Latest Technologies Every Traveler Needs


Technological advancements have made a world of difference for the modern-day traveler. With this knowledge, it only makes sense that new technologies are being dreamt-up and created daily, supporting those looking to travel, helping them plan, save, stay safe, and ensuring they can truly have the world at their fingertips. These five travel platforms and technologies are necessary for anyone planning to take a trip.

Unicorns, Upscaling and the State of Massachusetts Technology

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There are a few interrelated themes that have gotten a lot of play in technology press over the past few months. Although we see a heavy number of Silicon Valley representatives on the unicorn list (as expected), there are many technology unicorns here on the east coast (MongoDB, AppNexus, Actifio, MediaMath) along with rumored candidates like Rapid7, Dataminr and DataGravity. Massachusetts has the second highest average technology salary nation-wide. (2).

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Tips for Getting your Tech News Covered in China

Flack's Revenge

Technology is a desirable field among reporters because it is safe, less stressful, ever-changing, and better paid. Normally, you don’t need to pay them to get coverage; but they may expect compensation for attending a press event / conference via a “travel fee” that covers his/her meals and transportation. A press conference is considered a good way to get connected with local media outlets, especially for new companies. PR Public Relations Technology

How Executives From Lyft, Postmates and Microsoft See the Future of Tech and Small Business


Technology alone does not solve problems,” said Jerry Hultin , chairman of the Global Futures Group and the founder of Smart Cities New York. “If local businesses are plugged into new technologies, it can help them grow,” he said. During his talk, McNeill discussed his company’s pro-mass transit efforts , including putting $50 million into local transportation initiatives in U.S.

CAPP Publishes Recommendations for Telehealth

Scott Public Relations

Third-party vendors often cannot access a patient’s medical record, do not consult with their regular physicians, and may be unfamiliar with resources available locally to patients. The ability to immediately link a patient with their doctor and specialists for follow up as well as remove the barrier of transportation and time to visit the doctor’s office are both simple ways that telehealth tools improve care delivery.

Why and how virtual reality will transform marketing

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Viewers with VR headsets can watch live events, enjoy outdoor concerts or explore exotic locales. Nonprofits, especially, could benefit from transportive tech that shows charitable projects in action. Instead of simply reading about refugees in Syria, viewers can transport themselves to refugee camps. Immersive technologies might not wipe out other forms of content marketing, but they’re certainly becoming a storytelling force to reckon with.

[Updated] United apologizes after puppy dies on flight

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The story was broken by several people on social media, including passenger Maggie Gremminger, once again highlighting how local stories go national with the help of modern technology. The airline said it transported 138,178 animals in 2017, more than any other airline, according to the Department of Transportation. The airline reported to the Department of Transportation the highest number of animal deaths of any U.S. per 10,000 transported animals.

Announcing PR Daily’s Media Relations Awards finalists

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Firefighters Cancer Care Bill, ADG Strategy Group with IAFF Local 1403. CPMC Van Ness Campus Hospital Shakes Up the News Cycle with its Seismic Technology, Landis Communications Inc. NFL Playoffs, Watts Water Technologies. DCTA Secures Community Impact Feature Article for “Case for Transit” Study, Denton County Transportation Authority. Revved Up: Women in Transportation Design Gain Momentum, ArtCenter College of Design. Congratulations to this year’s honorees.

5 PR stunts that piqued the imagination in 2017

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The Gyroscopic Transportation of the Future video. iframe width="560" height="315" src="[link] frameborder="0" gesture="media" allow="encrypted-media" allowfullscreen> Semendov Dahir Kurmanbievich offered a vision for the future of transportation and racked up 5.4 The trip received local coverage in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Alabama and increased its web traffic by 30%. Mingling with locals and tourists at your VIP table in the hottest clubs.

Lockdown letter: Zoom fatigue, checking in with Maslow and future plans

Stephen Waddington

There’s the technology issue. People out and about taking their daily exercise have created hundreds of pebble stacks on our local beach in Whitley Bay. Boris Johnson has signalled his intention to start the conversation about restarting the economy and will publish a plan for the return to work, schools and public transport. Day 46 in lockdown. This is my sixth letter. It’s become a form of weekly therapy. It turns out that video conference fatigue is a thing.

Living and Working in PR in South Africa : Lessons and takeaways ten years later

Karen Freberg

I went to local restaurants and toured the attractions. I went grocery shopping and had to figure out the transportation system for the city. I tried out the local dishes and really explored foods I never had before. One of my favorite trips was to go to the Food and Wine show in Cape Town and try out some of the local cuisine for one of our clients at the show. I pretty much try to experience every aspect of the local cuisine I can get my hands on.

