Print news media is dying

Stephen Waddington

Print news media under threat is not an exclusive. Print new media challenge Ad-funded newspapers such as The Evening Standard and The Metro are the exception, not the rule. It’s a challenge for those in the journalism industry and the public relations industry alike.

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Print vs. Online Monitoring

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Print Persists. While print-only publications are not that common, they can be of particular importance for some clients. Furthermore, print continues to play an important role internationally, as there are still a lot of publications that aren’t fully online.

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JCPenney revives its print catalog

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You may want to stop the death knell for printed content. Case in point: JCPenney, which has seen its share of financial woes in the past few years, is cranking up the printing presses and putting out a catalog for the first time in five years.

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Social Media Overtakes Print Newspapers as News Source


For the first time, social media has surpassed print newspapers as a news source for Americans, Pew Research Center finds. adults said they often get news from social media, compared to 16 percent from print newspapers.

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Journalism and News Trends for PR Pros


The revenue model for journalism is at best in flux, and at worst, in chaos. Serious journalism from unexpected sources. Vice magazine, originally a local magazine in Montreal and best-known for local coverage and shock journalism, grew into Vice Media. More data journalism.

What is Brand Journalism?


What is brand journalism? Brand journalism is no different than content marketing. However, brand journalism is different. The difference between brand journalism and content marketing isn’t to be found in outputs. Brand Journalism in Action.

4 Brands Running Successful Brand Journalism Programs


For your brand’s content to be successful, you need to implement brand journalism. Through a combination of journalistic storytelling and brand strategy, brand journalism spreads awareness of your brand and influences purchasing decisions. Best Practices Featured brand journalism

How Social Media Is Paving a New Path for Journalism


More than half of journalists surveyed in Cision’s recent Social Journalism Study believe that they would not be able to carry out their work without turning to their social media accounts for help. Featured Trends journalists Social journalism study social media

4 ways journalism changes are affecting PR

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The public could subscribe to a print publication or choose between a few news stations each night. FREE GUIDE: Brand journalism and content marketing—what’s the difference? ]. They say the only constant is change, a sentiment that definitely applies to the world of journalism.

Why the printed press release is all but dead

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Brand journalism is content written in journalistic style, brand stories engagingly told. Intel, IBM, General Electric, Microsoft and McDonald’s are global pioneers of brand journalism.

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Newspaper SOS: Why print publications are in desperate need of PR

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Imagine my surprise when I reported for work in public relations, having leaped from the unfolding train wreck that is newspaper journalism after 30 rewarding years. We know that, as quaint as it sounds in this digital age, nothing tops a story in print.

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Free White Paper! Build a Brand Journalism Program


The key is brand journalism, a subtle form of storytelling that benefits both your brand and your audience. Through brand journalism, you can strengthen your reputation, attract the attention of your audience and influence their purchasing decisions.

International Conference Preview: Bob Woodward on the Importance of Investigative Journalism


For a reporter who’s made a career out of investigative journalism, it’s clear that Bob Woodward understands what makes a compelling narrative and how to get the “best obtainable version of the truth.”. “It’s It’s not just a matter of getting a version and printing it.

3 Factors That Shape Your Brand Journalism Strategy


That’s where brand journalism comes into play. Unlike content marketing , brand journalism places people front and center, rather than the products that affect those people. Brand journalism aims to attract new audiences and guide them towards other messaging without self-promotion.

24 great B2B and B2C brand journalism sites

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All three are examples of a trend that has accelerated in the past six years: brand journalism sites. Why practice brand journalism? But brand journalism works only if your story is credible, is helpful to the reader and eschews all corporate-speak and jargon. brand journalism.

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The PR Opportunity for Brands as Publishers Tinker with Journalism

Sword and the Script

Recently, I received notice from the publisher of a local business journal that the “People on the Move” section is up for sale. It looks to me like this change will take place at many, if not all, of the weeklies in the American City Business Journals (ACBJ) network.

Blendle: Bite-sized saviour of journalism or future apathy victim?

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Whilst print and online media isn’t ‘dead’ by any measure, it’s certainly had a lot of troubles. By and large, most publications are still struggling to find ways to maintain quality journalism and keep […]. Blog firefly pr Journalism marketing PR

Using Snapchat for storytelling is a brand journalism win

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is among a growing number of news media outlets—including NPR , CNN , ESPN and The Wall Street Journal —that are adding Snapchat to their storytelling toolboxes. So, what does the rise of Snapchat in journalism mean for reporters—along with their PR pro counterparts?

Media Squeeze — and Watermelon Explosion — Described by the NY Times Presents an Opportunity for PR

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Journalism New York Times Visual Storytelling brand journalism business communication BuzzFeed corporate media digital media journalism business long-form journalism media properties paid media print media sponsored content storytelling storytelling in business communications target audience the New York Times traditional journalismThe Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications.

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What a Pulitzer winner leaving journalism over money means for PR

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If you’ve ever worked as a print journalist of any sort, the Pulitzer Prize has likely crossed your mind in some capacity. It’s not good for journalism to be losing its top practitioners. If something’s not good for journalism, it’s not good for PR.

Four Earned Media KPIs to Track

Critical Mention

A native New Yorker, he originally began his career in journalism and later moved to marketing, discovering a passion for branding and analytics.

