Media interview tips: How to prepare for TV, radio and print media interviews

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When you’re asked to be interviewed in the media , it’s important to know that each medium – radio, TV and print – have specific requirements you should understand before the interview. Through understanding the unique requirements of each medium , you can put your best foot forward and have a successful interview that will benefit your business and your brand. Here are our top media interview tips for you to consider before your next media interview.

Landing A Media Interview During COVID-19 Is One Thing; But Then What?

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The post Landing A Media Interview During COVID-19 Is One Thing; But Then What? Experts News And Experts Print Publicity Talk Radio TelevisionIn the last PR Insider, I shared with you some tips for reaching out to the media during the coronavirus crisis; tips that I had also discussed in a webinar I participated in titled “Authority Marketing in a COVID-19 World.”


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Public Relations Plan - Prepare for the Interview

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When putting together your Public Relations Plan, preparing for the interview should be on your list. For television segments, see how that host does an interview. If it’s a print interview, read what they write. The more homework you can do to prepare, the better your interview will be. Be prepared to make sure you can weave that into the interview. It's Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. Free Publicity Friday

How to Come Up With Sound Bites for an Interview


The point of public relations is to spotlight you and your business. Traditionally, being interviewed is the Golden Ticket to turning that spotlight in your direction. If you’ve never been interviewed, you might be nervous. Thankfully, you don’t need to spill your or your organization’s entire life story during an interview. The fact is: an interview (unless it’s live) usually lasts a lot longer than the sound bite that will appear on-air or in print.

Know the nuances of pitching online versus print outlets

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Whether you’re looking to score a coveted placement in InStyle or a featured product in a Refinery29 slideshow, keep in mind that long-lead (print) media and short-lead (digital) media have different requirements when it comes to putting together a story. Print/long-lead media needs. Although some long-lead print magazines are cutting budgets and shooting less in house, be prepared for them to ask for product samples to photograph. Print/long-lead media needs.

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Preparing Media Interview Questions

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If you plan on doing regular, consistent media interviews - whether it’s television, radio, podcasts, or print - it’s a good idea to put together a list of potential questions that cover the basics of your business that any interviewer can use.

‘The whole person’: Internal publication tells employee stories

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“Half Times” is a publication of the staffing agency Robert Half. Consider “Half Times,” a publication of the staffing agency Robert Half. Published for decades, in recent years it has transitioned from a collection of short, business-related stories to more of a consumer publication, says Amanda Jo Deppe, senior director of internal communications and community programs. The smart-looking quarterly publication also has a new online edition, launched last fall.

10 Fundamentals for Successful B2B Media Interviews

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B2B reporters today don’t do media interviews like they once did. There’s only so much time in the day which means fewer interviews are conducted. If you are fortunate enough to secure an interview, then you certainly want to make the most of it. Below are ten proven tips for successful media interviews. They dash from meeting to meeting with sales, legal, HR, or more, and if they don’t take a moment to get focused before an interview, they are liable to ramble.

Jab, Jab, Left Hook: Media Interview Preparation Ronda Rousey Style


It wasn’t until I read her recently released autobiography, My Fight/Your Fight, that I learned more about her and her instincts inside and outside the cage (including her approach to media interview preparation ). Ronda Rousey Trains for Media Interviews the Same Way She Tackles A Fight. The two had already developed a well-publicized rivalry they wisely used to promote the face-off. I watched interviews she gave. And what interviews resonate the most with you?

8 Reasons Why PR Should Love Small Niche (or Trade) Publications Blog

Send news to niche publications instead. Clients and top company executives typically want large, national publications to mention their company. Specific PR Benefits of Niche Publications. Niche publications offer these PR benefits: Reach a specific audience.

PR Tips For Securing A TV Segment

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When pitching broadcast outlets it’s important to note the main differences between the medium and print, and to offer producers the information the need for potential segments. In PR , broadcast pitching is sometimes underused and overlooked when it comes to securing coverage for clients.

Media Interview Skills: Why Silence Is Not Always Golden


A little bit of nervousness before a speech or interview is a good thing. Yet public speaking and media interview skills are essential for most executives and business owners. And a poorly handled print or broadcast interview could turn a relatively benign issue into a full-blown crisis. Every Talk about Talk post will focus on an actual interview or presentation that I’ve encountered on my own or someone has pointed out to me.

