Ragan will recognize leadership in human resources

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The post Ragan will recognize leadership in human resources appeared first on PR Daily. Our inaugural Top Women in HR Awards will spotlight influential women in HR at all stages of their career. Nominate a colleague or client—or yourself—by May 15. Ragan Awards

Here’s Where Communicators are Hoping to Invest More Resources

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Money can’t buy you love and it can’t buy you passionate employees, but it surely can buy you more resources. executives participating in a recent PR News/Crisp leadership roundtable shared an interesting wish list that centered around the… Continued. The post Here’s Where Communicators are Hoping to Invest More Resources appeared first on PR News Blog. When posed with the question of “What would you do with a 15% increase in your budget?,”


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Why employee resource groups merit serious investment and support

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That’s where employee resource groups (ERGs) have come in. From there, such efforts came to be known as affinity groups, then employee resource groups. Now there are even more custom names: business networks, business resource groups, etc.

How employee resource groups enhance internal comms efforts

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As organizations grapple with racial and social justice issues facing the world, employee resource groups can be a great way to help advance DE&I both internally and externally. The networks are a helpful resource for communicators to turn to when they need to respond to current events.

Three Tips to Help You Maintain Trusted Resource Status

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In PR, becoming the trusted resource is an important part the of the communicator’s professional brand. However, becoming the trusted resource is a career long effort and it should not be taken for granted. Well, it’s no different for the communicator who achieves the trusted resource status. Here are three tips to help your brand remain as as the trusted resource, paying closer attention to the time factor: Understand the time factor thoroughly.

Acceleron and HLK connect farmers with resources to fight the stigma of mental illness

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Recognizing mental health crisis in the heartland, HLK and Acceleron launched a campaign to link hurting farmers with resources, winning Best Brand Activism honors in PR Daily’s 2020 CSR Awards.

The ultimate resource for senior communications leaders

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The Communications Leadership Council is senior communications leaders’ ticket to exclusive networking, best-practice sharing and team training. Ragan’s Communications Leadership Council might be for you. The Communications Leadership Council is an exclusive membership organization for senior-level communicators from the world’s most innovative organizations. Two members-only leadership roundtables.

PR Tips On Being A Quotable Media Resource

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To promote professional expertise and build visibility, it helps to be a media resource – that’s what keeps PR agencies in business. I was told this by media and leadership coach Don Rheem , and it holds up well. The post PR Tips On Being A Quotable Media Resource appeared first on Crenshaw Communications. Photo by CoWomen from Pexels.

The ultimate resource for senior communications leaders

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Ragan’s Communications Leadership Council. The Communications Leadership Council is an exclusive membership organization for senior-level communicators from the world’s most innovative organizations. Two members-only leadership roundtables. Learn more about the Communications Leadership Council here. Being a communications leader is tough, but it doesn’t have to be lonely at the top.

Thought Leadership vs. Content Marketing


Businesses looking to increase brand awareness are already familiar with the popularity of thought leadership when it comes to their marketing tactics. This is because communication is framed hierarchically in content marketing, which is different from thought leadership.

How to Create Compelling Thought Leadership Content — and How Your PR Staff Can Help

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Thought leadership is a widespread and often very effective PR strategy. When done well, thought leadership content establishes corporate executives as experts in their industries and as sources of worthy ideas. 14 Steps to Stellar Thought Leadership Content.

18 Content Marketing Resources for Proven Results in 2019

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Content marketing resources… lots and lots of resources —that’s how! Here is a list of the most popular content marketing , statistics, and thought leadership resources you’ll need to boost your content marketing strategies in 2019. 18 Popular Content Marketing, Statistic, and Thought Leadership Resources for Proven Results in 2019. ? Content Marketing Research and Statistic Resources. Content Marketing Idea Resources.

Ragan launches The Crisis Leadership Board

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As the world is faced with a public health crisis of epic proportions, communications and human resource leaders find themselves in need of practical, real-time advice, best practices, sharing, networking and training for themselves and their teams. Ragan Communications’ new Crisis Leadership Board is designed for executives and their teams who must respond swiftly and effectively when a critical event impacts their employees, customers and brand reputation.

Thought Leadership Strategy: How to Crush It in B2B Business

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Thought leadership strategy is like climbing a mountain. But how can you know whether thought leadership is worth the time and effort involved? A recent study from Edelman and LinkedIn may help you to see why so many B2B brands are using thought leadership to shore up their strategy. These two brands have joined forces to create the 2019 B2B Thought Leadership Impact Study. This study reveals: The power that thought leadership wields over both marketing and sales.

Thousands of brands’ ads found on sites with COVID-19 misinformation, Facebook labels UK climate change posts, and job listing language leads to museum’s leadership change

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We are ashamed of Newfields’ leadership and of ourselves. that also direct users to the resource. CRISIS LEADERSHIP NETWORK.

Report: Social media managers lack clear path to senior leadership roles

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Social media has become an essential tool for business success—but the men and women behind major brand accounts still aren’t getting the love and resources they deserve. Not enough resources. However, most anticipate more resources coming their way soon.

