Supercharge Your ESG Content This Libra Season

Supercharge Your ESG Content This Libra Season

Throughout Climate Week, a feeling of urgency on tackling the climate crisis was palpable. Yet, questions continue to linger about corporate progress. Are we truly moving the needle or are we stuck in a cycle of empty statements and a flood of reports and guidelines?

In the latest edition of Navigating ESG Comms Through the Cosmos - Libra Edition, we use Climate Week outcomes to explore how brands can communicate progress credibly. We also cover:

  • What stakeholders want to see in your organization’s ESG communication
  • Data from the 3BL platform on what content audiences are reading the most
  • Insights on recent ESG communication trends and how to maximize the impact of your content
  • And how Libra’s harmonious nature is driving a push for meaningful and measurable progress from business

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