumental PR crisis.

Crisis 101

An Uber bot blunder and a Chase ‘motivational’ gaffe yield key lessons

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In Uber’s case, a loophole in the code for its customer service reply bot allowed a Twitter user to trick the program into posting a racial slur. For Chase, a human user tried to jump on a hashtag trend, but instead offended some customers. What are the lessons for communicators?

Follow these 8 steps to prepare for a crisis

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Preserving your reputation is vital. Crisis preparedness is important, but is it essential? Unfortunately, the experience of managing a real-life crisis prompts many organizations to finally begin preparing for the next potential disaster. Communicate the vision.

Crisis 148

Organizations remember Kobe Bryant, internet brims with rising ad spending, and Amazon workers speak out

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It’s another reminder to be cautious and ready to respond (or go silent) in an unforeseen crisis. NBC 15 reported : Enterprise Chief People Officer Gerry Benusa called it ‘essential’ to invest in employees who provide ‘exceptional customer service.’.

Apple and Google mum amid outrage over Saudi wife-tracking app

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Your reputation is tied to your product line. Your company might be known for great customer service and high-end technology, but if you are peddling software that crosses a moral or ethical line for your consumers, expect backlash. Crisis Communications Apple Google

Google 139

What lies ahead in 2020? Predictions from 20 industry experts

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As we in communications and marketing look ahead to 2020, what can we expect? Twenty influencers shared their thoughts about this question: “What lies ahead for communicators in 2020?” For sure, it means less shouting into the void and more talking to your customers.

Twitter mourns Mr. Peanut, Coca-Cola won’t give up plastic, and Hallmark Channel chief steps down

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Also: Microsoft data breach exposes 250 million customer support records, Apple remains Fortune’s most-admired company, podcasting pitfalls to avoid, and more. The organizations were chosen based on several elements that boost both their reputations and bottom lines.

The Public Apology: Make the Most Out of “I’m Sorry”

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PR professionals who work for brands or celebrities have the task of maintaining the reputation of popular people or companies that exist under the scrutiny of the public eye. I want to apologize for violating the trust our customers have invested in Wells Fargo.

Businesses Should Fight Back Against Online Attacks

David PR Group

Social media and online reviews bring an incredible new level of accountability to the customer service equation. They let her know that they weren’t going to be bullied and that her treatment of not only Delta employees, but the airline’s other customers, was inappropriate.

Analyzing First Responders In Crisis PR

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

A crisis situation presents abundant challenges for public relations and business leaders, not the least of which are the critical first communications. Five crisis PR first responses. In the wake of so many controversies, its communications has been slow and reactive.

Crisis 162

A PR Guide to Strategic Silence

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

In an era of constant communication, most PR experts will say that silence is rarely an option for responding to negative or controversial developments. It may be unnecessary or even counterproductive to join the fray when brand ambassadors, or regular customers, are already on the case.

How Do I Handle Negative Online Reviews?

Critical Mention

According to a 2017 local customer review survey, 85% of customers trust online reviews as much as their friends’ recommendations. Also, 70% of buying experiences are based on how customers feel they’re treated.

Can You Prevent Your Next Crisis?


Is prevention of a crisis possible? The ability for a company to not only manage and survive a crisis, but to thrive skillfully, all depends on its focus and planning prior to the onset of that crisis. Deciding where you communicate, how you communicate, when you communicate, to whom you communicate and especially who does the communicating all set the foundation (be it sturdy or flimsy) of a reputation. Integrate your crisis plan.

Crisis 179

Air Canada lays off 5,100 as Domino’s prepares to hire 10K, Facebook grapples with deleting misinformation, and studios release films early

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CNBC reported : The company is looking for delivery drivers, pizza makers, customer service representatives, managers and licensed truck drivers for its supply chain centers. The fundamentals of good PR are more crucial than ever for dealing with the current crisis.

Film 89

Target, others to close for Easter Sunday, Home Depot stops selling N95 masks, and AdCouncil’s #AloneTogether PSAs

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Good morning, communicators: The Ad Council developed several public service announcements in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S. Read about our plans to limit customers in stores and continue to reinforce social and physical distancing.

