Professional Sports Without Fans Will Increase Social Media Usage

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Since the rise of COVID-19, many sports fans have been on the edge of their seats regarding upcoming seasons and tournaments. Either way, we can conclude that sports fans will have to adjust to several differences this year. Instead of being able to talk to other fans at bars, tailgates or games, more fans will shift to social media to communicate with fans, teams and brands. Engaging with other fans is part of the joy of following any sport.

5 Reasons to Network Across all Social Media Sites

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Social media platforms may have been created for friendly networking, but since then, they’ve evolved into tech hubs where anybody can network with anyone else. So, it’s important for all organizations to acknowledge and react to the impact social media has on consumers. Social Media Improves Customer Service. PR pros and marketers should take advantage of their organization’s social media interactions. Social Media Delivers Brand Clarity.

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How to Improve Your Social Media Targeting


Since the inception of social media platforms, one of the biggest challenges has been how to properly reach your desired audience. The ability to target audiences on social is increasingly important considering that networks have grown in size (Facebook now has two billion monthly users ), and fake profiles have become increasingly prevalent (It is estimated that between 9 percent and 15 percent of monthly Twitter users are bots ). Social Targeting on Facebook / Instagram.

Good Social Media Strategies to Improve SEO

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You may have heard the controversy among media professionals about whether or not social media affects search engine optimization. More specifically, encouraging link shares should be the ultimate social media strategy that organizations use to boost SEO. Marketing and social media pros should take advantage and tend to the symbiotic relationship between social media and SEO. Optimize Your Social Media Pages.

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Why It’s Important to Track Social Media Mentions

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Social Media’s popularity is growing faster than ever before. Whether you’re a social media pro or new to the industry, it is pivotal for organizations to keep track of their social media mentions. To start, social media mentions provide great brand-building opportunities. Users are statistically more likely to be captivated by mentions as opposed to posts directly on your social channels.

7 Easy Ways to Dominate Social Media Marketing

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Are you looking to interact with your social media audience, post trending content that’ll boost social engagement and practice top social strategies that’ll increase brand awareness? . These seven vital components will help elevate your organization’s social media presence so that your business can use social channels as tools to accomplish strategic business goals. Practice Social Media Brand-Consistency.

7 celebrities who deserve a social media award

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Thanks to social media, we now have instant access behind the veil to life in the limelight. Certain celebrities have mastered social media and use it to create strong brand identities. As we celebrate the launch of PR Daily’s 2017 Digital PR & Social Media Awards. , we want to honor the personalities whose social media strategy has shocked, inspired envy among and brought laughter to their legions of followers. Sports Illustrated.

Social media pros tweet zingers for ‘National Tell a Joke Day’

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Whether or not you enjoy puns, you might chuckle at these tweets from social media managers flexing their comedy muscles: Chuckle-worthy ambassadors. Sometimes, a spokesman, character or social media influencer can say it better than you can. RADIO DISNEY (@radiodisney) August 16, 2018. Other social media managers went one step farther and asked for followers to do the work for them: It’s #NationalTellAJokeDay , minions!

How Earned Media Will Impact 2020 Elections

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As Election Day gets closer, media outlets focus their news coverage on candidates, polls, debates and issues. Oftentime, media companies are first to get the word out regarding presidential and candidate-related announcements, endorsements and policy updates. Once they share such news with their audiences, whether it be via TV, radio, online news or social media, word gets out and people start sharing posts, links, tweets and so on.

Pitching Radio in the Age of Instagram: A Q&A with WCCO's Roshini Rajkumar


If you’re a Minnesota public relations professional seeking to boost the presence of your company’s lead executive, is there a more coveted spot on Twin Cities radio than News & Views with Roshini Rajkumar on WCCO Radio? In this interview, Roshini dishes on how PR people can pitch their clients to be in front of her microphone, why radio is still vital in the age of Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest; and how former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright is one of her girl crushes.

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NFC East’s Earned Media Results in the 2020 NFL Draft

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The 2020 NFL Draft may not have been conducted in its traditional form but that didn’t prevent publications, TV stations, radio hosts and fans from sharing their thoughts about their favorite picks. 2020 NFL Draft: Radio Results . of the radio media coverage from the NFC East teams. Looking for a way to monitor, analyze and share your coverage from TV, radio, online news and social media sources?

The Transistor Radio and the Dawn of Mobile Media

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Some of you might remember the transistor radio. The transistor radio made its debut on October 18, 1954 when Texas Instruments introduced the Regency TR-1 , the first commercially available version of the product. With its invention, people could listen to music, news and sports wherever and whenever they wanted. By inventing the transistor radio, Texas Instruments filled a need. Today social sharing is more important than ever. Guest Post by Fay Shapiro.

Top Ways to Improve Brand Reputations

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Some audiences seek out metrics and analytical data while others look out for media mentions via TV and radio shout-outs, online attributions or social media tags, tweets and posts. Understanding that, businesses should be able to identify what kind of sentiment is associated with their brand’s mentions across multiple media types and channels. . Many organizations and businesses heavily rely on media data and analytics.