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Can Print Still Flourish in The Age of Digital? An Interview with Star Tribune Magazine’s Sue Campbell


Has digital media – from Huffington Post , Google News and BuzzFeed to Kindle e-books, Twitter and (God help us) more than 8 million blogs – finally vanquished Print? Recent headlines provide brutal evidence: Condé Nast announced last December it was shutting down the print version of Self magazine to go online-only. In the words of Ruth Jamieson’s new book on the indie mag explosion, “Print Is Dead. Long Live Print”! Our new magazine really is a print product.

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Digital journalism is alive but is digital PR?

Norton's Notes

Today the BBC announced that it is cutting almost 500 jobs but reinvesting in a further 195 posts to back what it calls ‘digital journalism’. So I think we can safely say that digital journalism is where the BBC believes the future of that industry is headed.

Blendle: Bite-sized saviour of journalism or future apathy victim?

PR in High Definition

Whilst print and online media isn’t ‘dead’ by any measure, it’s certainly had a lot of troubles. By and large, most publications are still struggling to find ways to maintain quality journalism and keep solvent. Enter Blendle: The app that tries to do for print publications what Flipboard did for onlines, letting you mix and match articles from different magazines and newspapers. Either way, Blendle is a positive development for journalism and publishing.

A PR Perspective on How the Huffington Post changed Digital Journalism

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The site was one of the pioneers of online journalism. Before it came upon the scene, it was difficult to get people to take digital journalism seriously. Its success not only helped to legitimize online journalism, it also served as a template for other publications. .

A PR Perspective on How the Huffington Post changed Digital Journalism

Mora Communications

The site was one of the pioneers of online journalism. Before it came upon the scene, it was difficult to get people to take digital journalism seriously. Its success not only helped to legitimize online journalism, it also served as a template for other publications. .

Old Journalism’s Demise.Good News For Us!

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Print outlets have been dying, okay let''s call it changing, for a while. Fortune Small Business drops its entire staff, The Wall Street Journal cuts a variety and Fortune kills off dozens. Let''s all learn from print''s fall from grace.

What the GateHouse/Gannett deal means for PR pros

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Readers have moved online and get their news from social media, eroding print advertising sales. Newspaper executives see few options other than combining with each other to cut even more costs, from sharing printing operations to eliminating local copy editors and designers.

Stressing user privacy, Apple offers a monthly news bundling service

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The tech company seeks to become the Spotify of online reporting, a potential boon to digital journalism—and, by extension, PR pros. It’s a boon for Apple’s curated news services and good bet to get more eyes on digital journalism. PR Apple journalism

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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However, many journalists and communicators might decide that journalism isn’t the field to which they want to dedicate their lives. When award-winning journalist Rob Kunzia left journalism to pursue PR in 2015, he had this to say : First, I—you know, I could pay the rent.

Why Content Marketers Shouldn’t Ignore Traditional Media


Online is where people go to have questions answered, but traditional media — radio, television, and print — is where people learn about what questions to ask. In the case of print consumers, they must utilize the publication’s physical pages.

A Marketing to Media Translation Dictionary For Journalists Turned Content Marketers

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Meanwhile, a media company like Hearst might publish a feature article in the print edition of Esquire magazine, and the sole “point” of that article might be “make the reader feel like they really get Chris Evans.” Translating is a tricky business.

Online ads have ‘oversaturated’ consumers, Gucci’s straitjackets meet backlash, and Yahoo unveils a new logo

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In reply, Procter & Gamble’s chief brand officer, Marc Pritchard, said advertisers must “blend” marketing messages and ads “with filmmaking, journalism, technology, music, comedy and just storytelling.”.

Buzzfeed and Verizon Media announce staff cuts

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On social media, some mused about the future of journalism in the online age: What if there is literally no profitable model for digital news? If you’re mourning the collapse of clickbait journalism like HuffPo and Buzzfeed, consider a priority shift.

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Prakky’s pick: Top sources of Australian media news


I thought it would be useful to share some sources of news on Australia’s journalism industry (in no particular order): The Australian – Media. Self-described as a “trade journal for the media covering newspapers, magazines, TV, digital, radio, outdoor advertising and entertainment media”.

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The NYT’s headline gaffe, Instagram and WhatsApp rebrand, and Tinder’s harassment lawsuit

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Later editions of the print paper feature the words, “ASSAILING HATE BUT NOT GUNS.” Brand Journalism Content Marketing Crisis Communications Executive Communication Marketing Media Relations Morning Scoop Social Media Visual & Video Communications

Pew Study Finds Americans Still Prefer Watching to Reading the News


The survey reflected the country’s declining dependence on print media; only 7 percent of respondents, compared with 2016’s 11 percent, say they rely on newspapers to stay connected to current events. Thought Leadership journalism News

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Has the Digital Age Affected the Impartiality of the Press?


Want to see how journalism is changing? Rather than having a print publication that hosts many stories and viewpoints, social media exposes people to stories that are being shared by their social connections, who often share similar viewpoints, beliefs and values.

Do Paid Media Walls Further Divide Our Nation?

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Hardly a day passes without my seeing a tweet from or about Civil , a new enterprise that will use blockchain technology and the sale of tokens to revive and sustain the badly battered journalism profession. The Wall Street Journal : $15.60/month digital.

9 Media Relations Tips for 2016


If multimedia journalism is the biggest trend in the media environment, it’s safe to assume that multimedia publicists are also an emerging trend.