Newspaper reporters officially have the worst jobs

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PR pros: You may think you’ve got it rough having to pitch reporters to cover your companies and clients, but the guy or gal at the other end of that pitch has it worse—much worse. The annual list of the Worst Jobs has ranked newspaper journalist as the absolute worst job a person can have. According to the site, “Readership has steadily moved from print publications, whether they be newspapers or magazines, in favor of online outlets.

PR 101: How to Pitch The New York Times


Here’s a few themes we’ve complied when pitching one of the toughest, yet most desirable outlets: The New York Times. There is no other newspaper like The New York Times. It’s The Newspaper of Record, The Grey Lady, and a journalism institution. The paper employs some of the top journalists in the country, and the last thing they want is a tone-deaf pitch. If there’s one newspaper subscription to have as a useful pitching resource, it’s The New York Times.

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PR 101: Five Tips for Pitching USA Today


Getting coverage in the most widely circulated newspaper in the country is no easy feat, but the powerful reach of USA Today makes it a highly desirable target for PR professionals. To cut through the clamor of the thousands of pitches and press releases received by the staff of Gannett’s flagship paper, consider the following tips. Here’s a few tips we’ve compiled for pitching USA Today. National appeal is the single most important quality in a successful USA Today pitch.

5 Tips to a Successful PR Pitch


Dreaming of a major website or newspaper writing about your brand? You won’t get there unless you learn how to pitch journalists with your story. Instead, cozy up to reporters who write for your local newspaper. The kiss of death is sending a pitch to Now that you know who you want to pitch, slow your roll before you send an email. That way, when you’re ready to pitch, they have an inkling of who you are.

5 Tips to Pitching Success – When PR Stands for “Personal” Relations

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When I started out in PR, my focus was building relationships with the media who were mostly print journalists at newspapers and trade publications. As I found editorial success for my agency’s clients, I was able to branch out and pitch radio and television broadcast opportunities. After all, back in the day, working with a newspaper reporter was completely different than coordinating with a radio show producer. Be flexible in your pitch.

The #PRStudChat Community Discusses Mysteries of Media Pitching on September 20th

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ET for an in-depth discussion on the mysteries of media pitching. You heard us: Media pitching. Google “media pitching” and you’ll get a slew of results referencing dos and don’ts, tips, tricks, and best practices. What are the characteristics of a good media pitch?

Local newspaper ‘headline’ goes viral after proofreading error

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Such was the case in Wednesday’s front page of Cambridge News , a local newspaper in the United Kingdom: Hope you’re having a better day than the production editor of the Cambridge News This’ll be featured in newspaper sub-editing courses for years. In an apology to readers, Cambridge News wrote: The headline should have read '£2m for 'sex lair' school' in reference to a story printed on page 11 of today's newspaper.

Newspaper SOS: Why print publications are in desperate need of PR

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In my last newsroom, working for Ohio’s largest newspaper, I didn’t have my own desk. Imagine my surprise when I reported for work in public relations, having leaped from the unfolding train wreck that is newspaper journalism after 30 rewarding years. Why newspapers' problem is PR's problem. For all of our resources and enthusiasm, we still rely upon the working press to give voice to our pitches. Finally, we can start to speak up for the daily newspaper.

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Elevator Pitch or Twitter Pitch?

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We love following up with them after pitching an interview/story idea. I said, “Often PR professionals are heard talking about the ‘elevator pitch’ – a short summary of the story we are trying to sell the media that we can describe in a span of a few seconds. “Now that we have social media, how about replacing that with a Twitter pitch?” One of said, “A bad pitch can make the journalist slam the phone down on us!

Pitching Kit: Cision’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide PR Kit


Major lifestyle magazines and newspapers publish holiday gift guides to make it easy for shoppers to find the perfect gift. “If you want your pitch to be noticed in a flood of product releases, know when to send it,” writes Anna Marevska in our recent blog post How to Pitch Holiday Gift Guide Editors. ” Using Cision’s media database , we researched the holiday gift guide schedules of some of the biggest lifestyle magazines and newspapers.