4 Skills All PR Pros Should Have

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Success in the PR world translates to knowing how to deliver captivating media pitches, interactive campaigns, detailed press releases and more. PR pros can deliver exceptional multimedia experiences by spreading their brand’s updates and releases across TV, radio, social media and online publications. For example, organizations communicating with television coverage audiences should take a different approach than they would on social media.

Managing the Challenges of Bad Publicity

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In some instances, big companies receive backlash from media organizations on TV news stations and smaller companies receive complaints from local customers on social media platforms and review. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and write an immediate response, especially on social media. Looking for a way to monitor, analyze and share your coverage from TV, radio, online news and social media sources?

Top 50 PR, Marketing & Social Media Podcasters to Follow


And get this: according to Edison Research , people who listen to audio listen to podcasts almost as much as they listen to the radio. Besides the wealth of knowledge it can provide us on a daily basis, we can also use it to reach our audiences: 67 percent of podcast listeners don’t mind sponsorship messages and occasionally find them useful, compare to 6 percent of TV or radio listeners. Tools, tips and tactics on everything marketing and social media related.

Go Viral in 2020 with Real-Time Media Monitoring

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Earned Media provides an abundance of PR and marketing advantages to many businesses, organizations and individuals. Stay a step ahead of your competitors in the new year by using lightning-fast media monitoring to go viral. . The great advantage of having access to real-time media monitoring is that you can get notified of your specific mentions seconds after they appear on tv, radio, online news sites and social media channels.

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Digital Marketing Tips: Make your Business Stand Out

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You’ll be championing your brand’s tone when your audience can do a quick scroll across their media and instantly identify your digital work by taking a quick look at your copy or visuals. Social Mentions and Sentiment. Keep in mind, it’s very important to track earned media KPIs as well. Whether it’s from social media, online publications or broadcast stations, today’s digital marketers must always take advantage of their earned media coverage.

The four best social media executions I’ve seen during Super Bowl week (so far)

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And, just yesterday, I snuck over to the Mall of America over lunch to check our more activations and see “Radio Row.” ” In general, I’ve been more interested in the social tactics, given that’s the focus of my work. Probably the best social media tactic I’ve seen this week. How does a bank activate its brand during the biggest sporting week of the year?

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Everything You Need to Know About Earned Media

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Earned media is among the most highly valued types of brand promotion, so organizations won’t want to miss miss out on the great opportunities it can bring. . What is Earned Media? Earned Media is publically gained content that is written about you or your brand without paid promotion or advertising. Earned Media is comprised of coverage that comes from a variety of sources and mediums. Also, earned media is among the most trusted types of media.

20 Great Communications Quotes

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Public relations, marketing and social media professionals must find ways to bring creativity to the forefront of their communication strategies. Looking for a way to monitor, analyze and share your coverage from TV, radio, online news and social media sources? Get a closer look at the most robust media monitoring and intelligence platform in the industry by scheduling a free, custom demo.

The Top 50 Baseball Influencers


Baseball fans everywhere will be tuning in tonight to witness the culmination of one of the most exciting – and emotional – championships in sports history. Without a doubt, baseball is still America’s pastime, and it shows in the conversations happening on social media. You can read more about this analysis by downloading the free report Major League Insights into Baseball’s Social Media Fans. Chris Cwik, Yahoo Sports – @chris_cwik.

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A slew of PR pros share what they do for a living

PR Daily

I get my clients, who are experts in their fields, into newspapers, magazines, online publications and on TV and radio.”. I write and distribute press releases and get executives in front of the media.”. “I I use print, online and social media to convey to important people—prospective students, donors, legislators, and the news media—the work this university does to educate people and improve their lives.”. “I

Chats with Chip: Ryan Williams on Internal Communications and Measurement

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We spend so much time talking about how’s our media coverage going? I think you’ve really hit a key point which is particularity on internal communication where you’ve got people right there on top of you and they’re … If you take feedback from media research, nobody really knows whether you ever acted on it, but your internal constituency certainly does. Like we would see in social media, now. Chats with Chip Media Bullseye Radio Featur

How to launch experiential campaigns on Twitch and TikTok

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An increasing number of younger consumers are gravitating to the video streaming service Twitch, which has traditionally catered to gamers, and TikTok, a social media app designed for making and sharing comedy bits, lip-synching clips and more. However, what’s challenging for marketers is that Gen Z doesn’t buy into traditional advertising methods on television and radio. Marketers have to appeal to their passions: gaming, sports, beauty and culture.

Organizations remember Kobe Bryant, internet brims with rising ad spending, and Amazon workers speak out

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Here are today’s top stories: Sports organizations and brand managers pay tribute to Kobe Bryant. Shortly after news broke, tributes from athletes, celebrities, fans and more poured in on Twitter and other social media platforms. Though a best practice in a tragedy such as this would be to shutter social media posts along with PR and marketing messages, “more than half of the [NBA’s] 30 teams were scheduled to play,” The New York Times reported.

