7 hints to help create viral content

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All content marketers are hoping to have that rare success where your creation is shared again and again on social media. If you manage to bring viral attention towards a specific piece of content, you’ll instantly boost the awareness. How exactly do you create viral content?

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10 spellbinding examples of social media storytelling

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Dove markets its DermaSeries line in a low-key fashion, offering online snapshots and stories of real customers who’ve benefited from its products. RELATED: Join us for our Brand Storytelling Conference at Disneyland. ]. Social Media Storytelling

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How to respond when you go viral for all the wrong reasons

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Guerrilla marketing sometimes lives up to its name, as when LED devices are mistaken for bombs in a major city—and all hell breaks loose. as part of a guerrilla marketing campaign. We had caused the wrong kind of viral sensation.

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7 hints to help create viral content

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If you manage to bring viral attention towards a specific piece of content, you’ll instantly boost the awareness. How exactly do you create viral content? Online marketing guides constantly repeat one thing: The attention span of the audience is not that great. Storytelling is.

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Going Viral Is Not a Video Strategy

Contently - Strategy

This story is all too common for marketers. Unfortunately, hoping to go viral is not a video strategy. The online video space is a deeply crowded market. If you want to get your message out there, the first thing you should do is eliminate bad marketing habits.

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Wanted: Talented brand storytellers

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We’re seeking brand storytellers who know their way around a clickable headline, a viral video or a fleeting social trend. This year’s categories include: Content Marketing for the Purpose of: Brand Awareness. Content Marketing Assets: *NEW!*Audio Audio Storytelling.

‘MSNBC Mom’ goes viral, Nestle goes vegan (sort of), and brand managers support #WorldMentalHealthDay

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Jefferies predicts that by 2040, the alternative meat market could generate $240 billion in annual revenue globally. Related reading: Forever 21 files for bankruptcy, McDonald’s tests meatless option, and email’s the go-to for ‘conversational marketing’.

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3 PR and marketing alternatives to ‘going viral’

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I first started practicing PR over a decade ago, when clients thought that “going viral” meant getting their product on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”. We want to go viral!" (If If you doubt the stress from working in PR, imagine trying to force a pair of shoelaces go viral.).

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TikTok’s growth spurt, Halloween-themed social media posts, and rivals stoking a viral YouTube fundraiser

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Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that NCAA’s provisions will “severely limit the market for athletes” and that the association merely told its member schools to “consider” changing its rules. Related reading: The best marketing strategies for nonprofit organizations.

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Facebook considers removing ‘likes,’ Whataburger responds to viral rodent video, and Bugatti sets a record and then shifts gears

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RELATED: Join us for our Brand Storytelling & Content Marketing Conference at Disneyland. ]. Related reading: As Instagram mulls concealing ‘likes,’ marketers must rethink their approaches. Whataburger removes Facebook apology after viral rodent video.

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Storytelling is the Essence of Brand Development; Off Script No. 44: Jeffrey Crow

Sword and the Script

The story the company told “was the foundation of our sales strategy and differentiated us in the market” and contributed to the company’s eventual acquisition. Jeffrey shared this on a panel of CMOs presented by the Marketing Society within the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG).

Once Upon a Time…3 Keys to Good PR Storytelling


In today’s digital age, there are two key ways to find success for both brands or individuals: remember to be human and solidify your storytelling skills. Many think that good storytelling stems from talent, but really, all it takes is time, trial and error, and basic writing know-how.

5 lessons in virality from 'Saturday Night Live'

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Many brands seek the recipe that makes content go viral; though there’s not one ingredient in the special sauce that guarantees a hit online, PR and marketing pros can learn a lot from SNL’s success throughout the years. Here are five lessons in virality: 1. Consumers love a good throwback, which is why Jimmy Fallon’s “Saved By the Bell” skit went viral and Coke’s Surge supply sold out in record time when the brand brought it back on Amazon.

