8 Conversational Writing Tips That Will Boost Engagement

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What is conversational writing? It is a way of writing that imitates everyday speech. Writing conversationally is not just about relaying facts. Let's look at some conversational writing tips that will help you to succeed. you might write, "I've seen how companies.".

3 reasons why you should let us write your content

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Connect with corporate communicators, PR pros, marketers and more through our sponsored content program. Share your thought leadership with a Ragan-written downloadable practical guide, white paper or shareable article. The post 3 reasons why you should let us write your content appeared first on PR Daily. Ragan Communications and PR Daily have more than four decades of storytelling experience.


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Announcing PR Daily’s 2019 Content Marketing Awards

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Enter your best white papers, videos, social media campaigns and more. The post Announcing PR Daily’s 2019 Content Marketing Awards appeared first on PR Daily. Content Marketing Marketing Media Relations PR PR Daily Awards Ragan Awards Social Media Writing & Editing content marketing awards marketing awardsDon’t miss the early-bird deadline on June 12.

7 Business Writing Sins PR Pros Commit Regularly

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Whether they’re writing media pitches, RFPs, blog posts, white papers, social posts, content marketing pieces or press releases, PR pros are usually serving several entities. The post 7 Business Writing Sins PR Pros Commit Regularly appeared first on PR News Blog. These entities could include clients, direct supervisors, the C-suite, customers, would-be customers, boards of directors, organization members, journalists and influencers.

Get creative: 5 ways to revive your writing

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Is your love of writing on the ropes? Just ask any communicator or marketer. Relentless deadlines, approvals and rinse-and-repeat assignments can strip the joy from writing. FREE DOWNLOAD: Timeless secrets for rocket-powered writing ]. Here’s how to tap into the power of creative writing before you tackle that next pitch, post or press release. Get out of your head—free write. That’s why we self-edit when we write.”.

10 Knock-Their-Socks-Off Press Release Headline Writing Tips


Write as if it were a front page article. James, marketing director at The Curtis Group takes that idea one step further. She says writing your headlines as they’d look in a reporter’s article can “show the reporter the article through his/her readers’ eyes.”. This is a great strategy to appeal to journalists who you want to write about your news. The style of your writing in the headline is as important as the words you use to attract readers.

4 ways to write better listicles

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Here are four tips for writing more robust listicles: 1. If you write a how-to article or a collection of tips, lists make sense. Download this free white paper to discover 10 ways you can improve your writing today. Once you've identified why you're writing a listicle, don't borrow someone else's. Tie all your content to a business purpose and marketing storyline to ensure consistent communications. Are you suffering from lackluster listicles?

6 reasons your content marketing program is struggling

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Content marketing has emerged as one of the most effective ways for organizations to communicate with their key audiences. Through content marketing programs, they can tell compelling stories, highlight their successes, and otherwise engage their current and future audiences.

Why PR Pros Are The Most Versatile Writers

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But according to the 2018 USC Annenberg Center for Public Relations Global Communications Report , writing is the skill most valued by PR recruiters. Successful PR people tend to be good writers; yet even more impressive than the quality of good PR writing is its versatility. On top of that we must keep SEO and PR messaging in mind while trying to write entertaining prose that dazzles the reader. Do you know a professional that demands more versatile writing chops?

4 tips for writing compelling press releases

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If the answer is yes, the challenge for communications executives is how to write compelling messages that succinctly tell a brand’s story. If it is of interest to a large number of people and it’s market moving, you probably have something for a press release. If it’s a bit humdrum or not applicable to a large number of people, write a guest post or social media update instead. RELATED: Learn 10 ways you can improve your writing today with our free white paper. ].

15 writing tips from great 20th-century authors

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Although bloggers and novelists have different roles, we've gathered some favorite writing tips from outstanding authors of the 20th century. Use these tips to improve your blog writing skills and avoid some of the pitfalls that tend to detract from quality. To get started, write one true sentence. Sometimes when I was starting a new story and I could not get it going … I would write one true sentence, and then go on from there.". Strunk & White.

11 easy ways to write more clearly

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If you''re like me, you probably write posts or press releases, and then proofread them and wonder what in the world you were thinking when you wrote them. For PR copy, this has a few facets: What, where and why you are writing all influence how you''ll structure your copy. Download the free white paper, "How to be a brand journalist," to learn how to tell your organization''s compelling stories. Write your copy for seventh-grade readers.

The Aesthetics of Text: Writing Readable Blog Posts

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This why a good content marketer can take a dense white paper, identify the most interesting parts , re-write it for the web, and then watch it get more traction than the first time around. 1) Write short sentences. Years ago, a marketing professor in my MBA program required students to use varied punctuation in writing assignments. The 4 Engines You Need to Pull Off Content Marketing Successfully. 2) Write shorter paragraphs.