Local 40

Announcing PR Daily’s 2018 Media Relations Awards finalists

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Oregon and its Visitors Shine in Preparing for the 2017 Solar Eclipse, Oregon Department of Transportation. Total Transparency: How a Campaign to Promote a 24/7 Visitation Program in a Chemical Plant in Southeast Brazil Became an Effective and Engaging PR Tool for the Local Community and Government, Unipar Carbocloro and Medialogue Digital. Getting There: Transportation and Parking Campaign for SunTrust Park/The Battery Atlanta, Jackson Spalding and the Atlanta Braves.

Uber to pay $28M, adjust safety language to settle lawsuits

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Those include federal, state and local background checks, regular motor vehicle screenings, driver safety education, current and future development of safety features in the app, and more. Last week, Uber told Associated Press it believes its technology does provide important safety features, such as GPS tracking and sharing driver identification and license plate information with riders. “No PR pros know the value words can hold—and Uber’s PR team recently got a heavy reminder.

5 Ways to Reach New Audiences Through Tech Innovations


Businesses already recognize how mobile technologies and the Internet of Things are transforming the concept of brand value. In fact, more than 70 percent of respondents to the SoDA Report believe that being perceived as an early adopter of technology is “key” or “important” to their brand positioning. But for those who can reimagine their brand beyond the original product or service, getting in early on technology can help deliver a new brand experience entirely.

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Letter from Middlesbrough: 13 lessons from Mary Meeker’s 2019 report

Stephen Waddington

8 Splinternet: multiple internets The internet is fracturing along the lines of platforms and local regulation. 12 On demand and remote work On demand platforms are changing the nature of work, driving efficiencies and disrupting markets as diverse as accommodation, food delivery, transportation. Technology is also enabling a remote workforce. The report cites Slack, Google Documents, Airtable and Help Scout as enabling technologies. #13

Behind the Headlines With Ashley Simmons


New tools and technology are always accessible, but if you don’t have a plan for how you will use them, you won’t benefit from them. The tools and technology will come after. If I was stuck on a desert island, I’d…be forced to “unplug” from technology and actually relax. Ashley Simmons, director of communications at the Telecommunications Industry Association, says you must first develop a plan for how you will achieve your goals.

3 PR lessons from SXSW

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What began as a local Austin music festival in 1986 just wrapped up its 30 th year as the go-to event for music, film and technology. I’m the COO and managing director of a communications firm in real estate, public affairs, energy, transportation, higher education and non-profits. The fact that the president felt it was worth his time to speak to this crowd about how technology could help government is astounding.

Analyzing Uber’s Response to Rape Crisis in New Delhi + 2 Lessons for Every Company to Learn

Melissa Agnes

We will work with the government to establish clear background checks currently absent in their commercial transportation licensing programs. We will also partner closely with the groups who are leading the way on women’s safety here in New Delhi and around the country and invest in technology advances to help make New Delhi a safer city for women. In their first sentence, they seem to pass the blame off onto the local government.

17 people who should have been on MN AdFed’s 32 Under 32 List

Communications Conversations

“Jake Wallace is a remarkable force behind a great deal of change at Trimble Transportation over the past few years as their senior marketing communications specialist. Although he got his start in the agency world at Weber Shandwick, he quickly moved to the corporate side and joined transportation technology company PeopleNet—now Trimble Transportation — in 2015. In case you missed it, AdFed officially posted its 32 Under 32 list a few weeks ago.

59 Communications and Public Relations Jobs Available Now

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Manager, State and Local Government Affairs , Center for American Progress, Washington, DC. Policy Director/Senior Policy Director, Commerce & Technology , National Conference of State Legislatures, Washington, DC – apply by Mar. Senior Manager, Public Policy (transportation focus), Amazon, Washington, DC. Looking for a new career opportunity? Check out these public relations jobs that have come across our desk recently. Have one you’d like to see listed?

Sick and Healthy "Viral Marketing"

Mindful Marketing

The second is to do the best we can to serve the millions of Americans who are looking to us for increasingly vital technology tools to stay connected, as well as household necessities.” However, our awesome bakery and transport teams have been working around the clock to make and move truckloads of extra product to our warehouses.

Viral 65

Hurricane comms use mobile, social media to warn, 'Get out!'