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Storytelling Returns to Marketing

David PR Group

What do every great movie, book and marketing campaign have in common? Now this may seem like an old mantra, but as Internet marketing dominated our agendas in recent years, we focused our energy heavily (and a bit too much in my opinion) on keywords, tags, short-form posts, tweets, etc.

Victoria’s Secret CMO retires after transgender hire, Google employee memo goes viral, and Coke stands firm on same-sex ads

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Good morning, PR pros: A Google employee’s memo is going viral within the company, racking up more than 10,000 views by fellow staffers since it was published last week. Here are today’s top stories: Victoria’s Secret marketing chief departs after transgender model is hired.

Master Multimedia Storytelling With a Free E-Book!


A Roadmap to Multimedia Storytelling ,” a free e-book by Martin Waxman , provides today’s communicators with tips, best practices and strategies for creating content that excels in today’s visual and textual world. Everyone wants to go viral, but it’s nearly impossible.

Caine’s Arcade: How Powerful Storytelling Can Make a Difference


Stories—and storytelling—are powerful. The video quickly went viral, racking up over 1 million views the first day alone. Content Marketing They help charities secure more donations, persuade juries in trials and sway opinions in politics and the boardroom.

How TikTok plays into influencer marketing

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There can be little doubt that the era of influencer marketing is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. Thanks to the success of Instagram, content creators from all over the world are finding themselves invited to the party by global marketing teams.

Future Proof Your Content Marketing Strategy with These 6 Tips


They say the only thing constant is change, and that’s certainly true in the world of content marketing. Every month, or so it seems, there’s a new must-do-or-you’re-toast trend in content marketing. So, how do you keep up, or better yet keep ahead, with your content marketing strategy?

4 ways engagement was Super Bowl’s marketing MVP

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As PR and marketing pros seek to break through the noise and capture as much of the spotlight as they, social media interaction is crucial. Engagement can elevate lukewarm marketing efforts. — Twitter Marketing (@TwitterMktg) February 3, 2020.

5 ways to translate your storytelling to PR

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The world’s best communications pros are also some the best storytellers. To master storytelling is easier said than done—especially when tasked with unrealistic expectations and executives wonder why all content doesn’t magically “go viral.”. Deploy viral power.

WeWork to lay off 2,000, Deloitte marketing report reveals ‘experience debt,’ and LinkedIn debuts employee engagement features

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s streaming service, Disney+, released a now viral Twitter thread, touting its lineup coming to the service: It. Deloitte just released its 2020 Global Marketing Trends report, which focuses on seven elements that bring “authenticity to our digital age.”

Nike’s ‘Betsy Ross’ sneaker, Amazon exec’s viral clapback and an influencer tirade

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Ultimately, Nike acted on Kaepernick’s concerns to distance itself from ties to racism and white nationalism, highlighting the crucial role diversity can play in marketing decisions. What influencer marketing will look like in 2019.

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Why you should follow the ‘hygiene, hub, hero’ strategy during COVID-19

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The content-marketing framework was originally developed by Google as a guide for growing an audience on YouTube. But it has since proven so effective that businesses are applying it across all areas of their marketing strategies, including social media.

Does Data-Driven Storytelling Threaten the Role of the Communicator? #CisionWorldTour Toronto

Beyond PR

While technology continues changing every industry I can think of, many communications and public relations professionals hold tight to the more poetic side of storytelling. There’s nothing wrong with holding on to the art of storytelling. Connecting Data and Storytelling.

Content marketing and brand journalism best practices

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You need content marketing and brand journalism. Push your organization past competitors to the top of your field with takeaways from the Brand Journalism and Content Marketing Summit, Nov. Shift storytelling from being all about you to being all about your customers.

Don’t make these marketing blunders on social media

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The smallest of factors could mean the difference between a viral post and a dead tweet. Even experienced social media marketers make mistakes, so it pays to review common blunders. Are you guilty of any of these social media marketing sins? Isolating social media marketing.

