Should you feel ashamed for reading the hard copy newspaper?

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Every so often, I’ll see it in one of my social feeds: That comment or remark from a friend, colleague or industry person taking jabs at the hard copy newspaper and those that read it. I still love my hard copy newspaper. In fact, I would like to flip the popular thinking: Instead of asking “why would I read the daily newspaper? ask yourself: Why AREN’T I reading my daily newspaper? Now, I know the print newspaper has its downsides.

Newspapers Getting Their Game On

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A few years back at SXSW, the ubiquity of QR codes earned that promising AR-like technology the conference crown, in spite of its obvious flaws. Each had their proverbial 15 minutes of fame, though at the Web Summit this week in Dublin I did hear about an app that allowed one to mobile-scan any branded image (from any medium) for transport to the brand’s digital content. Lost in Oculus at Web Summit.

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What Responsive Web Design Means for You and Your Content

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With the sheer number of devices and platforms where news is being consumed, you want to make sure that your message is displayed properly on all of the technological wonders of the world. This is where the power of Responsive Web Design (RWD) comes in. Responsive Web Design, or RWD, is the technology behind a site’s coding that allows it to respond to whatever screen size you are viewing it on. As the world increasingly goes mobile, so shall the technology.

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Man Bites Dog: Newspapers Outlive Themselves, Blissful Ignorance Becomes Artform

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This new technology will "allow the paper''s Web site to post immediate expert viewpoints on breaking news," said Editorial Page Editor Andrew Rosenthal. Not only has its Op-Ed department not embraced the technology that has existed for years, they apparently are so hung up on the concept of "expert" that they fail to understand that anyone with a blog tendency is, can be, and should assert themselves with their expertise.The old-fashioned Op-Ed is dead with six feet of dirt on top.

Tech Tools We Love for Solo PR Pros

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The web version is free; iPhone app is paid.). Newspaper Map. Newspaper Map allows you to find and translate online newspapers from all over the world. Living the Life administrative tasks browser management invoicing solo pr pro technology tools transccriptionWe Solo PR Pros love any gadget, app, or tech tool that helps us to save time, stay organized, and better serve our clients. Here is a list of tools we are loving right now.

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Could Google News disappear in Europe?

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In 2014, the Spanish newspaper publishers’ association (AEDE) lobbied for a new law which would require news aggregators to pay for the right to use story snippets. A study in 2017 by the Spanish Association of Publishers of Periodical Publications found that the Spanish law caused publishers to lose 13% of their web traffic, resulting in a nine million Euro loss. Blog Charlotte Stoel PR tools Social media Technology

Why Facebook & Google Can’t Afford to Legitimize Fake News Sources


In the 1890s, it was called yellow journalism and was a tactic designed by greedy newspaper publishers to sell more newspapers using scandalous (and not necessarily true) headlines. Bridging the Gap Between Technology and Common Sense. These internet companies have become successful because of their mighty technological innovations. The concept of “fake news” is anything but novel.

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What PR professionals can learn from the New York Times’ transformations

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Between breaking major stories and adding thousands of subscribers each month, the newspaper is forging a new frontier for itself. Understanding the way they’ve evolved their business and media model can provide useful lessons to PR professionals and communicators looking to keep up with changing technology and trends. He explained that these evolutions occur to keep up with changing audience expectations and technology.

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How The Washington Post Shifted Gears


How have traditionally print newspapers made sense of the changing media landscape? region’s most widely circulated newspaper and the winner of 47 Pulitzer Prizes, for answers. Moderated by Cision’s Stacey Miller , the panelists explored how one of the nation’s leading daily newspapers determines which stories to run, what it’s doing to make waves in the digital sphere and how social and the Internet transformed the “typical” work day.

AP Style: How relevant is it in 2019?

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People now spend only 11 minutes a day consuming newspaper media, and 9 minutes a day consuming magazine media. Technology has changed communication behaviors, too. How many times have I seen 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, ad 9 on the web? The AP Style folks recently made an earth-shattering change to its AP Style Standards: You no longer have to spell out “%” after a number. AUDIBLE GASP!

How PR has shifted over three decades

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The media landscape: You would be hard pressed to find too many people under 30 years old who read the print edition of a newspaper every morning. No matter how many other forms of news I’m able to digest, sitting and holding a newspaper is still one of the most important forms of news delivery. That’s where I got my start, and most of the decision-makers still rely on print as their primary source of news, followed very closely by Web and social media channels.

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Retailers pull Boohoo amid workers’ rights claims, LinkedIn introduces pronunciation tool, and Walmart prepares to compete with Amazon

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The factory continued operating during a local coronavirus lockdown in the city, where there has been a spike in infections, without additional hygiene or social distancing measures in place, according to the newspaper. The intention is to highlight positivity in your comments section, at least according to Instagram,” The Next Web reported.

How data can help earned media coverage shine

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Leaders want to know how earned media helps drive business in terms of lead generation, customer acquisition and retention and Web traffic that boosts the bottom line. Traditionally, securing a front page spot with a colored photograph in a daily newspaper or magazine was the Academy Award for PR pros. Publishers and publicists alike thought the technology takeover was the worst thing to happen to news coverage—in contrast, it’s become the best thing for the PR industry.