Chats with Chip: Terry Flannery and University Marketing

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You’ve got the sports communications. We do have in the organization that I supervise at the university experts who are media relations, social media, print publications, digital, a whole host of areas of expertise, all the creative services. We were thinking about content and thinking about how to deliver it or engage with different audiences across different media, so those are probably three big trends or changes over time.

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10 Podcasts PR Pros Should Listen To

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

On the Media. This weekly podcast hosted by New York Public Radio explores how the media is made, examines threats to free speech and unravels hidden agendas in major news stories. Topics of discussion have been focused on the use of video news releases, net neutrality, censorship, continuous cable news coverage and how technology is impacting the media landscape. PR agencies must stay up to date on current events and industry news.

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Chats with Chip: Neville Hobson on AI and Machine Learning in PR

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It tends to be content that doesn’t require reasoning that doesn’t require, for want of a better word, deep cognition in terms of looking at things from different angles and presenting scenarios, they are reports largely and so you see things like the AP on sports reporting that other you mentioned recently about, I think it was baseball wasn’t it Chip? an algorithm writing the sports report. Chats with Chip Media Bullseye Radio Podcast

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Twitter and Television: A Match Made In Heaven

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Add sports into the mix, and I’m seriously embarrassed. Just 19% of Olympic viewers posted about the games on social media, according to NBC. Your programming has to be live in order for social media to drive it. How can you expect social media to drive ratings when social media likely spoiled the outcome hours earlier?! Social media IS impacting TV ratings. Were those folks listening on the radio?

How Top Streaming Services Are Performing in Earned Media During the Pandemic

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Because social distancing is the key practice during isolation, friends and family members have found ways to still have movie nights and talk about their favorite shows while streaming them simultaneously. Earned media monitoring’s role in public relations is critical in this day and age.

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20 Great Communications Quotes

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Public relations, marketing and social media professionals must find ways to bring creativity to the forefront of their communication strategies. Social media is here. Be where your customers are: in social media. Social media is the ultimate equaliser. Social media is gasoline. — Looking for a way to monitor, analyze and share your coverage from TV, radio, online news and social media sources?

Why Earned Media is More Important Than Ever

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Many people across the globe have tuned in to TV channels, radio stations, social media platforms and the web for news and updates on the state of the world during this pandemic. This time of uncertainty has shown to people engaging on social media more than they typically would have before the pandemic struck. People have shifted to social media communication on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

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Critical Mention Media Trends: Top Netflix Mentions

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Netflix is a leader among the many streaming media providers and production companies out there. According to Critical Mention Analytics gathered within the last four days, our platform shows that Tiger King is currently generating the most earned media. Now more than ever, TV, radio, social media and online news publications play a great role in delivering news and earned media that can positively and negatively affect brands.

7 Tips for Picking the Right PR Media Database

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A media contact database is an essential tool for PR, communications, investor relations and marketing professionals looking to reach out to media contacts and outlets. A database tool should be easy to navigate, so make sure you choose a media database service that is user-friendly.

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Why Video ‘Content is King’ in 2019

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More specifically, digital and broadcast media has been increasingly taking over brand-building efforts across all industries. . Social Media Friendly. It’s no surprise that social media is a powerhouse in relation to getting a lot of eyes on your content. This feature makes video content extremely social media friendly, and it contributes to the continued rise in viewer retention rates and online engagement.

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Most Talked About 77th Golden Globe Nominations for 2020

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Golden Globes Best Motion Picture Drama mentions have already sprung into online, broadcast and social media sites despite it being less than 24 hours since the nominee announcements. According to our Critical Mention Sentiment Analysis, 1917 and The Irishman are taking the lead in positive earned media mentions from Online News. Looking for a way to monitor, analyze and share your coverage from TV, radio, online news and social media sources?

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EKA: How Media Monitoring Aligns with Strategic Communications

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Englander Knabe & Allen (EKA) is a strategic communications firm in Southern California that specializes in assisting organizations with reputation issues, media strategy and implementation. Having access to real-time media monitoring allows EKA to provide clients with instant news. We’re always happy to provide our media monitoring services so they can provide excellent service to their clients. ” How Effective is Earned Media in PR? Who is EKA?

Cost Businesses Pay for Not Monitoring Media

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Earned media’s value, particularly online, is increasingly growing with the continual rise of internet users. Media monitoring helps PR and marketing pros track buzzworthy content and help build their brand through specific keyword searches. Even though public relations strategies are frequently evolving, capitalizing on earned media opportunities continues to be a useful PR method that drives and retains customer loyalty and brand credibility.

Top 10 Influential PR Businesses to Follow in 2020

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Whether we’re strategizing reputation or crisis plans, developing grassroots advocacy campaigns focused on high-stakes legislation or creating social content programs, we bring deep experience and diversity of thinking to help clients thrive. BIGfish is an award-winning team of talented storytellers, creatives and publicists that integrates traditional PR with digital media to best support its innovative clients.