6 fictional journalists and how to pitch to them

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How would you pitch some of fiction and film’s greatest journalistic characters? Below are a few of my favorite fictional journalists, who inspire me with their talent, wit and sense of adventure—along with guidance on how to approach them with a pitch. . How to pitch: When you call with your pitch, lead with, “You probably wouldn’t be interested in this story anyway.” . How to pitch: Tell him you need a celebrity to bring your story to life.

USA Today’s Tips for Pitching to Get News Coverage


Moderated by social media strategist Nichole Kelly , the panelists discussed ongoing transformations in the journalism world, the innovation process that sets USA Today apart from other digital newsrooms and pitching tips for PR pros to better work with outlets like USA Today. Once you’ve established that, then pitch a reporter, he continues. Q: Knowing what not to pitch is just as important as knowing what gets coverage. Featured Influencers HARO pitching USA Today

When and how to follow up your PR pitch

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It’s an age-old PR debate: Should you follow up your media pitch? Joan Stewart, a publicity expert at The Publicity Hound , says, “As a former newspaper editor, I loved receiving follow-ups because in a hectic newsroom too many things, including great story pitches, can fall through the cracks.”. Chloe Gawrych, a small business expert and writer for , agrees: “I think it’s completely appropriate to follow up on PR pitches, within reason.

Pitching IRL: Using PR for the Greater Good

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I mean, let’s face it, publicists are used to pitching all day, whether a product or corporate byline, it teaches you the value of research and how a well-thought out pitch can be used to tell a story. I’m going to pitch your story!” With his compelling story in mind, I sought every newspaper and broadcast outlet in the metro-NY region including fitness magazines like Runner’s World. The pitch received amazing feedbacks and some placements.

4 Tips For Creating Successful Media Pitches

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Each day, newspaper journalists, as well as hosts and producers of TV and radio talk shows, scroll through a never-ending barrage of email messages, many of which they no doubt delete without reading. […]. Anyone who’s tried their hand at promoting a brand through PR can tell you that grabbing the media’s attention isn’t always easy.

3 ways to delete-proof PR pitches

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Many receive hundreds of PR pitches every single day. Here are three ways to keep your next pitch from getting trashed: 1. Pitch them first. If that doesn’t work, then pitch their editors.”. 12 PR University webinar “ The Science of Pitching the Press: New Study, Publishers Reveal Secrets of Tripling Coverage ” to ensure that every email, social media and phone pitch you craft turns heads and earns high-profile coverage. Pitch people, not products. “.

Report: 83% of journalists use Twitter—but most still want email pitches

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Muck Rack’s new State of Journalism report reveals that nearly 60% of reporters turn to digital newspapers or magazines as their first source of news, and 22% check Twitter first. More than half (59%) said stories that are easily localized (or relevant to their readers) increases sharing, so don’t forget to make it matter to those you pitch. You can also increase your pitch success rate by sending it at the right time, on the right channel.

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10 tips for pitching major media outlets

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Confessions from a daily newspaper editor. Pitching major news outlets requires skill and finesse. A poorly constructed pitch can really harm your company’s reputation. To effectively pitch a major media outlet, it’s important to put yourself in the journalist’s shoes. Here are 10 tips from the newsroom for getting noticed and earning that coveted major media outlet coverage for your company. Media Relations PR Tips Earned media

Before pitching, ask yourself, 'So what?'

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Media practitioners should listen to their pragmatic inner voices, too, instead of constantly thinking their next story warrants a pitch. As a former TV reporter, I’d often get pitches about “the biggest deal,” “the best product” or another “social cause.”. Though I am certain the PR pros behind these pitches had good intentions, they somehow didn’t recognize that as a busy journalist I probably had other things on my mind besides their “next big story.”.

