10 Top Media Trends for 2021

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For those looking to offer earned media coverage in the coming year, here are some developments you must follow. Media and media relations was no exception. Here are 10 developments all media relations pros should track: 1.

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Trends and Best Practices for Media Relations


In the PR strategies toolbox, the practice of media relations gives PR practitioners an opportunity to distinguish themselves while also giving their organizations an edge over the competition. As earned media, stories placed through media relations efforts are cost-effective.


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Is Media Relations Dead?

Bianchi Biz Blog

Is media relations dead? In fact, a recent article in the BusinessWire Blog called Media Outlet Availability on PR Efforts , by Christopher S. Consider that: The number of bona fide independent media outlets is declining – in the U.S. Is Media Relations Dead?

Small Market Newspapers – More Than You Think

HMA Public Relations

newspapers, a large majority have a circulation of less than 50,000! Long live small market newspapers! The post Small Market Newspapers – More Than You Think appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Featured Media Relations ajo copper news community newspaper community newspapers cons of working in journalism pros of working in journalism shrinking newsroom small market newspapers video journalism video reporting

Media Relations in 2020


A couple of decades ago, the word “media” had a much more limited meaning than it possesses today. A couple of decades ago, media relations meant keeping in touch on a regular basis with the assignment editor of the local TV station and the city editor of the newspaper. In today’s world of social media, media relations is so much broader. And then there are special groups on various social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Ben & Jerry’s stops ice cream sales in West Bank, digital newsroom employment dwarfs newspapers, and Toyota holds back on Tokyo Olympics

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Hello, communicators: Spice brand McCormick is looking for its first-ever director of taco relations, a new hire it says “everyone will be taco-ing about.”. newspaper newsroom employment fell 57% between 2008 and 2020 while the number of digital-native newsroom employees rose 144%.

How the Canadian Newspaper Industry Can Adapt to Changes

Business Wire

By Jean-Adrien Delicano, Media Relations Specialist, Business Wire Another month, another round of layoffs and “restructuring” in the Canadian media world. In March 2017, Postmedia Network, Canada’s largest newspaper company, announced 54 layoffs at the Vancouver Sun and Vancouver Province newsrooms. The struggles faced by Canadian news media professionals are well-documented. Perhaps none have been affected more than print newspapers. End of Mass Media?

10 media relations essentials

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Improve your media outreach with these simple—but often overlooked—tips. Don’t send a press release about a new app to a fashion publication (unless it’s the next Polyvore ) nor promote a book to a movie review site. Once you’ve selected media outlets that are a good match for your pitch, identify the individuals who would be most responsive. Media contacts get the same boilerplate press releases and emails over and over, so make your text stand out from the crowd.

How COVID19 has Changed B2B PR & Media Relations

Bianchi Biz Blog

COVID-19 has certainly changed the way business-to-business (B2B) public relations and media relations is now conducted. It’s pretty simple … by being proactive, consistent, empathetic and genuine in our outreach to media.

B2B 63

Bob Woodward: PR and media relations should go old school

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Woodward, the investigative journalist who along with colleague Carl Bernstein chronicled the Watergate scandal, shared the lessons he has learned about storytelling, the truth and public trust in a career of covering White House triumphs and travails. The tools we use to analyze information, such as digital and social media, have evolved, but powerful figures, including President Richard Nixon, have long attacked the press and other revered institutions. “A

How the media is covering coronavirus—the top U.S. and UK newspapers for mentions

Agility PR Solutions

Just like every other aspect of our culture these days, the media is consumed with coverage of COVID-19. Which publications are the most saturated during this period? The post How the media is covering coronavirus—the top U.S. Public Relations media relations

Recording Academy introduces Grammys inclusion rider, newspapers make more money from circulation than ads, and Vrbo responds to elevator tragedy

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A recent study by Pew Research found that newspapers made more money from circulation than from advertising for the first time in 2020, with advertising earning just under $9 billion compared to $11 billion earned through subscriptions and sales. “

PR Rules To Break For Killer Media Relations

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

The best and brightest public relations teams have guidelines to achieve the best media relations results. Break these rules; improve media relations. If the product or service is new and unusual or the company’s research is groundbreaking, an exclusive (actually a “first-look”) should absolutely be considered, before going out to other media. Ah, the eternal quandary of PR people — the media follow-up.

Why and how you should keep working on media relations

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Is there still value in cultivating media relations? Given the rise of social media and digital marketing—combined with the demise of newspapers, massive staff cuts at traditional media outlets and the repeated bashing of journalism—some have proclaimed the “death of media relations.”. Not so, savvy PR veterans say, asserting instead that media relations has evolved. Social media networking. Owned media.

