15 ways to doom your pitch and tick off journalists

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Dissecting PR pitches is one of the duties editors least enjoy. PR people are typically pleasant to deal with—and many are excellent at what they do—but a lousy few make the story pitching experience, er, let’s say suboptimal. One nitpick that editors notice in pitches is font choice.

10 keys to pitching success during the holidays

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Conventional wisdom calls for PR to avoid media pitching during the holiday season, unless the story has a definite holiday-related theme. That perception prompts PR agencies and departments to shift into low gear—or completely stop producing and pitching before and after the holidays.

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NYT ends internal pitching for front page

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Perhaps signifying another ring in old-school journalism’s death knell, The New York Times will no longer use its method of “pitching” front-page stories. The paper making digital real estate a priority over print placement may have an impact on how PR pros should pitch in the future.

Travel editor tells all: 3 foolproof pitching tips

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Placement in a leading travel media outlet can increase web traffic and generate bookings for your hotel, resort, theme park, cruise, city or regional attraction. He advises answering these questions when crafting pitches: What bigger storyline does your client fit into?

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Pitching the press: the complete guide


This guide contains everything you need to pitch the press. You’ll learn how to create awesome press releases, distribute press releases, nurture your media contacts, and send pitch emails that get results. Send email pitches that get results. pitching is never a good idea.

What Happens After The Reporter Says Yes?

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Seeing a client’s interview in a key publication is still a quintessential public relations win, so PR pros spend a lot of time perfecting media pitching. But once we get a “yes” to a pitch or interview request, it’s no time to sit back and relax.

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Those Who Hesitate Are Lost

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Today’s TV, radio, and print news is already 24/7. Therefore, if you see something in the morning that you can make an opportunistic yet crucial comment about, pitch yourself as the expert to every TV station around. Our media has Attention Deficit Disorder.

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The Home Sick Pitch

Bad Pitch Blog

An editor at Home Channel News (think distribution channel, not TV channel) has asked the Bad Pitch Blog to voice her plea. A new Web site? A "story idea" that defies everything you have ever known about what actually gets written in a print publication?

Why Do PR People Bother With Insolent Clients? I Mean, Really

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And in the old days (say, three years ago when the media we pitch actually existed as full entities) could probably get something going in a matter of moments, hours, a day maybe. Who could care less about his Web (read: online) product.

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Retrevo’s Good ‘n Plenty Pitch

Bad Pitch Blog

We’ve been receiving more than a few pitches from Jennifer on behalf of Retrevo. And for this she’s getting a good pitch seal of approval from the Bad Pitch Blog (we used to call it Glinda the Good Pitch, but how cool is that, really?) Give us Retrevo’s elevator pitch.

Fast Five: Pitching Your Local Daily, Pitching National Business, Girding up for a Trade Show

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1) Charlotte Observer business section pitching tips The Publicity Hound So many editors take the time to give tips like this, have you tried searching for pitch tips on your top outlets and editors?

Monday Roundup: #NovaCOM15

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5 Tips To Pitching Success – When PR Stands For “Personal” Relations . Why: “Yes, there [are] still print and broadcast media. Around the Web Events #NovaCOM15 AHEM Aliza Freud Dave Hochman deirdre breakenridge Laura Stanik Meg Fry Michael C.

The Bare Ass Booze Pitch

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This news release posing as a pitch was forwarded by a Philadelphia-based reporter to "Trebuchet," a fan of the Bad Pitch blog. As if this weren’t bad enough, Trebucht tells us: The pitch had two, unrequested photos attached.

The Unvitation Pitch

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Our next bad pitch plays off Richard’s example below and will be known as the UNVITATION , thanks to Seinfeld. IMAGE For Immediate Release or to RSVP and attend the event Please Contact: NAME CEO- COMPANY NAME PHONE EMAIL WEB MEDIA ALERT! Reading this pitch was charity enough thanks. Well, print this out and add it to the list. We’ll explain why it stinks at the end.

PR People: Stop Being Bad at Stuff and Read This

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Play Hard to Get Like Joyce''s Ulysses or any David Lynch film, a well-crafted pitch should be nearly impenetrable to mere mortals. Quantity Trumps Quality In a perfect world, PR people would carefully tailor each pitch. Know When to Pitch Just like in comedy, timing is everything.

Why getting links in articles still matters

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Coverage in a print publication used to be the ultimate in PR placements. It’s not surprising given how unlikely it is that a reader of any given print publication might be in the market for your organization’s products and services at that exact moment. Embed links in your pitches.

Whoosh! 3 ways to make your travel coverage soar

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Here are three tips to help your travel pitches take off—and land more top-tier coverage: 1. Register for PR Daily’s April 30 PR University webinar “ Top travel media and bloggers tell PR: What to pitch, how to win big coverage. ”

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Bad News About Ink: an open letter to clients

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While Web media may be winner in time spent (often with audiences larger than those antiquated brethren several times over), many of you clients somehow still think ink is king and online is a bastard red-headed stepchild. Embrace the Web! So, let us pitch!

5 Tips to Get in Your #Creative #PR Groove

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The company had three distinct divisions: PR / Communications (that was my area), Creative Marketing & Advertising and Web, Multimedia & Video. At the same time, we’re working more closely with marketing, branding, digital and web teams.

