Ranger Scott Gediman on the Ferguson Fire and 22 Years as Yosemite Park’s Public Affairs Officer


Over his 22 years as public affairs officer at Yosemite National Park , Scott Gediman has experienced a myriad of crises on the job, from floods and rock falls to hantavirus outbreaks. “It We always attract a lot of local, regional, national and international press.

Using measurement in public affairs and advocacy PR

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My PR background is in the area of public affairs, and it remains the area of PR that I’m most comfortable working in and around. I stand by that statement, because that ultimately is how a public affairs client will judge PR efforts. Public Relations Feature

Public affairs vs. public relations: What is the difference?

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People often struggle with the difference between public affairs and public relations, yet distinguishing the two can be crucial to an organization’s efficiency. Public affairs relates to matters that concern the public directly.

Public Affairs Manager of Airbnb Hong Kong and Taiwan Shares Perspectives with Hoffman APAC Team

The Hoffman Agency

With an emphasis on sustainable travel and authentic local experiences, Airbnb provides the experience and lifestyle that millennial travellers seek. Marvin Ma, public affairs manager of Airbnb Hong Kong and Taiwan, hosted a sharing session with the Hoffman APAC team through Lifesize.

Brexit and Trump are result of the failure of professional politics and communications

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Householders expressed concern that their son’s child couldn’t get into the local school because it was full of the children of immigrants. But the public has moved on and politics hasn’t. Public Affairs public relations Democrats Labour Party Trump

PR rising in Africa rising

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After a week in Nairobi meeting African PR professionals I believe that Africa can be the next big growth area for public relations. profession that positions public relations as a real management discipline that contributes significantly to actual organisational and business objectives.

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Behind the Headlines With Connie Partoyan


I am excited about being part of an evolving industry where local influence is growing in importance. A lot has changed in that time, especially in how companies, associations and organizations approach public affairs and government affairs. and in local communities.

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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The bourbon-based drink is a favorite for fans both in the stands and watching at home or their local watering hole. Public affairs director—WeWork (Texas). Public relations coordinator—Baptist Memorial Health Care (Tennessee). Public relations manager—Lands’ End (Wisconsin). Communications and public relations associate—Eataly (Canada). Public relations graduate internship—Golin (Illinois). Public affairs specialist—U.S.

47 Communications and Public Relations Jobs Available Now

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Check out these public relations jobs that have come across our desk recently. Assistant Vice President of Public Relations & Social Media , Boston University, Boston, MA. Public Relations Administrative Specialist , Central Carolina Technical College, Sumter, SC.

Behind the Headlines With Ashley Simmons


In this interview, Ashley discusses how to best leverage data and analytics, establish specific objectives for your communication strategy and be creative and take risks with your public relations efforts. What drew you to the field of public relations and communication?

53 Communications and Public Relations Jobs Available Now

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Check out these public relations jobs that have come across our desk recently. Assistant Director, Government Affairs , Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD. Publication Specialist , Southern Nevada Health District, Las Vegas, NV. Public Relations Jobs

APR, Ph.D. or Experience: Which Is Best for Teaching Undergrad?


I had just started a full-time position teaching public relations at a small Midwest university. I was a new mom, juggling full-time teaching and a part-time career in the Air Force Reserve as a public affairs officer. Accreditation in Public Relations Advocacy

PR Measurement Tips

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Public Affairs is one sector of PR that has very different goals, but they are goals nonetheless and can be measured. Social Media Case Studies digital PR measurement online PR public relationsEvery business or organization exists for a reason.

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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They will have extensive knowledge of local youth trends and the influencer and creative landscape. Public affairs manager—Advocate Health Care (Illinois). Director of public affairs and communications—American Express (New York).

64 Communications and Public Relations Jobs Available Now

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Check out these public relations jobs that have come across our desk recently. Public Affairs & Events Associate, School of International Affairs , George Washington University, Washington, DC. Government Affairs Director , Stand for Children, Phoenix, AZ.

Using monitoring to help run a grassroots advocacy PR campaign

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Community relations PR work and grassroots public affairs PR campaigns can be significantly enhanced by using media monitoring. Use media monitoring to get to know and understand who the reporters are who work the local beats relevant to your campaign.

Does it matter where your PR agency is located?

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While I’d been doing public affairs-related work for years, my first “official” PR job was at FleishmanHillard, which is headquartered in St. When it comes to client density for public affairs work, for instance, you can’t beat being located in Washington, D.C.

Behind the Headlines With Travis Taylor


I’m going to push the boundaries of what clients expect from a public relations agency. I love combining fresh, local ingredients in new ways to create a tasty dish. Featured Influencers behind the headlines public relationsThe road to successful PR isn’t straight.

4 vital health communications questions you need answered

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What is the role of a health communicator during a local, mass-casualty event? How Orlando Health's media relations team handled the Pulse nightclub tragedy; Kena Lewis, director of public affairs and media relations at Orlando Health. ·

Behind the Headlines With Steve Majors


Their public affairs agency was at the center of so much that was happening to rebuild trust in public institutions after Hurricane Katrina. Along the way, I met some tremendous people – folks I worked alongside in local TV who are now well-known nationally.