PR Interviews: Crosby Noricks 20:20 Vision

Norton's Notes

Over the next few months I will be interviewing practitioners from the world of public relations and digital marketing from across the globe, people I respect and look up to. Most of the people I speak with will have an interest in digital, online or modern public relations strategy. My first interview was with Arik C. Public Relations 20:20 Interviews

10 Social Media and Public Relations Tactics You Need to Know

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Social media and public relations might seem like an odd pair upon first inspection. Can public relations and social media really work together to bolster your business? How social media can help with public relations. How to prepare your social media profile to use for public relations. How to combine public relations and social media into one seamless strategy. How Social Media Can Help with Public Relations.

How to Engage Clients in Your B2B Public Relations

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Nothing improves B2B public relations like a happy customer’s voice. Whether it's a recorded interview or a printed quote, it’s another voice that speaks to your company’s prowess. Media interviews. Recommended Reading: 5 Ways to Transform Your B2B Public Relations. Any effective B2B PR agency will tell you that it takes a little finesse to get in the door, and increase customer engagement in your B2B public relations program.

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Is Public Relations Management a Technology? [PR Tech Sum]

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Summary of monthly PR tech news: Muck Rack focuses on public relations management; Prowly enhances media database; new execs at Meltwater and Signal AI The term “public relations management” sounds like an advanced college class but shaping up for something else. A handful of companies that make software for public relations are staking a claim on the term. In an interview with PRWeek, the company likened it to a CRM for PR.

Air Canada chief highlights what not to do in a media interview

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It’s not uncommon for some executives to lash out during a media interview. On Tuesday, Canada’s The Globe and Mail published an interview in which reporter Trevor Cole asked a series of seemingly fair questions about the airline. Rovinescu’s tone shifted when the executive didn’t like the turn of questioning, prompting him to answer sarcastically and defensively through the remainder of the interview. Trevor, I’m not sure I’m loving the direction of your interview here.

Tips for targeting trade publications with your pitch

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B2B trade magazines—both print and digital—are an oft-overlooked part of the media landscape. Over the past decade, in my role as an editor of trade magazines covering the coal mining, shipping and cement industries, I have been pitched numerous articles, interviews and press releases. The case study is perhaps the most valuable content for trade publications. The post Tips for targeting trade publications with your pitch appeared first on PR Daily.

Book It! 8 PR Tips For Nailing TV Segments

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Broadcast follows print. Many media outlets compete with one another, but in general, print and broadcast have a symbiotic relationship. A TV producer or segment coordinator will get many of her story ideas from print or digital news outlets. Crenshaw Communications imPRessions public relations Broadcast PR TV interviewAny good PR person knows that we consume news very differently than we did a decade ago, thanks to social media.

A 2-Minute Public Speaking Hack Using Body Language


A little bit of nervousness before a speech or interview is a good thing. Yet public speaking and media interview skills are essential for most executives and business owners. And a poorly handled print or broadcast interview could turn a relatively benign issue into a full-blown crisis. Every Talk about Talk post will focus on an actual interview or presentation that I’ve encountered on my own or someone has pointed out to me.

8 fundamental truths about public relations

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There are a lot of pains and a lot of gains in the public relations industry. So, here are eight things you might not know about public relations: 1. Conversely, I have earned publicity for many clients by sending a Facebook message to a friend. If it's not in print today, that doesn't mean it won't be in three months. If you want publicity, that's on me as a PR professional. Remember, we don't write the articles nor direct the live TV interviews.

Landing Page, SEO and Blog Secrets: An Interview with Clint Danks of ThinkSEM


If the world of SEO, inbound marketing, optimized content and landing pages thrills you as a marketer, then the following interview with Clint Danks is going to be your cup of Lipton. We guide their pay-per-click accounts, and build custom landing pages that house their promotional offers, encouraging people through PPC to print out a coupon or show the offer on a mobile device. Interviews Inbound Marketing SEO

H&M Group apologizes for racial slur, to lay off 4,000 employees, and NYT’s digital revenue overcomes print for first time in history

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The content included a video of Trump’s Fox News interview, in which he said that children are “almost immune” to COVID-19. Just hours before, Facebook removed a post from Trump’s main page featuring the same interview for similar reasons.

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What Do Journalists Want? Five Elements of a Good Story

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If it’s a company anniversary story, perhaps there’s an employee who’s been with the company since the beginning that you can incorporate through quotes or interviews. Media relations Uncategorized journalist media interviews meet the media PR Public relations reporter

Media Interview Tips From Top Journalists

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Because we spend time preparing clients for meetings with journalists, PR people tend to study media interviews from the perspective of the person getting questions. But during this crazy political primary season, interview-watching is a spectator sport, usually starring Donald Trump. In each case, the journalist managed to break through the candidate’s bluster and catch him off-guard, revealing more than most previous interviews put together.