Multimedia: The Future of Media Relations

Glean.info Blog

Despite the disastrous demise of newspapers, PR pros can still achieve stellar media placements by offering multimedia content. Multimedia content also helps busy reporters and editors quickly understand media pitches and content, increasing chances of obtaining media coverage.

Media relations is thriving

Stephen Waddington

Media relations remains an important part of the execution of a public relations campaign alongside paid, shared and owned media. Much of the modern public relations business grew up out of media relations and publicity, rooted in storytelling and editorial engagement. The value of earned media lies in independent editorial published at scale. Media relations needs to be two-way. media

Newspaper SOS: Why print publications are in desperate need of PR

PR Daily

In my last newsroom, working for Ohio’s largest newspaper, I didn’t have my own desk. Imagine my surprise when I reported for work in public relations, having leaped from the unfolding train wreck that is newspaper journalism after 30 rewarding years. RELATED: Learn top strategies to communicate with consumers, physicians, and employees at Johns Hopkins Medicine. ]. Why newspapers' problem is PR's problem.

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Online Newsrooms: the Secret Sauce for Media Relations

The Proactive Report

Take media relations. Despite the major changes in the media landscape, it’s still a core part of PR and there are still reporters, editors and producers we have to reach out to. So although there have been major changes in the media landscape, the fundamentals of media relations are still the same. ” Pew Stateo f the Media 2016. The newspaper newsroom workforce is 20,000 positions smaller than 20 years ago – almost cut in half.

Social Media Overtakes Print Newspapers as News Source


For the first time, social media has surpassed print newspapers as a news source for Americans, Pew Research Center finds. adults said they often get news from social media, compared to 16 percent from print newspapers. Newspaper circulation has been declining for years, while the portion of Americans who use social media has modestly increased. News websites are the next most common source, followed by radio, social media and print newspapers.

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Announcing PR Daily’s 2018 Media Relations Awards finalists

PR Daily

In today’s rapidly changing media industry landscape, communicators have to adjust and adapt on the run. We’re excited to announce PR Daily’s 2018 Media Relations Awards finalists. Motivating the Modern Millennial Homebuyer with Relatable Insights, Bank of America, Bank of America in partnership with Burson-Marsteller. Beyond Ad Trade: Elevating The Trade Desk as a Key Player in the Media and Tech Ecosystem, 5W Public Relations and The Trade Desk.

3 Ways to Revamp Your Media Relations Tactics

Stern + Associates

Did you know 2015 was the worst year for the newspaper sector since the Depression? ” Social media. The post 3 Ways to Revamp Your Media Relations Tactics appeared first on Stern Strategy Group. Media Relations Public Relations/Communications Social Media data editing Journalism VideoToday’s children will likely never understand the meaning of “hot off the presses.”

Public Relations and the Press: A Powerful Partnership


On April 27, Bloomberg published an inaccurate, one-sided piece titled “Public Relations Jobs Boom as Buffet Sees Newspapers Dying.”. As the article noted, billionaire investor Warren Buffet sees the traditional newspaper slipping away. We all do, but it’s wrong to link the entire change in the media industry to the PR profession. And in an ideal world, journalism and public relations have a balanced relationship benefitting both parties.

4 steps to DIY media relations

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One service you might prefer to contract for is public and media relations. In the trade off between, say, meeting payroll and bringing in a hired PR gun, most companies put off public relations. Other organizations do it themselves, pressing the CEO or the founder into the unfamiliar waters of soliciting and managing media. Then before sending out a press release or calling a reporter, do these four things: Related: Cut Through the Online Noise.

6 Elements of Modern Public Relations in 2021

PReview: A Blog by NewsVoir

A vital part of communication, Public Relations has also been developed over the time and technological advancements. Humans started communication with postcards, banners, posters, books, newspapers and then came radio and televisions and now reached a digital age.

Radio 57

How to practice media relations in a heavily political environment

PR Daily

With political coverage dominating the headlines, PR pros must recalibrate their media relations efforts to keep their clients' brands part of the national conversation. The media relations team at our PR firm recently met with journalists at six top national media outlets in Washington, D.C., The journalists we met with work in a range of media outlets, from television networks to national newspapers to education and health care trade publications.

What recent media layoffs mean for the future of public relations

Agility PR Solutions

More than 1,000 journalists lost their jobs recently as Verizon Media, BuzzFeed and Gannett announced deep cuts to their newsrooms. Dozens of local journalists at Gannett newspapers across the country. The post What recent media layoffs mean for the future of public relations appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Analysis Public Relations media relations

8 Reasons Why PR Should Love Small Niche (or Trade) Publications

Glean.info Blog

Send news to niche publications instead. Clients and top company executives typically want large, national publications to mention their company. Specific PR Benefits of Niche Publications. Niche publications offer these PR benefits: Reach a specific audience.