Marketing opportunity: Be the resource content marketers rely on

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You’ll have the chance to interact with your target audience, showcase your products, display thought leadership, generate leads and boost your brand. The post Marketing opportunity: Be the resource content marketers rely on appeared first on PR Daily. Share your expertise, ideas and products at the Brand Storytelling & Content Marketing Conference at Disneyland. It’s a small world after all. Still, you can’t seem to pinpoint the right sales leads. How about a little help?

5 resources for sharable communications content

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To grow your influence in today’s online world, you must be a worthy content resource for others so you can help them filter out all of the noise. A Curata report reveals that more than 50 percent of marketers who curate content enhance their brand visibility, thought leadership, SEO and website traffic. You can also see effective content curation in action—and grab worthy articles to share—with these resources: 1. Content curation.

How to Build Brand Awareness & Thought Leadership

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You don’t need an unlimited budget or a team of 80 to drive business results (although more resources is always nice.) They’ll cover: Brand Awareness & Thought Leadership. This is an excerpt from The Content Marketer’s Playbook: Brand Awareness & Thought Leadership. The post How to Build Brand Awareness & Thought Leadership appeared first on Contently. In 2010, Michael Dubin used to work at Time Inc., doing improv comedy on the side.

Thoughts on Promoting Thought Leadership

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There’s another powerful tool in the PR toolbox — Thought Leadership. But, what is thought leadership and who constitutes being a leader of thought? Here are three quick tips to get your thought leadership marketing in motion. Here are a couple ideas; Media resource. The post Thoughts on Promoting Thought Leadership appeared first on LTPR. Communications Tools KH PR Best Practices Brand Advocates thought leaders thought leadership

6 Ways to Bring Your Behind-the-Scenes B2B Company to the Forefront with Thought Leadership

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The road to B2B thought leadership is littered with many failed attempts. Stand Out With Thought Leadership. Thought leadership is more than an article, a book, a speaking gig, or an award: It’s leading a space in thought. Now that you've created leadership-quality content in your B2B blog, don’t let it fall through the cracks. Why invest in thought leadership content, and then dismiss making that content easy to find? --Lee B2B Thought Leadership

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Defining Thought Leadership in a Business Blog

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As our communication campaigns increasingly address SEO and particularly organic search, thought leadership becomes even more important. In short, thought leadership plays at the industry level, not the company level, ideally offering takes that can’t be found elsewhere. Such dot-connecting points to blogging as one of the best platforms for thought leadership. Would the data support my premise that the blog strives for thought leadership?

Instacart to hire 300K, how COVID-19 is changing social media habits, and Facebook offers small business resources during the pandemic

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Human resources best practices. If you’re a small business struggling with the impact of COVID-19, Facebook has offered its Business Hub as a resource for virtual training, advice for communicating with remote employees and opportunities to apply for cash grants and advertising credits: As the COVID-19 outbreak escalates, our focus has been on keeping people safe and informed by making sure everyone has… Posted by Sheryl Sandberg on Tuesday, March 17, 2020.

Airlines cut jobs and flights, Starbucks moves to takeout mode, and Facebook offers resources for small businesses

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Facebook offers COVID-19 resources to small businesses. The social media platform offered smaller organizations a resource hub containing instructions for keeping “safe and informed,” ways to relay information to consumers, and tools for connecting better with their followers, such as a livestream. Position your brand as one to rely on (boosting reputation and loyalty) by sharing information and resources that can help your audience best handle the pandemic.

The Communications Leadership Council is earning high praise

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Ragan’s Communications Leadership Council is the premier resource for senior corporate communicators looking to train their team, network with peers, and access industry research. As a director-level or above communicator, you’ll enjoy the following membership benefits: · Two all-expenses paid leadership retreats each year. · The post The Communications Leadership Council is earning high praise appeared first on PR Daily

18 Content Marketing Resources for Proven Results in 2019

Tribe Builder Media

Content marketing resources… lots and lots of resources —that’s how! Here is a list of the most popular content marketing , statistics, and thought leadership resources you’ll need to boost your content marketing strategies in 2019. 18 Popular Content Marketing, Statistic, and Thought Leadership Resources for Proven Results in 2019. ? Content Marketing Research and Statistic Resources. Content Marketing Idea Resources.

B2B Thought Leadership: How to Promote Your Brand with Social Media

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B2B thought leadership is the pinnacle of success for any business leader. In fact, thought leadership is one of best ways to. Let's look at how you can leverage each of these social networks to reach your thought leadership goals. How to Use Social Media to Support B2B Thought Leadership. The first step is to create a powerful summary in your profile, which can be a great boon to your thought leadership strategy.

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Free Resource to Help Your Team Assess and Escalate (or not) a Negative Event

Melissa Agnes

These three groups are: The leadership team. Your scenario-specific assessment groups are responsible for assessing the initial potential impact of a given situation, and determining whether it needs to be escalated to the crisis management team, i.e.: the responsible and leadership teams. Feel free to download this as a resource and adapt it to the structure, needs, and objectives of your organization. Click here to download this resource.

