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5 Content Pitfalls in Fast-Growing Businesses

The Proactive Report

.” Content has become an integral part of the success of your PR and marketing efforts and several studies show that the planning and implementation of a content strategy is high on the list of priorities for 2017. 64% of marketers identify developing a comprehensive content strategy as a top challenge.(

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What Are the Various HubSpot Hubs and Which Do I Need?

PR 20/20

It includes features such as ticketing, knowledge base management, live chat, customer feedback collection, customer satisfaction tracking, and automation tools. CMS Hub : CMS Hub is a content management system that allows businesses to create, manage, and optimize their website content.

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Niche Marketing: 5 Tips to Leverage Your Content Strategy

Critical Mention

Optimizing to serve niche markets is necessary for long-term engagement and new lead generation. The key areas of SEO to which niche marketers should be paying the closest attention include: High-quality written content : Professionally-written, optimized blog, email, and ad content is the best option here.