Going for Gold: 5 Tips for Media Relations in Brazil

Beyond PR

However, will newsjacking the Olympics earn you media pickup in Brazil? Communicators will be better served by understanding the Brazilian media landscape and investing in journalistic relationships to gain reputable coverage. With more than 5,000 newspapers, almost 800 dailies, Brazil is 4 th in the world for number of titles, according to the Brazilian Newspapers National Association. 5 Tips from Our Media Relations Expert in Brazil.

Why media relations is alive and well

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Media relations alone doesn’t drive a PR strategy for a brand or client, but that doesn’t mean outreach to journalists is dead—nor even dying a slow death. Citing a decline in print media, an increase in brand and news media partnerships and a rise in content marketing, some experts say that PR pros rely too heavily on building rapport with reporters. Here’s why: Print media's decline. An increase in brand/news media partnerships.

Remote lawmaking changes the game for public affairs pros

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With some lawmakers now voting remotely due to COVID-19 measures, even greater attention must be paid to local media outlets. With congressional leaders fulfilling many key duties from home, Bonjean says, local media markets are going to see a rise in influence.

5 confessions of a former healthcare trade publication editor

Agility PR Solutions

Before that, I was a senior editor at a couple monthly city business publications as well as a daily newspaper reporter. The journalistic experience has proven invaluable as a public relations writer because […]. The post 5 confessions of a former healthcare trade publication editor appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Analysis Public Relations media relations

8 tips for a more effective media interview

Agility PR Solutions

Except for formats such as newsmagazines, long-form journalism, and some podcasts, most media interviews—and the articles or news segments that follow—are quick hits. The post 8 tips for a more effective media interview appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

Cision report: land a media relations pitch with SEO and social audience data

Stephen Waddington

Tailored pitches have always been the key to success in media relations. The 2019 Cision Global State of the Media Report contains useful insights for media relations practitioners seeking to cut through with their pitches. 1 Trust in the media Attacks on the mainstream media over the past three years have led to people paying more attention to what journalists do and importantly the value they provide. media

4 Media Relations Lessons from The Washington Post and Other DC Newsrooms

Beyond PR

When the worlds of PR and media are discussed, it’s impossible to avoid parallels. Don’t make the mistake, though, of viewing PR and media simply as two lines running parallel with one another. This oversimplification can cause many to miss the crux of PR and media’s relationship and lead to disconnects and disappointment. DC Reporters Discuss How Social Media Has Changed the Game on PR Newswire’s media blog Beyond Bylines.

5 Pitch Ideas For PR Pros When There Is No News

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

We work with our clients to stretch the data into something newsworthy and add their insights to garner interest from the media. . In some cases, it’s suitable for a quick media alert or even a press release. Reactive media outreach needs to happen within hours of a breaking story.

Instagram drops IGTV button, public speaking tips from MLK, and how consumers get news from social media

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Many social media users were quick to point out that the clothes bore a striking resemblance to the employee uniforms for the supermarket chain Sainsbury’s. The social media platform is removing the shortcut to its long-form video service, IGTV—a button it displayed at the top of users’ feeds.

What Makes News

HMA Public Relations

Working in media relations is fraught with challenges to determine what is – and what is not news. The post What Makes News appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Featured Media Relations Arizona Llama Drama Arizona Media Arizona Media Coverage HMA Public Relations Llama Drama media Media Coverage Merriam-Webster news Newspaper Newsworthy

How To Score A Great Local News Story: 5 PR Tips

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

It’s also important to determine whether a story has its best chance of being published as a local media item, or if it warrants a full national media outreach. This is one reason why local media should be part of any PR plan. Clearly, there are benefits to pitching local media.

Local 166

PR's responsibility to the public

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People who don’t understand PR tend to conflate it with media relations. Though earning coverage is just one of many PR activities, the profound changes shaking the news business are good news for public relations. As PR becomes an increasingly potent force for shaping the news people see, practitioners will need to be at least as accountable to the public as they are to their clients. The time has come to take the “public” in public relations seriously.

How to Improve PR Pitches to Hispanic Media Outlets

Glean.info Blog

Aided by those demographic trends, media outlets serving Hispanics have become a powerful channel for public relations. Simply translating press releases and media statements into Spanish is dreadfully inadequate, warn PR pros who specialize in Hispanic media.