Looking at Leadership Today: Amy Lyons, SHIFT President

Shift Communications

In honor of Presidents’ Day, we sat down with SHIFT’s President, Amy Lyons , to get her thoughts on leadership and management in public relations and beyond. There are a growing number of women taking on leadership positions in marketing and PR, including here at SHIFT. I have always found PR to be an industry that’s very supportive of women in management and leadership roles – I had a number of female role models when I started out, which certainly helped.

How to Skyrocket Your B2B Thought Leadership with Quality Surveys

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As B2B marketing strategies continue to evolve, surveys become a valuable and persuasive resource. Insightful research combined with shrewd marketing strategies create an unbeatable recipe for B2B thought leadership. The Relationship Between B2B Thought Leadership and Surveys. Let’s first answer the question, what is thought leadership? Let’s look at specific methods your company can use to leverage surveys in your marketing to generate both B2B thought leadership. (To

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Thought Leadership: Wise Thoughts from Wide Experience

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The term “thought leadership” is slowly slipping into the gray anonymity of overuse. But thought leadership takes this concept to a higher level by anticipating change, and offering a carefully-considered viewpoint that gives rise to further consideration, discussion, and action by others. Whether you call it “thought leadership” or simply the time-honored moniker of “counselor,” the outcome is the same.

20 Key Resources That Will Keep Your B2B Business on Top of the Marketing Buzz

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What are some of the best B2B blogs and other resources that will keep you "in the know" where marketing is concerned? Nowadays, there are countless resources available to marketers with a click of a mouse. To make it easier for you, we have selected the top 20 must-have resources that we believe will keep you at the top of your game. There are countless resources available to marketers all over the internet. 20 of the Best Marketing Resources for a B2B Business Pro.

Thought Leadership Didn’t Kill the Management Guru. The Internet Did.


But there’s another cause, in The Economist’s view: “Perhaps the biggest enemy of guru renewal is the development of a ‘thought leadership’ industry.” True thought leadership, however, requires “access to some original resource or data that is not available anywhere else, that is proprietary. Thought leadership is not about rehashing someone else’s ideas.

How PR Pros Can Build Epic Personal Branding For Corporate Leadership

Rock the Status Quo

Consider ways to expand editorial placements with personal branding campaigns for c-suite leadership and your subject matter experts ! It’s easily overlooked – especially for companies that don’t focus on brand journalism or content marketing as a critical part of their online strategy – yet topic experts and leadership within a company are wonderful source of coverage opportunities.

Searching for Marketing Inspiration? Check out these 55+ Inbound Marketing Resources [UPDATED]

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We originally published a blog in 2015 listing 40+ inbound marketing resources. We’ve added even more to the list, so read below for an update with even more resources for marketers. You know the drill: You turn to the top content marketing influencers, blogs, publications and resources for a reinforcement. So, what marketing resources do you turn to on a daily basis? Disclaimer: This list is not comprehensive; we reference tons of marketing resources on a daily basis!

AMA Q&A: Marketer’s Confidence, Leadership Opps & Pokémon Plays


Thanks to Russ Klein, AMA CEO , for his take on the survey’s positive outlook, leadership opportunities– and even a few thoughts on what marketers can learn from Pokémon [hint: it’s not about finding rare monsters]. How can people access AMA resources? The post AMA Q&A: Marketer’s Confidence, Leadership Opps & Pokémon Plays appeared first on wiredPRworks. As technology, culture, media and marketing converge, it’s an intriguing time to be a marketer.

The Sales Connection: Bridging the Thought Leadership-Sales Gap

Stern + Associates

Thought leadership is critical to brand differentiation and business growth – and core to effective communications strategies, particularly in today’s complex, crowded and commoditized world. Yet the sales community generally views thought leadership as a fancy name for marketing, outside their job to court new customers and close deals. Sales Reps – Thought Leadership Rainmakers. Can Thought Leadership Be Measured?

Giving, FEELing & Communicating in Uncertain Times

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I’m launching what I call a “555” Series to offer complimentary FEEL consulting to 5 businesses, uplift 5 giving professionals by sharing their resources and provide 5 tips for communicating during times that require leadership focused on Emotional Intelligence (EI). You can check out my video for the full 555 on helping businesses, amplifying the voices of colleagues with giving resources and to learn some simple tips to communicate wearing your EI hat.

Your Thought Leadership Strategy is Missing One Crucial Element: An Audience

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Your marketing and web teams are in constant communication and your website is consistently refreshed with thought leadership content. At the center of the problem is the fact that creating content that nobody consumes is like producing anything else that no one wants to buy – a waste of time, energy and valuable resources. Capitalize on these changes by tapping into your personal networks to greatly increase the distribution of thought leadership content.

The Importance of Adaptive Response In The First Moments of Crisis Management

Melissa Agnes

We must first analyze (and lead) a crisis based on these factors before any management of resources or manpower. Crisis Management Resources Emergency Management Leadership in a Crisis Provoking Thought Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Louis Hayes, a police officer in the Metropolitan Chicago area. It’s an important piece that discusses a topic that is often seen as controversial.