15 Simple Small Business PR Strategies That Will Save You Money

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As a small business or startup, you know how quickly expenses can pile up. Thanks to a number of online tools and resources, small business PR does not have to break the bank. Small Business PR, Meet Budget Friendly Strategies.

10 Social Media and Public Relations Tactics You Need to Know

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Social media and public relations might seem like an odd pair upon first inspection. Can public relations and social media really work together to bolster your business? How social media can help with public relations. Be Social.

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Want More Press? 3 Ways to Be More Friendly In Small Business PR

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Have your efforts to generate more press coverage for your small business been falling flat lately? What exactly is expected when you contact the press about your small B2B business. How Small Business PR Has Changed. A product launch.

4 savvy social media marketing tactics

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Leave it to a dating app to demonstrate the instant success a creative social media marketing approach can bring to a new business. Related: 6 Ways to Think Outside the Box When Marketing Your Small Business. Related: 10 Laws of Social Media Marketing.

Finalists named for the 2015 Digital PR & Social Media Awards

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Our call went out for inspired work in digital PR and communications and use of social media. We saw the power of digital communications and social media harnessed by imaginative minds. Best Use of Digital & Social Media for. Media Relations Campaign.

How your social media presence can keep up with the Kardashians

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I openly admit to watching every episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, buying their beauty products and purchasing as many different colors of lip kits as I can afford. Despite what people may say, the Kardashian sisters do one thing very well: social media. Keep reading for more insights into each of the girls’ success on social media and how you can be more like a Kardashian/Jenner with your organization’s social channels: Taking the No.

Zoom chief focuses on winning back trust, Hobby Lobby closes and furloughs most employees, and Apple makes COVID-19 face shields

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Also: Ad budgets face bigger decrease than during 2008’s recession, Berlin Cameron helps small businesses, Etsy encourages sellers to make fabric masks, and more. If you're a small business struggling to weather the COVID-19 storm, we’re here to help. SOCIAL BUZZ.

TikTok’s ads anger influencers, Instagram tests ‘Group Story’ feature, and Houston Rockets apologize for Hong Kong tweet

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Good morning, PR pros: TikTok is facing backlash from some of its popular users after they appeared in ads for the social media platform. Why it matters: It’s risky to take a stand on controversial political and social issues—and doing so might not be the right move for your brand.

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Lowe’s nebulous layoffs, Pinterest’s earnings soar, and UK House of Commons’ banned words

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The company declined to tell reporters how many employees its laying off, but CNN Business reported that as of Feb. How is your audience using social media to stay abreast of the latest developments? SOCIAL BUZZ.

PR and Marketing During COVID-19: What You Need to Know

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COVID-19 , otherwise known as Coronavirus, has been wreaking havoc across the globe, with countless people practicing "social distancing" and staying home as much as possible. Perhaps you've personally seen the effects of COVID-19 in your day-to-day business. Build Up Your Social Media.

10 Powerful B2B Marketing Influencers You Need to Follow

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The growth of technology and social media add a new layer to this field. Influencers are authoritative experts in their industry, with a large following on social media. Anyone can post a regular stream of content about marketing on social media.

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12 ways PR pros can grab headlines

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If you’re a startup or a small business looking for press, the world of PR can seem like a dark and lonely place. The secret to landing media coverage comes down to your approach. HARO is one of the best free ways to land valuable media coverage.

4 digital tools that are reshaping PR

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Public relations and social media: At times it would appear there’s tension between the two. However, social media presents a significant opportunity to enhance PR. New technologies are changing how we interact with each other—and with businesses.

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How to Upgrade Your PR Strategy for 2020

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Some brands are quick to dismiss the power of email in favor of social media or chatbots. 72% of consumers prefer email to other means of business communication. Gone are the days of CEOs and founders hiding behind the name of their business. Start with social media.

Online Reputation Management: How to Make Your Brand Stand Out

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And that means that, as a business, online reputation management should be a top priority. After all, who can you believe when faced with a constant barrage of companies touting their products and services as "the best" or "the longest lasting?" Social media.

5 PR Lessons From Our Favorite Instagrammers

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With 68 percent of users saying they engage with brands on Instagram, big brands, small businesses, and influencers alike have embraced the social media platform, producing content that professional communicators can learn much from. When possible, mix media.

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6 Smart Ideas For Fall PR

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Fall is a terrific time for creative public relations teams to dream up seasonal ideas that score with media now and through the rest of the year. Another good idea: draft a simple byline or blog post on “Scary Customer Stories” or “Nightmare Product Launches.”

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10 Powerful Ways PR Can Boost Thought Leadership Strategy

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Be prepared to engage effectively with the media. Your company should have policies and protocols in place on how to deal with various media opportunities, including those that arise on social media. How to Score in B2B Media Relations.

12 Months of Content Marketing

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A lot of businesses come up with blog topics in the moment rather than planning in advance. There’s a fantastic WordPress plugin called Revive Old Posts that will automatically share your older blog content to your social media channels. June: Plan Around Product Launches.

Finalists named for the 2015 PR Daily Awards

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Cisco, Cisco Blog Social Rewards Program. Best Corporate Social Responsibility. The Howard Hughes Corporation, B&P Public Relations and Crowd Siren Social Media for The Howard Hughes Corporation, Downtown Summerlin Grand Opening. Best Press Event/Media Tour.