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Journalism and News Trends for PR Pros


Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the World Wide Web, declared “ data-driven journalism is the future.” What it means for PR : As new technologies make it easier to manipulate emotion, ethics must keep up or better yet, stay ahead of change. For example, they are more likely to turn to newspapers (print or online) for local news. Uncertainty about revenue, new publishing models. The revenue model for journalism is at best in flux, and at worst, in chaos.

Future of PR: 2020 edition

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Tackling fake news and disinformation: an ethical issue that strikes at the heart of practice The great hope of the web was that it would democratise the publication and sharing of information. The web and the internet have enabled communities to form around an organisation, topic or issue. The web was the most significant shift in publishing since the invention of the printing press in the 15th Century. The web has overhauled organisational communication and marketing.

Qualify Hard; Close Easy: Leads in Unscripted Marketing Links

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The face of a nearly brand new iPhone 6s looked like a spider web. As a small business owner, Mr. Roberts told me he’s tried local newspaper ads and local television ads to drive leads to his business – but nothing works like the internet. A cloud technology vendor told me that trade shows were the number one source of leads for his company. For technology companies that sell cloud solutions, a majority (61%) said IT was the top influencer.

12 of the Best Marketing Podcasts that Will Up Your Game in 2020

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Sara, also at Drift, generates demand through web, email, and chatbots as a growth marketer. The creators: You know the Wall Street Journal, it’s one of the largest newspapers in the U.S. Overview: Discover how science and technology are revolutionizing our lives. Walking your dog, working out, taking public transportation, folding laundry—what do these activities all have in common?

Ahrefs: An SEO Tool PR Can Use to Outsmart the Competition [Product Review]

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While there are some new PR technologies emerging that are beginning to look at link data, it’s pretty hard to match what the SEO vendors have been improving for years. 1) Web alerts and client mentions. The overall rating is ranking compares the backlink profile of one site, to an estimate of all the other sites on the web. Larger companies have so much coverage – an airline for example – that it would take teams of people clipping newspapers in Maine to monitor.

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Media relations is thriving

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If you read an article about an individual or organisation in your favourite magazine or newspaper you’re likely to view it far more favourably than if you heard the information direct. The rise of mass media, namely print newspapers, magazines, radio and television, provided a shortcut to large audiences and it enabled the business to operate at scale. The Daily Telegraph was the first UK national newspaper to go online in November the same year.

10 insights for public relations from the 2017 European Communications Monitor

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Coping with the digital evolution and the social web is the most important issue for communication management in the next three years. Other online communication comes second (83.1%), followed by press and media relations with online newspapers and magazines (82.4%). Longitudinal analyses show that new and social media technology complement traditional channels but they do not replace them. Media relations with print newspapers/magazines are still stronger than expected. #5

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6 reasons comms—not IT—should ‘own’ the online newsroom

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That explains a major shift in organizations’ web presences in recent years. After the piece ran, a local newspaper ran the same piece. One of Platon’s technology clients is establishing a robust digital newsroom for just that reason, she says. “We Whoever keeps the keys to the newsroom controls its destiny. Don’t be left begging your computer geeks for updates. A story breaks. Reporters call seeking interviews and information.

Why Your Content Strategy is Failing And How to Fix it

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Considering the culmination of traditional advertisements (newspaper, TV, radio and billboards) and digital advertisements (banner ads, pop-ups and sponsored posts), how many advertisements a day do you think you’re exposed to? Now imagine what that number would be if it were not for the 600+ million devices that are equipped with ad-blocking technology.

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Meredith’s Jill Davison: ‘No better time for us to have an impact’

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Meredith, with its web traffic and subscription base, holds plenty of information about its customers. She admits that she sometimes misses the old-school journalists with fact-checking and other resources that used to populate newspapers. Despite all the new technology available, Davison says her team still does a lot of old-school media monitoring.

Future of PR and social media for International Air Transport Association crisis communications conference

Stuart Bruce

I will be talking about mobile, data and wearable technology as the drivers and ethics, real time and content as the issues. Mobile, data and wearable technology. Their sensor technology and ability to communicate will accelerate and magnify the changes we are already seeing. We can tap into the wisdom of the web and discover what people really think, rather than what opinion formers and influencers tell us.

Three ways to optimise your PR results

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We’ve got a great piece of coverage in a leading national newspaper reaching one million readers!”. Replied the technology company. Web pages should include keywords, but it needs to sound natural. “Huzzah!” Shouted the PR executive. “We’ve Excellent news! Now what?” Now what indeed. Insights have been collected, the campaign has been planned and you’ve delivered the coverage. The next piece of the puzzle is optimisation.

Three ways to optimise your PR results

PR in High Definition

We’ve got a great piece of coverage in a leading national newspaper reaching one million readers!”. Replied the technology company. Web pages should include keywords, but it needs to sound natural. “Huzzah!” Shouted the PR executive. “We’ve Excellent news! Now what?” Now what indeed. Insights have been collected, the campaign has been planned and you’ve delivered the coverage. The next piece of the puzzle is optimisation.

