January, 2008

Meh, Feh & Bleah™

Bad Pitch Blog

We’ve got Glinda for good pitches. We’ve got Slick for the best worst of the bad pitches. But what about the mushy middle? There are a metric ton of pitches sent that arguably could suck more than they do. They might even have some (hidden) value.

Who Gives A Hit? PR's Credit Conundrum

Bad Pitch Blog

"They called you directly—so that''s not like you did anything." "We We better get the credit for that!" "Man, Man, can you believe it? They bypassed us and just called our client." These scenarios are ridiculous at best, but they happen all too often in PR. They are about claiming "the hit" as opposed to working together to stay razor-thin-focused on the strategy of a client (or boss). After experiencing the above for years, I now stand firm that this is wrong.

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