Why Do-It-Yourself Public Relations Is An Urban Legend


If you search the phrase do-it-yourself public relations ,? Blog posts addressing the subject offer loads of encouragement, with titles like “Everything you need to know about public relations to do-it-yourself,” “7 steps to better do-it-yourself PR”? One of the key fundamentals that do-it-yourselfers fail to understand is that public relations is more than just media coverage or publicity. all before you arrange a single interview.

Does Social Media Marketing need a Reboot? Drew Neisser Chimes in

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This is my first in series of interviews on the topic. First, social media will be around for many years to come, just like TV, outdoor, radio and even print. Interviews PR PR Tech Public Relations Social Media Uncategorized Web 2.0 Drew Neisser, Founder & CEO of Renegade. I have been blogging about challenges confronting digital PR and social media marketing. You can read those posts to learn more.

Get to Know Minnesota Business Magazine: Interview with Editor Steve LeBeau


With the exit of former editor Steve Mollman, the MaccaPR blog was pleased to interview the new editor-in-chief of. Mae Schunk to nearly 200 school districts across Minnesota taught me about the growing strength in the Twin Cities metro and the struggles of rural areas – trends which are helpful to understand when you edit a statewide business publication. How should corporate public relations professionals approach Minnesota Business with a story idea?

PR Briefing: Summarizing 3 Recent Public Relations Studies

Sword and the Script

It doesn’t matter how impressive that headline, quote or copy was – or how much effort it took to secure that interview. To that end, here are the summaries to three public relations studies. It’s the idea that when people need something, they were increasingly turning got the web rather than print for answers – and search engines were helping them sort out the results. You’re only as good as your last placement. It’s one of those facts of the PR profession.

Study 85

Why Content Marketing and Public Relations Need Each Other

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Timely, tailored, and fitting for both the journalist and the publication. The same is true in print. Where the major daily newspaper – even the online version – was the single most influential local publication in any American city, today it’s just one among many. Communication World is a publication of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). It was a good pitch. But the reporter didn’t respond, despite my experience, intuition and persistence.

Ranger Scott Gediman on the Ferguson Fire and 22 Years as Yosemite Park’s Public Affairs Officer


Over his 22 years as public affairs officer at Yosemite National Park , Scott Gediman has experienced a myriad of crises on the job, from floods and rock falls to hantavirus outbreaks. “It Here in the public affairs office there are just two of us — there used to be five, and then there were four, and then three. That left me alone managing the press, doing 40 to 50 interviews a day, with six or seven satellite trucks here, and writing news releases.

Thinking Critically with Robyn Stevens

Critical Mention

As owner of PR Media , a full-service public relations agency located in Philadelphia/New York area, Publicist Robyn Stevens has created innovative media and marketing strategies with her extensive industry knowledge and connections. We spoke to her about her views on public relations strategies and where she sees it heading in the future. Building a brand community and/or family on social media is now just as important as obtaining an interview in national magazine.

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Media Relations: Proven Ways to Get More Out of It

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I had to make this interview. My media relations and outreach efforts had secured an interview with CNBC for a technology client and the reporter had flown in to conduct it in person. The reporter had flown in earlier and the interview went on as planned. The reporter got his story and the client got his interview – and it came with an education. The time and effort for the news crew put into setup and film the interview lasted hours.

PR Tips For Successful Media Training

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It’s hard to overstate the importance of quality media-interview preparation to a successful public relations program. Typically PR teams prepare spokespeople for different types of media – broadcast, print, online as well as different formats. But there are some more nuanced tips for preparing for media interviews. Exercise control during the interview. Crenshaw Communications PR Fish Bowl public relations PR

Top 2020 Public Relations Blunders and Lessons Learned Blog

His uncaring public statements probably cost him the election. Trump committed one of the biggest PR blunders in history by keeping the seriousness of the coronavirus from the public for many weeks. Trying to do so will only result in additional negative publicity.

Adapting Strategies for Effective Storytelling in the Social Media Era


With the tremendous growth of social media in recent years, the PR landscape is continuously evolving and causing public relations professionals to adapt to the 24/7/365 news cycle we now work in as well as the instant, viral nature in which news breaks and spreads. I’ve been at adidas America for over five years now, working my way up the ranks of the Public Relations department and now sitting in the Portland-based Newsroom.

10 Top Media Trends for 2021

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As most print media outlets are now operating online, a story’s importance is now based by how many clicks and shares it gets. Remote interviews are the new norm. RELATED: Join us for our Speechwriters & Public Affairs Virtual Conference ].

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