How to avoid comms crisis turbulence

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And of course, the challenge with crisis situations is that seemingly minor incidents need to be handled correctly. If not, they will also slowly chip away at that reputation you’ve worked so hard to build up and eventually crack it completely.

Businesses close for global climate protests, Facebook’s new ad formats, and major brand communicators offer storytelling lessons

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This means marketers and communicators will have new ways to engage consumers on their channels. Communicators must consider how they can use these ad formats to develop connections with their audience as organic reach continues to dwindle on the platform.

United Airlines: When Common Practices Goes Bad

Return on Reputation

And while it is important for employees to know that management has their back, this is a situation where the original problem stemmed from putting employees (and the operation) ahead of customers. Corporate Communications Crisis Communications CEO JetBlue PRWeek United Airlines

So Your Spokesperson Flew the Coop…

Waxing UnLyrical

If you botch an interview, you run the very real risk of damaging your reputation, losing brand value and jeopardizing organizational objectives. Take the time to develop a crisis communications plan.

Survey says PR Best Positioned to Manage Corporate Social Media

Sword and the Script

A recent survey by the employment agency, The Creative Group , says corporate executives are increasingly inclined to pin the communications shop with such responsibility. Corporate reputation has long been the responsibility of communications departments. by Frank Strong.

The 20 Responsibilities of PR and What They Entail


Our job descriptions tells us what we’ll be responsible for in a given public relations or communications role, but we rarely reference the J.D. Corporate Communications. Corporate communications regularly involves interaction with senior leaders and HR departments. .

South Dakota meth PSA goes viral, Chick-fil-A drops donors after LGBTQ protests, and 72% of consumers switch to competitors after bad service

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Knowing how to align your legal strategy and crisis response can be a tough problem for communicators facing public recrimination. or “How can we use the concept of privilege to protect our reputation?”. What do you see as the biggest trend driving the future of communications?

How to Protect Your Brand in a PR Crisis


This month, AirPR hosted the webinar “How to Protect Your Brand in a PR Crisis.” Moderated by Heidi Sullivan, President of HKSully Consulting, the webinar outlined best practices in the New PR world of rapid-response and all-way communication. How crisis communications has changed.

Crisis 207

British Airways botches an external email, Southwest gate crew scores goodwill, and Target gains a Disney presence

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We’re prepared for a strike and in the event of a work stoppage, we will continue working hard to serve our customers. How have you prepared to handle employee discord before it turns into a crisis? What American Airlines’ crisis response can teach brand managers.

7 Aretha Franklin quotations to inspire PR pros

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Here are seven quotations that can inspire communicators, as well: 1. Franklin’s words are applicable to all facets of life, including communications efforts. Consumers on social media offer a plethora of feedback, including what they love (and despise) about your products and services.

5 ways social media has reshaped the PR industry

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Here are five key ways social media has impacted the PR industry and why it’s essential for all professional communicators to get on board. RELATED: Our Communicators of the Year and Rising Star Awards will showcase the best individual communicators and teams. ].

How To Identify your Crisis Plan’s Blind Spots

Melissa Agnes

Don’t think your crisis plan has blind spots? Let me throw three common crisis scenarios at you and you can reflect on whether or not your team is prepared for each of them – and don’t assume you know the answer, actually go and find out! Customer service.

Crisis 219

Defuse a crisis in 9 steps

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If you lose reputation, I will be ruthless.". Today, reputation management is only as good as an organization''s search results. If your operations are solid, you have a responsive customer service team, and you run things ethically, the rest will sort itself out.

Crisis 171

Improve your crisis PR management with a triage approach

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Social media monitoring can alert brands of customer service problems and potential reputation-damaging issues. Just remember that not every problem or negative exchange is a crisis. Ironically, that can draw more attention to the initial issue and inadvertently increase reputational damage. A poor review or disparaging social media post does not qualify as a crisis, at least not usually or initially. Once you gain information, the crisis eases.

Crisis 127

Managing a Cyber Attack: How to Communicate to Customers


Yet despite the prevalence and obvious cost, some businesses do not effectively communicate an attack to key stakeholders. How to Tell Your Customers about a Data Breach. #1 These are words to live by when it comes to issues management and crisis communications.