Skidz brainstorm as agency readies pitch

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Agency teams are working on their pitches for the Skidz account. I’m following a team as it prepares its pitch response. Newspapers and television are for old people. CREATIVE TEAM: use scamps in the pitch deck showing a woman pointing a phone at a man and seeing his pants - this is countercultural and should be in line with the ASA’s guidelines on gender stereotypes. This blog got exclusive access to a brainstorm in one of London’s leading creative shops.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Pitching Journalists, But Were Afraid to Ask

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That’s why I was intrigued when I heard that Muck Rack (in cooperation MDC Partners) surveyed a cross section of journalists — newspapers, magazines, trade publications, etc. — to learn how they like to be pitched. With more than 300 journalists responding, we can learn from the aggregated data starting with their preferred vehicle for pitches. Regarding ideal pitch length —. Uncategorized business storytelling how to pitch journalists Muck Rack survey on journalists

NYT ends internal pitching for front page

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Perhaps signifying another ring in old-school journalism’s death knell, The New York Times will no longer use its method of “pitching” front-page stories. The paper making digital real estate a priority over print placement may have an impact on how PR pros should pitch in the future. Newspapers seem to finally be getting a handle on how to effectively publish on the Web; PR pros may want to adjust accordingly

Developing a powerful email pitch for a PR campaign


Combining the powers of email marketing with an attention-grabbing PR pitch is a winning approach when it comes to major campaigns. A targeted email pitch allows you to reach a wide audience of journalists in an instant, whilst making sure it’s relevant to their ‘beat’ List segmentation done right. Even with mass pitches, it’s possible to personalize your message to a degree.

How Not to Pitch Anyone

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This is the exact email exchange between a PR “pro&# who pitched me on a food-related product that took place beginning last week and culminating yesterday. And before I go into the exchange, I should tell you that this was the third or fourth time I’d been pitched on this particular company; I responded to one of the earlier pitches and never got a response. With this pitch, I was able to check off #s 4, 8, 9, 12 and 14 of my 15 reasons your PR pitches suck post.

Public Relations and the Press: A Powerful Partnership


On April 27, Bloomberg published an inaccurate, one-sided piece titled “Public Relations Jobs Boom as Buffet Sees Newspapers Dying.”. As the article noted, billionaire investor Warren Buffet sees the traditional newspaper slipping away. Thought Leadership Media Relations newspapersWe all do, but it’s wrong to link the entire change in the media industry to the PR profession.

4 ways to improve your pitch’s subject line

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Great content is essential to creating a media pitch but this is not enough for a journalist to take notice. Over time contacting a journalist with a pitch has evolved from a phone call to an email as journalists have limited time and prefer to be contacted via their inbox, but don’t be discouraged you can still follow up with a phone call. Fractl reports 85 per cent of journalists decide if they are interested in a pitch based on the subject line alone.

3 crucial steps PR pros should take before they pitch

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Tons of articles and guidelines from colleagues and managers offer advice on how to pitch to media outlets. Here are a few things you should do before grabbing the phone to make that pitch: 1. Mentally pitch. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve mentally pitched stories and thought, "You are not ready to get on the phone." I’ll get halfway through my pitch in my head and forget the crucial next portion. Don’t call a newspaper reporter at 4:30 p.m.

Know the nuances of pitching online versus print outlets

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Most outlets with a shorter lead time (including websites, weekly magazines, newspapers) are so busy meeting constant deadlines that they rarely shoot their own product photos. Client videos, lifestyle images and other interactive media are worth having—and pitching. Pitch timing. All media want the hottest and newest items, so keep a monthly print magazine’s longer lead time in mind when pitching a new product or company launch. Here’s the long and the short of it.

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How to pitch an Op-Ed to The New York Times

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Founded in 1851, The New York Times (NYT) is considered one of the leading newspapers in the world. An Op-Ed is an essay that runs on the opposite side of the editorial page in a newspaper.

4 Sources to Find the Right Reporters to Pitch


A successful public relations pitch has the potential to elevate your brand in a way advertising simply can’t. But a good pitch starts with finding the right reporters. You probably are already reading magazines, newspaper columns, blog posts and websites that are good candidates to start with. When a reporter writes about you, it’s an unbiased look at your brand, whereas advertising is heavily slanted in your direction.