When Google News Alerts May Be a Viable Option

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However, if you are running a small mom-and-pop type organization that serves a local community, you probably haven’t factored in a monitoring platform budget in your business plan—and that’s okay. Monitoring Public Relations Feature

Universal Accreditation Board Welcomes National Association of Government Communicators


Universal Accreditation Board (UAB) members are very excited to welcome the National Association of Government Communicators to the now nine-member consortium of public relations professional organizations.

3 Lessons In Crisis Communications - Vegas Style

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While no one ever wishes to be a part of such a tragedy, the way in which law enforcement and local government officials handled the onslaught by the press was remarkable. I saw real professionals at work in communicating much-needed information to the public.

Big Data and Open Data—can they help with PR efforts?

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Open data is, simply, data sets that are provided to the public. Since open data sets are predominantly information collected and stored by governmental entities, the most immediate and logical PR community that may find benefit in its use is Public Affairs PR practice groups.

All-in-one, or a tailored solution? Finding the right monitoring tool for your PR programs

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There are a wide range of monitoring tools available for just about any segment of media, whether traditional or social. There are tools that specifically track content on social networks, others that specialize in traditional media, and others that allow users to monitor televised content.

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Who Can Be a Solo PR Pro Now?

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Public affairs. Some have local practices and others are international. Getting Started independent pr professionals public relations consultant solo pr pro solo pr prosTen years ago, we asked “ Who Can Be a Solo PR Pro?

Lack of women leaders in PR? Not in Minneapolis!

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In this Sunday’s edition of the Star Tribune, there was an interesting column about a major kerfuffle in the local restaraurant industry. Literally an institution in the local PR community. Amy Von Walter, vice president-communications and public affairs, Best Buy.

A Night at the 40th Annual Totem Awards


Last night, our team attended PRSA Puget Sound’s annual Totem Awards , which recognizes creativity and accomplishment in public relations. Public Affairs – Apprenti. The post A Night at the 40th Annual Totem Awards appeared first on Barokas Public Relations.

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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More importantly, the run will raise money to promote sustainable agriculture and local farming, and benefit Wholesome Wave , a nonprofit that provides healthy produce to those in need. Senior specialist, public relations—Alight Solutions (Illinois).

The Digital Politician

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In PR, we call political communication ‘public affairs.’ ’ And as with every dimension of business and society, your local politicians must adapt to a ‘digital first’ world, too.

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The Value of Strategic Communications in the PRSA MBA/Business School Program


Oppe also invites local media and corporate executives to discuss current events and provide media training and other practical skills. She is a public affairs and media consultant based in Washington, D.C.

Getting hired and ahead in marketing and PR

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Danielle Whitfield, Media and Public Affairs Executive, Newcastle Airport @daniellemalvina Northern boomerang: brands to Newcastle Christian Cerisola was motivated to move into PR after working for a provincial newspaper and receiving poorly targeted pitches.

Before pitching, ask yourself, 'So what?'

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In today’s media landscape, be careful that your pitch is ready for public record. Finding the right medium (a local newspaper, industry magazine or digital news outfit) will increase your content’s value.

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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Director of content publishing and localization—Nike (Oregon). Director of public relations—Association of Air Medical Services (Virginia). Public affairs manager—American Health Care Association (Washington, D.C.). Employees want to love where they work. This holds true for the organization employing them, of course, but which cities and towns offer employees primo opportunities for workplace happiness?

When the Ebola crisis hit Texas, calm heads prevailed

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city, local and national health and government officials quickly mobilized to minimize exposure and deal with a virus totally new to the United States. Workers kept round-the-clock watch on news channels, social media, and public briefings.

Crisis 124

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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This statistic isn’t difficult to believe if you network in public relations and marketing circles. The primary focus is on national, regional and local media relations with trade- and consumer-focused journalists. Public relations manager—Black Frame (New York).

Brands pile on Twitter for National Doughnut Day

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Even public officials got involved, including the Colorado State Patrol’s public affairs unit ; Fayetteville, North Carolina’s police department ; and House Speaker John Boehner.

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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Each of these locales has more than the national average of 18 tech jobs for every 1,000 employees. Communications and public affairs officer—Citi (Utah).

How PR pros can find niche groups for support and networking

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Billing itself as “the only organization across the USA dedicated to advancing women in the field of public relations,” it seeks to provide opportunities to help women thrive in their PR careers. National Black Public Relations Society (NBPRS). Public Relations Society of America.

Groups 110

The Field of Emergency Management: Why It Is Not A Profession

Melissa Agnes

The former one-way flow of warnings, information and updates from emergency management to the affected public has become, not just a two-way system, but one of many partners, sources and systems. I have done a ton of media work as I am the Public Information Officer as well for our agency.