Six Content Distribution Tips that Everyone Else Isn’t Already Doing

Sword and the Script

Some of this advice was good five years ago, and some of it is just terrible nonsense that spams up the web with repetitive muck. The social media scheduling platform Buffer “started pitching our best-performing blog posts to other blogs in case they’d be interested in republishing.”

6 ways to get press coverage for your startup

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Ask this fundamental question before making any pitches. VentureBeat writes mostly about funding rounds, so it might not be worthwhile to pitch them your product’s beta launch. If you’re pitching someone, make sure you know what he or she writes.

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Media Relations: Proven Ways to Get More Out of It

Sword and the Script

That was the outcome good media relations pitching earned. Yet today, with millions of “channels” on the web, it’s just the beginning. A 20-minute call with a print reporter still might yield just one or two quotes in the final story. Pitch media upstream.

How PR has shifted over three decades

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The media landscape: You would be hard pressed to find too many people under 30 years old who read the print edition of a newspaper every morning. Many of our clients still prefer print over online, and most will always consider it a bigger “win” to land that print placement.

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30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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Communications professionals who can write well stand a higher chance to see their stories in print. You should also have at least three years of experience editing Web content and experience managing content production.

5 Brand Elements to Evaluate When Refreshing Your Corporate Image


Printed and digital materials: sales collateral. Leveraging your owned media, publish blogs about the new look, update your web copy to reflect new messaging, and post messages on social media to communicate it.

Journalism and News Trends for PR Pros


What does it mean for PR: Consider a publisher’s revenue and publishing models, as well as your need for exposure, when pitching a story. Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the World Wide Web, declared “ data-driven journalism is the future.”

Media relations is thriving

Stephen Waddington

In this article I explore how smart public relations practitioners are putting search at the heart of their campaigns and seeking followed links from the media sites they pitch. At the same time, the ability to print fast and cheaply bought about a concurrent revolution.

Why Content Marketing and Public Relations Need Each Other

Sword and the Script

It was a good pitch. After several unsuccessful attempts, I re-worked my pitch into a blog post and published it on the company blog. This new trend some were calling content marketing had the hallmarks of a soft and subtle pitch. The same is true in print.

12 ways to produce a killer press release

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Yet ill-considered pitches keep flooding the inboxes of the dwindling number of journalists. As a Pulitzer Prize-winning former colleague once put it to me, Do organizations think we’ll just print a press release verbatim? Write concisely. Avoid unusual fonts.

Dear PR pros: The problem is you

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A bad pitch won’t do you any favors. Welcome to “The Pitch Project.”. I often send automated responses to those who pitch me stories that no journalist cares to read and that. Apparently fed up with this response, this communicator further inquired about how to get this story in print—with a polite request to refrain from my previous email response. If you’re asking for a link to your product, resource or web page on an article that’s already run, you’re too late.

PR Tech Briefing: How Cision Impact is Bringing Earned Media Attribution and Retargeting to Public Relations

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They provided me with a presentation outlining the product, a web demonstration, and answered my questions about it. Many PR professionals rely on circulation numbers (impressions) or web traffic estimates to provide some sense of reach.

Top Trends From State of the Media 2016


This year’s report found that 92 percent of media outlets have or are currently adopting a mobile-friendly Web design. They must reconsider how they create, distribute and pitch their thought leadership. For our newest findings, check out the State of the Media 2016 Report!

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Announcing Cision Social Edition and Cision PR Edition!


Analyze sharing activity for any piece of content across the social web. Monitor online and offline sources, including access to 20,000 premium print news sources from LexisNexis, and streaming broadcast coverage from all 210 U.S.

How The Washington Post Shifted Gears


How have traditionally print newspapers made sense of the changing media landscape? She’s not looking for pitches laying out everything there is to know about a subject. “I’m surprised at how many traditional pitches I see. Find a way to work that into your pitch.”.

6 Common Problems Holding You Back from Content Mastery

Contently - Strategy

My friend is a web engineer for a large media company, and whenever we talk shop, I’m always surprised at how big of an impact his tinkering can have on the content we read. The desire to push our content out in print campaigns compelled us to create a quarterly print edition of the pub.

B2C 109

The “Smart Communications” Revolution: How to Optimize Earned Media Programs


You can find the best media contacts, uncover vital pitching insights and keep track of all your outreach in a single location. Track your coverage: Media monitoring software does more than track your coverage across print, online and social channels.

3 power tips to craft an outstanding blog

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Just as you should think of journalists and their readers when you pitch stories, consider your readers when you craft content. We then used artificial intelligence to understand whether new web pages shared on Facebook have similar characteristics.

PR automation: 5 repetitive tasks that are holding you back


This info might be handy to pitch influencers your related story. Norbert scours the web and returns the email address. That’s why it’s important to build up a relationship before pitching.

6 factors to consider before hiring a PR agency

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Yes, a good majority of PR firms will still pitch themselves to you as a media relations house. They’ll call themselves a PR firm, but all they’ll do for you is pitch stories on your behalf. Seeing your name in print is great for your ego, but it does not make the cash register ring.

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12 ways to produce a killer press release


Yet ill-considered pitches keep flooding the inboxes of the dwindling number of journalists. As a Pulitzer Prize-winning former colleague once put it to me, Do organizations think we’ll just print a press release verbatim?