10 ways to smarten up your online writing

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"How can I write better?". People in the business world are often plenty smart, but when it comes to writing down their thoughts, they're not sure they "sound smart.". Most of us don't get formal writing training after college. Social marketers, in particular, focus more on short phrases, imagery and metrics than on full pages of copy. I want to share some writing tips I have collected in my 10 years in the content marketing business.

How to Win at Content Marketing During a Pandemic

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But what does that mean for your content marketing, thought leadership and personal branding strategies? Can you continue your content marketing during a pandemic? And how can you not just "get by" but excel with your content marketing strategy during this time?

B2B Content Marketing: 5 Trends That You Need to Watch in 2020

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How has B2B content marketing changed since the start of the pandemic? What challenges do content marketers face? What do successful content marketers do that set them apart from others? 5 B2B Content Marketing Trends That You Should Know. COVID Impacts Content Marketing.

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4 punctuation marks that are tired of being misused

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Get the answers to these and other questions in Ragan’s FREE white paper, 10 Punctuation Essentials. Download the white paper here, and never misuse a comma or hyphen again. Marketing Media Relations Writing & EditingGive them the justice they deserve with this free download filled with easy-to-remember tips. They do more than loom in the corner of your keyboard.

We Should Measure Content Marketing by Relationships

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As a metric for content marketing, pageviews are flawed according to a white paper – Why Content Marketers Are Using All the Wrong Metrics – published by Contently. The company provides the combination of a talent marketplace and content marketing software to manage projects and campaigns. The white paper calls the pageview a “superficial impression of how people behave on the web.” 3 Idealist Content Marketing Metrics. by Frank Strong.

Dispelling 6 Myths PR Sometimes has about Content Marketing

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She did review it and ended up writing about it too. This is why content marketing plays such a crucial role in media relations , among many other aspects of PR and corporate communications. Myth 2: Content marketing doesn’t yield credibility. So, content marketing does bring a level of credibility and it can help you earn more in the process. >>>Also A PR approach to content marketing is like retargeting for media relations.

How to Boost Your Strategy with B2B Video Marketing

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B2B video marketing has raised a few eyebrows in recent years. So we have to ask the question: Is video B2B marketing a viable tactic for your strategy? There is a growing number of B2B businesses that successfully use video marketing in their strategy. B2B Marketing

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4 things every marketing and PR pro can do during coronavirus

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FREE DOWNLOAD: 10 ways to spin content marketing leads into gold ]. Now, active marketing campaigns and media pitching are impacted and require a more deliberate, selective approach. Here are four things every marketing and PR pro can focus on: Awards.

Beyond AP style: Terrific writing resources for PR pros

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Guidelines for writing do exist apart from the Associated Press Stylebook. FREE GUIDE: 10 ways to improve your writing today. ]. Quotable quotes : You can find quotations from fiction and nonfiction archives on Bartleby.com ( www.bartleby.com ), and the site contains the entire edition of Strunk and White’s “Elements of Style.” Capital Community College Foundation ( [link] ) sponsors a “Guide to Grammar & Writing” packed with useful resources and quizzes.

B2B Solved the Biggest Content Marketing Challenge Yesterday

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Content marketing surveys consistently demonstrate the biggest barrier facing marketer is feeding the content monster. For example, 54% percent of 1,800 respondents said, “creating engaging content” was the top content marketing challenge in the 2015 B2B Content Marketing survey by the Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs. In essence, B2B marketers solved their biggest problem yesterday. by Frank Strong.

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Study: The perfect blog post length—and how long it should take to write

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How long should you take to write a blog post? Bloggers are publishing longer posts these days-and spending more time writing them. Additionally, the data in both studies mirror my experience in B2B content marketing. However, when ConvertKit segmented its data between professional and amateur bloggers, it found that professional bloggers are about 70 percent "more likely to write posts of 1,000 words or more.". How long does it take to write a blog post?

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In Content Marketing, Marketers Might be Losing Their Way

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Content marketing is blending the functions of marketing and sales to the extent, marketing has lost its focus on creating demand. That’s my take after listening to Tom Webster evolve a concept over couple of podcasts on The Marketing Companion and finally rendered in a more polished format on Mark W. Shaefer’s {grow}: The dangerous confusion of sales and content marketing. If sales are down, marketing gets fired. If leads are down marketing gets fired.

12 Tips for Writing Press Releases That Drive Demand Gen

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Communications is one of those disciplines that touches pretty much all aspects of a business: thought-leadership, branding, media relations, reputation management, earned media, social media, content marketing, lead generation and so much more. To promote a blog post, white paper, or other piece of marketing content, the entire press release must be reconsidered. Content marketing releases must tell convincing stories, convey topical authority and convert.

5 Ways to Spice Up Your B2B Content Marketing


Don’t share that message with the same, old content marketing tactics. Write it down. It determines the shape that other content marketing pieces take. Spice up your content marketing with outside-the-box tactics. Get our free white paper to see how! Develop a visual content marketing strategy that defines content and can be deployed across multiple channels. That may mean you’ll still write the white paper or case study.