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Few, however, were busier than the state, local and federal agencies whose social media teams pulled long shifts with little sleep. There's no doubt that the work of folks at NOAA and the folks at FEMA and local and state as well saved lives," says Mike Kruger, director of digital engagement for the U.S. There was a real push on mobile, but the technology wasn't there in '05," he says. "By

Mobile 120

Announcing PR Daily’s 2015 Video Awards finalists

PR Daily

Meet Brand, Demand, and Technology, R2integrated. End The Streak Texas, Texas Department of Transportation. Wonder Where Local Food Comes From? Join Chefs at Lattin Farms, Wonder Where Local Food Comes From? Everyone is talking about video. Clicks. Views. Uploads. Downloads. An impressive number of entries poured in, and our judges saw why entrants felt they had a good chance of winning. The videos that were submitted resembled a parade of hit after hit!

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What is PR? 141 PR and Comms Pros Explain What They Do for a Living

Sword and the Script

In the B2B technology world, which is the lenses through which I example things, I’ve found PR usually reports to marketing – but supports the whole business – when a company is small or young. I also tell audiences all the great political wins my organization has across the US at the federal, state and local levels.”. 94) “Tell the story about the importance of transportation to the public and the state’s economy.

Announcing PR Daily’s 2016 Media Relations Awards Finalists

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CES Unveiled New York, Consumer Technology Association. The Laughing Cow Love Your Local Events, Bel Brands USA/The Laughing Cow. Flywheel dominates taxi-hailing app competition by positioning itself against transportation giants, Uber and Lyft, VSC. We asked to see your plan, pitch placement and earned media coverage.

Analyzing Uber’s Response to Rape Crisis in New Delhi + 2 Lessons for Every Company to Learn

Melissa Agnes

We will work with the government to establish clear background checks currently absent in their commercial transportation licensing programs. We will also partner closely with the groups who are leading the way on women’s safety here in New Delhi and around the country and invest in technology advances to help make New Delhi a safer city for women. In their first sentence, they seem to pass the blame off onto the local government.

Winding down or winding up a career in public relations

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Regardless, the focus of my position was to ‘professionalise’ the role, which was located within the highways departments of local councils. working with local petrolheads to beef up their events as a platform for getting out the road safety message. linking into green transport issues to get people off the roads. From this department I moved into the health service (locally and nationally), addressing more difficult agendas of service provision and change.

Content discovery: The new Holy Grail of PR and marketing

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Using the Twitter app, you’ll tap a button that will transport you to an events screen where you can peruse the best content Twitter’s curators have collected. Go” for their destination city, the Four Seasons property in that city would accept collaboration invitations and local staff would pin material about nearby adventures awaiting them. Shel Holtz is principal of Holtz Communication + Technology.

Google, Facebook and Microsoft extend WFH dates, Wendy’s offers online scavenger hunt, and Microsoft seeks more inclusive language

PR Daily

Hello, communicators: Microsoft is leaning on technology to help communicators and others use more inclusive language. The technology companies are bracing their employees for continued work-from-home arrangements, with Google telling its workforce to expect working from home through the end of the year and Facebook announcing that employees can work remotely throughout 2020.

My Segway Ride

Flatiron Communications

The planning was soon underway to launch the technology. It was there we first saw the two-wheeled gyroscopically-balanced upright, personal transportation device. Much work still had to be done, not the least of which was securing local and state regulatory approvals to even drive a Segway on the sidewalk.

Announcing PR Daily’s 2019 Digital PR & Social Media Awards finalists

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Social Media customer support, Dell Technologies. Abuela’s Transit Tips, Miami-Dade County Department of Transportation and Public Works. WhyIRideDCTA Program Revamp Success, Denton County Transportation Authority. Marketing On Pointe: Awakening a Community to the Magic of Local Ballet, Benecomms. DCTA’s Positive Train Control Progress Report, Denton County Transportation Authority. Check out the work that wowed our judges.

Announcing Ragan’s 2017 PR Daily Awards finalists

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A Lost Boy and a Father’s Search: How Microsoft Technology Helped Solve a Four-Year Mystery, Microsoft. Denton County Transportation Authority Increases Brand Awareness with I-35E vs. A-train Campaign, Denton County Transportation Authority. DXC Blogs, DXC Technology. Phoenix Rising FC: Helping a Local Team Become a National Contender, RIESTER and Phoenix Rising FC. Technology Campaign. We found the year’s best PR campaigns, publications and events.