Chats with Chip: Neville Hobson on AI and Machine Learning in PR

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Chip Griffin: Yeah, you know look, I mean I think, and I am a huge fan of AI machine learning technology in general, I’m a complete geek, you know, but I guess I look at it and say, you know, I think the real value of it lies in informing your decisions in making your jobs easier, but you know, I’m not a huge fan of the robo-journalism approach.

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Digital journalism is alive but is digital PR?

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Several years have now passed since the birth of Web 2.0 Digital Journalism is the future and sadly the regional newspapers are still trying to make this profitable without losing their readership too quickly. SEO and web design agencies are now frantically re-branding themselves to call themselves PR Agencies. Now, digital technologies offer us the opportunity to lead a fourth revolution in news.

Research Shows Journalists Want More Multimedia from PR Pros

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Technology is so advanced that reporters can shoot and edit a short 90-second video in 15 or 30 minutes,” he says. When asked what new technology will change the way they work most, 26 percent pointed to better and cheaper video production technology, while 38 percent said devices such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home will eventually have an impact on the content they produce. Many of those images show up in magazines, newspapers and blogs, she says.

How to Handle a Sugar Rush

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The Amstrad founder may have seen his technology thrown into the dumpster of pre-internet history but it didn’t stop him from deciding to get on the social media bandwagon in 2010. As the likes of Farage and Hopkins prove in this country –along with the basket case racists given platforms in an intellectual dark web stretching across Europe and America- provoking outrage can give you massive audiences.

Chats with Chip: Patrick Rogan on Strategies to Hire and Retain Talent in the PR Industry

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I mean I don’t think anybody’s picking up the newspaper to look at job ads if they’re looking for a job in PR for example. There’s a lot more work even if you do have a large agency office you may still have people who are regular basis working remotely because the technology has made it so much easier to do that over the last 10 to 20 years. They’re web based.

Are You Using These 33 Ways to Promote Your Content That Most Marketers Overlook?


Landing Page - Maximize the web visibility of your content with a dedicated landing page. Resources Library - Amp up your web devotion to content marketing. If you've produced a handful of content already, create a dedicated web space for your thought leadership pieces. Online blog posts can drive direct traffic to your landing page, like this recent example from our technology client, RBA, whose expert wrote about the digital workplace topic addressed in the e-book.

Fast Five Q&A with PimpMyNews CEO John Atkinson

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Before starting PimpMyNews, we were both "road warriors" in our previous jobs and we could never find the time to read newspapers, or to tune into scheduled TV or radio news broadcasts. So whether you''re interested in Technology, Politics, Business, Sports, Entertainment or something else, there''s a good chance you''ll find it on PimpMyNews. Our current iPhone Web Application works on all iPhones and iPod Touch devices, including iPhone 3G.

Derision abounds as Tribune Publishing rebrands itself ‘tronc’

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In April, Gannett offered roughly $400 million to take over Tribune Publishing—which owns the Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times , along with several other newspapers. So obsessed is the new, rebranded company with the Web’s lower-case vibe that its press release starts various sentences that way,” Wemple wrote in. Our rebranding to tronc represents the manner in which we will pool our technology and content resources to execute on our strategy.

Old Journalism’s Demise.Good News For Us!

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While most recognized that Web properties are two-way streets, venerable newspapers and ages-old magazines kept thinking they ruled our worlds. As a guy who wrote for dozens of newspapers in the 1980s, I can report (get it?) Anyone working with any technology these days (even scissors) saw this coming. I am writing to you from 35,000 feet where American and something badly branded as Gogo Inflight has granted me 12 buck access to the Internet.

How To Research Journalists Before They Research You (And Your CEO)


A media directory may identify a journalist as covering technology – but is he or she covering Apple’s iPhone apps, or wearable technology, or enterprise level software? New York-based web community offers portfolios for freelancer journalists, along with in-depth interviews such as this. Newsroom Staff Directories Major media outlets, especially daily newspapers such as the. Wall Street Journal technology titan?

The Secret to More Coverage? Fewer Pitches

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New technology allows you to generate hundreds of email addresses to send a news release to with the push of a button. This post to the highly-networked Web, that is now firmly indexed in Google, tells us NO. We mean results that actually help accomplish your client''s goals vs. two sentences buried in the back of a newspaper no one has ever heard of before. Note to Self: Find the person at Bacon’s that updates Media Map profiles.

Ad Blockers: A Home Run (Or a Strike Out) For PR, Social and Content Marketing?


We’ll never forget the panic in the PR world as tens of thousands of journalists (aka our PR pitch targets) at newspapers, TV stations and magazines were laid off. Enter online ad blocking software, a technology that Madison Avenue is viewing with the kind of horror that dentists express when forced to see the Nazi dental torture scene in the Dustin Hoffman film, “Marathon Man.” You remember those predictions just two years ago heralding the Death of Public Relations?