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Journalists Aren’t Reading Your Pitches; What You Can Do About It


the number of pitches they send out) with working hard at their jobs. Here’s the thing—most of the pitches I receive for Spin Sucks are ice cold. If you’re sending cold pitches to journalists without building relationships with them first, you’re wasting your time. Here’s how to do it: Identify a newspaper, magazine, or blog that makes a difference in your industry. Thought Leadership Engagement influencers journalists pitches reading

Inside the Mind of a Daily Newspaper Business Editor: Q&A With Thom Kupper of the Star Tribune


If you’re a corporate communications or public relations executive in Minnesota, the status of our state’s largest newspaper – the Minneapolis-based Star Tribune , with more than 250 editors and reporters – is always of intense interest. Paul Business Journal , Twin Cities Business’ e-briefcase, and even Huffington Post have eroded the value of the daily newspaper at 425 Portland Avenue? There’s a challenge because we have to put out 7 newspapers a week.

3 ways to screw up your pitch

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No matter the size, location or niche of a publication, journalists working on a deadline dread an encounter with a poorly pitched story. If you’ve sent an email and a journalist has replied to let you know your pitch is on his or her radar, let the journalist take time to consider it. While working for a local newspaper, I was responsible for far more than writing stories. Spend time on the angle for your pitch, as opposed to using words that sound exciting.

Survey: Financial journalists see cybersecurity as No. 1 topic for 2019

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You might think twice, though, about pitching them via Twitter or Facebook. RELATED: Learn how to sharpen your pitching skills, boost buzz and land more headlines. ]. Consistent with past survey results, journalists say online newspapers and magazines are their primary news source (60 percent), followed by Twitter (25 percent). Personalize your media pitches. Media Relations PR pitching pitching tips PR pitch PR pitching

Media Relations Keeps Getting Harder; Here are 6 Dynamic Techniques to Adapt

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Many of the open-ended comments from the survey point to underlying causes such as the rise of social media and self-publishing, disruption of the advertising-heavy business model in news, subsequent cuts to editorial staff, growth among the ranks of PR, and the deluge of pitches reporters receive. Polarized audiences, ‘fake news’, decline of great newspapers and skilled reporting.” There’s a lot of competition and everything isn’t a pitch.

4 tips for optimizing your newsjacking opportunities

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Have your virtual antennae up at all times, and cultivate a rapport with journalists so you can respond quickly—and with the ideal pitch—to breaking events. However, a poorly timed pitch will only irk the reporter, who might have been able to use your source a couple of hours prior, but now can only click “delete.”. If you want to be a go-to source for a journalist, you have to develop a rapport, asking questions and tailoring your pitches accordingly.

Cision report: land a media relations pitch with SEO and social audience data

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Tailored pitches have always been the key to success in media relations. Adding SEO and social data to pitches adds huge value for time pressed journalists. The 2019 Cision Global State of the Media Report contains useful insights for media relations practitioners seeking to cut through with their pitches. Use insight about a publication and its audience as part of your pitch. #3 Provide SEO and social insight to a journalist as part of your pitch. #4

Behind the Headlines With Sharon Ward Keeble


Your brand may have a good story, but if you’re not catching journalists’ attention with your pitch, it won’t get covered. Journalist Sharon Ward Keeble stresses the importance of providing value and detail when pitching your story. In this interview, she discusses how she came to her success, what makes her choose to cover a story and how communication professionals can improve their pitching strategies. What is the most memorable pitch you’ve received?

"Go Do Your Job" Syndrome--and Invitation to Webinar

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Either they freely defer to those that handle PR, or they aimlessly fire off requests without realizing that their suggestions won’t hold up to the scrutiny of a newspaper editor. bad clients Bad Pitch Blog bad pitches Clients Are Not Gods Getting Press for Nothing newspaper scrutiny Susan Jacobsen Webinar

3 ways to keep your PR pitches out of Twitter rants

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Looking for pitching advice? For example, this was tweeted at a recent Ragan PR conference in New York City: Friends don't pitch friends on Facebook, only Twitter. - @michelleleff #RaganPR2016. — Less surprising are media tweets exposing lame pitches. A recent gem: Work today begins with an emoji-laden PR pitch with "please" spelled as "pls" and no, just a hundred thousand million times no. So how do you make sure your pitches stand out—in a good way?