Barbie’s bid to close the ‘dream gap,’ the perils of commenting on Hong Kong, and viral whisky ‘Tide pod’ gets jeers

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However, brand managers increasingly are facing the tough decision to potentially lose the huge Chinese consumer market or face growing criticism from consumers in the United States and other countries. McDonald’s is hoping to replicate the success of Popeyes’ viral chicken sandwich.

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5 Ways To Nail Your Brand Story

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Business storytelling has become a buzzword in PR and marketing, because, when done well, it works. But what some communicators don’t realize is that a storytelling approach can work throughout the marketing journey, from prospecting for customers to closing the deal.

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3 places to find fresh ideas

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Whether it’s pitching an ad campaign to a new client or rejuvenating a stale marketing content strategy, the end product will only be as good as the brainstorm that birthed it. Content Marketing Marketing Media Relations PR Social Media Storytelling

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How to manage your COVID-19 response

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Learn from speakers including: Kim Markus, consumer marketing and PR manager for Scotts Miracle-Gro. Her session “‘Viral’ Social Media Surge: Responding to Crisis in a 24-7 Social Media News Cycle” will be essential for communicators looking to tackle the crisis on their social channels.

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Creative executions and experiential storytelling: A #SMprof experiences College Gameday

Karen Freberg

Let me share with you what I was up to these past few days with Adidas, Clemson, and College Gameday for the Louisville-Clemson game, and what were some takeaways I had: Adidas goes viral with celebration shoes. Mike D’Olivo – NCAA Comms & Marketing Assist.

5 ways Microsoft boosts engagement and internal culture

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Unite through internally viral video. And then we just saw the video-sharing of this almost go viral in a way on Yammer. Content Marketing Employee Engagement PR Industry Social Media StorytellingKnow your values. Create a communications cadence.

Instagram fights bullies, Blue Bell’s viral mess, and the top reason consumers unfollow brands

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Blue Bell faces viral challenge meltdown. A viral video of a person opening a carton of Blue Bell ice cream, licking the top layer and putting it back in the store freezer has inspired others to do the same with ice cream and other products under the hashtag #icecreamchallenge.

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T-Mobile and Sprint celebrate merger approval, Netflix reigns according to Nielsen data, and NASA debunks viral #broomchallenge

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Good morning, PR pros: Though most organizations are ramping up their PR, marketing and social media campaigns with messages of love in advance of Valentine’s Day on Friday, San Antonio Zoo took a different route.

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South Dakota meth PSA goes viral, Chick-fil-A drops donors after LGBTQ protests, and 72% of consumers switch to competitors after bad service

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campaign cost the state nearly $449,000 this year, with a contract with marketing and ad agency Broadhead Co. The ad went viral as Twitter and other social media users ridiculed the slogan.

McDonald’s takes hit on chief’s ouster, National Sandwich Day marketing messages, and Blizzard’s apology to fans

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Also: Influencer marketing’s effectiveness by generation, Arby’s pop-up sandwich store, Airbnb responds after tragic house party deaths, and more. Here are today’s top stories: Marketers serve up tweets on #NationalSandwichDay. Infographic: The benefits of purpose-driven marketing.

30 Pragmatic Marketing and PR Predictions for 2020

Sword and the Script

As I’ve done in recent years, I’ve asked a whole bunch of smart people for their marketing predictions or PR predictions for the next year. And now on with the marketing and PR predictions for 2020. 1) Marketing embraces sustainability. 5) Marketers will slow down.

How to use food imagery to grab a bigger slice of the PR pie

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The campaign went viral, and IHOP sold four times as many burgers as a result. The nonprofit world has also caught on to food-based storytelling. Victuals, comestibles, noshes—all manner of foodstuffs—resonate deeply with consumers, even if your product or service isn’t edible.

How Life is Good built an anniversary campaign to highlight positivity

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In celebration of the brand’s 25 th anniversary, we felt this message was more important than ever,” says Karen Lyon, VP of marketing for Life is Good. A storytelling campaign might offer earned media opportunities, but you must invest resources to get the success you want.