Our industry experts want to write for you

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You can have something to say, but lack the professional workforce to write pithy, concise stories that cut through the chatter. White papers/freelance writing. It’s no longer just about marketing. Every company is a media company. It has never been easier to publish. Technology and social media continue to drive the plummeting costs of promotion, distribution, and self-publication.

Scale Content Marketing: Employees are the Secret

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The biggest challenge is that we are moving from an industry that could create one amazing commercial to reach consumers to an ecosystem with a diversified channel structure,” according to Mike Scafidi , marketing operations with PepsiCo. His commentary was presented in a white paper titled The Future of Content co-produced by The Content Counsel and an AdAge team that writes sponsored content for brands. by Frank Strong.

Infographic: How to make money by writing and editing

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Writing and editing remain highly marketable skills. Cut through the clutter with creative corporate writing.]. This infographic from Global English Editing shares information such as the average salary of writers and editors and outlets for savvy communicators to turn their writing acumen into cash. It suggests: Being an on-call editor or writing white papers earn the highest hourly rates.

5 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing


Rather than give you five content marketing “secrets” like write with passion or understand your audience (which aren’t really secrets at all, but are common sense ideas everyone should already follow), here are five ways you can improve the quality of your content marketing, regardless of what kind of content it is. If you’re working on writing, practice the new technique in everything you write, including emails.

Influence or Popularity? Examining Influencer Marketing

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Such traditional marketing examples – the influence of young people on consumer sales – demonstrates that influence in the sense of marketing is highly contextual and therefore difficult to universally define. Recently, KPS Digital, a marketing organization in the UK, named me to a list of the Top 100 Influencers in Content Marketing. I’d like to believe even the occasional reader can sense the passionate for content marketing on these pages.

11 Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid


Write “good” content. You could develop a content marketing strategy , but that doesn’t mean that it will be a good strategy, or that it is related to the corporate goals in any meaningful way. What I want to do in this post is to identify 11 content marketing mistakes that you should avoid. Would you consider a term paper that you wrote in high school or college, “content?” His advice: Write for power skimmers.

3 Ways You’re Already a Content Marketer—& Didn’t Know It!


If you’re a PR professional in the year 2015, you are probably well aware of a little tactic known as content marketing. What you may not realize is that for all the “how-to’s” out there for getting started with content marketing, you—or your clients—may already be doing it. As a PR professional, you know how to write, and you know how to tell a succinct, engaging story. But how would a content marketer use these tools? Best Practices Featured Content Marketing

3 Content Marketing Ideas for Health Care Communicators


Content marketing can be challenging for health care communicators, especially at the local level — hospitals, clinics, and medical practices. So how do you do health care content marketing? Here are three ideas you can add to your content marketing strategy to try to both catch people when they need you, and still avoid privacy concerns. While there are some potential problem areas, such as HIPAA, it’s still possible to fully embrace content marketing and do it well.

6 Quick Tips For PR Writers

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Now more than ever, public relations recruiters prioritize writing skills. But some just entering our profession may be surprised by what type of writing a typical PR position requires. PR writing may not be what you think. Each requires different writing styles, though all feature the elements of persuasion. PR writing needs to be high-impact, but not overblown. Writing for SEO is standard PR practice. Never write for word count.

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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Benefit Cosmetics is looking for a PR and marketing intern in San Francisco. WHITE PAPER: How to communicate with a Millennial workforce. ]. The position includes tracking editorial coverage, marketing research, creating media contact lists, putting together PR mailings and other media relations and marketing tasks. Candidates should show excellent writing skills, attention to detail, ability to meet deadlines and a sense of humor.

3 Awesome B2B PR Methods That Will Attract High Quality Leads

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According to a recent survey , 32% of digital marketers said their greatest challenge was delivering quality sales leads -- with second place at 16% going to delivering enough leads. Handpicked Related Content: How to Write Press Release Headlines That People Actually Read. White Papers. What are white papers? Each industry may have its own definition of white papers. How do white papers increase quality leads?

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xiQ Mixes Content Curation with AI in Support of Account Based Marketing [Martech Briefing]

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I didn’t set out to write a briefing on a martech product – I strive to reserve these efforts for PR technology – but it just sort of happened. and I thought it could be a useful tool for content marketing. For example, you can add an RSS feed from your favorite blog or manually upload your latest white paper. You can add a logo, change the colors, write custom subject lines and introductions if you wish.

Revenue Attribution and Proving Value in Marketing [UML]

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is reportedly aiming to shave $2 billion from its marketing budget over the next five years. Second, when you cut marketing, you convey to customers and competitors you’ve given up on growth. To that end, it’s really hard to sell more if you stop talking to your market. Instead of taking a hatchet to the budget, I’d suggest P&G re-allocate some of that ridiculous spend in display and programmatic ads into content marketing and PR.