8 Media Interview Mistakes To Avoid

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In the PR agency world , after weeks of fine-tuning messaging, crafting stories and pitching reporters, there’s no better feeling than landing a top media interview for a client. Most importantly, of course, a media interview will lead to positive coverage – assuming it goes well. Nailing the interview, however, isn’t always easy, especially when it comes to technology PR opportunities. Referring to other media interviews. Steamrolling the interviewer .

Interview with Larry Kim

Critical Mention

It’s a group with thousands of members, all pitching in to answer questions, share strategies, etc. The post Interview with Larry Kim appeared first on Critical Mention - Media Monitoring. Blog Career Advancement Communications Interviews Marketing Social Media TrendsLarry Kim is one of the most well-known influencers in the world of digital marketing.

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Part I: Treat Every Meeting Like a First Interview

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This post is Part I of a two-part series on Treating Every Meeting Like a First Interview. When I mentor young professionals, we discuss the importance of preparing for a job interview. A lot of emphasis is placed on preparation, which includes doing your homework on the company and the interviewer prior to your meeting. Preparing for your meeting, with the same diligence as an interview says, “I care about the people, the project and what we’re doing together.”

How to Build Better Relationships with Journalists

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Digital Journalism Media Relations PR art of communications Bryan Glick build better relationships with journalists Chris Owen communications tips Computer Weekly Hoffman Agency Hoffman europe Hoffman podcast interview journalist journalists interview tips media relations media relationship tips Patrizia Heun podcast podcast studio PR pitching PR pitching tips public relations reporter interview skills The Hoffman Agency London the story is always there tips for pitching journalists

AirPR Interview Series: Mark Delcorps of Overstock.com


Senior PR Engineer Kelly Byrd interviewed her customer Mark Delcorps of Overstock.com on how he and his team and company are using AirPR data to help them drive, maintain and replicate business impact. We use AirPR data to understand what topics and which audiences to focus on with our messaging, as well as to identify the most efficient media outlets and individuals for us to reach out to with our pitching. Read more of the AirPR Interview Series.

8 Tips For Pitching B2B Tech Stories

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You want to make sure you’re representing both your agency and your client well, and a top-notch pitch is the best way to do it. When pitching top tech reporters, like most media, it’s best to be short and sweet. The pitches themselves should ideally be under 100 words and to the point.

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5 tips for pitching for radio

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These experts offer advice on developing a unique media pitch. fields a variety of pitches in his role as News Producer for 1010 WINS and has worked in radio for 11 years. Lauren Hackett is the Senior Vice President of Global Communications at The Economist and has demonstrated success in pitching her company to radio shows. RELATED: Learn how to sharpen your pitching skills, boost buzz and land more headlines. ]. Have you had success pitching for radio?

Radio 111

PR Advantages of Pitching Trade Press

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While pitching the national publications should definitely be a part of the overall PR plan, no B2B tech campaign can afford to ignore the opportunities that trade media afford. Pitching trade press can be easier than nailing a story in a large media outlet. B2B can leverage trade outlet coverage by repurposing it into owned media, as well as in case studies, white papers, webinars, and pitches to bigger outlets.

PR Tips For Reactive Media Pitches

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PR teams can take advantage of sudden extra relevance by immediately pitching a client as a news source to media hungry for pertinent expertise. Here are the PR fundamentals for reactive media pitches. PR tips for reactive media pitches.

When To Turn Down A Media Interview

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Sometimes a journalist may take a media pitch and go in a completely different direction to suit an agenda. A team pitches new technology product, and the reporter decides to focus on threats to the category without a separate focus on the product’s attributes. This is why most PR people work to get potential questions in advance, which can help determine if the interview is worthwhile.

5 Tips to a Successful PR Pitch


You won’t get there unless you learn how to pitch journalists with your story. The kiss of death is sending a pitch to editor@yourfavoritepublication.com. Now that you know who you want to pitch, slow your roll before you send an email. That way, when you’re ready to pitch, they have an inkling of who you are. Journalists care about your brand’s story, and while your press release may tell part of it, you’ll do a better job of telling it yourself in your pitch letter.

6 Simple Rules for Email Pitches


You probably won’t be surprised to learn that journalists continue to prefer email as the primary means of contact, with more than 90 percent indicating it as the best way to directly pitch a story idea. You also may not be surprised that there is a lot of conflicting advice about how to make your email pitches resonate. What I want to do in this post is to look at consensus best practices for email pitches using insights from PR experts and journalists.

5 secrets for tailoring your PR pitch for TV

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How should PR pros adjust their pitches when approaching TV producers? Jennifer Joyce is a reporter for FOX29 in Philadelphia fields pitches from PR pros and works with them to share stories that are relevant to the community. Gita Amar is a senior director at PMK•BNC, where she has a long history of success pitching for broadcast programming, landing clients coverage on CBS, NBC, CNBC and more. When pitching TV, your story must be visual. Tips for pitching TV.

5 Tips to Pitching Success – When PR Stands for “Personal” Relations

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As I found editorial success for my agency’s clients, I was able to branch out and pitch radio and television broadcast opportunities. With people pitching me to guest post on PR Expanded , for me to cover their news, or to have their clients appear on my show, Women Worldwide , it’s great to share my thoughts having experienced both sides of the pitching process. Be flexible in your pitch. Have a pitch #2 in your back pocket.

6 PR Tips For Staffing A Media Briefing

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Below are a few things we should keep in mind when staffing an interview: Kick things off. Most journalists will do their own research ahead of an interview, but a verbal summary is a good conversation-starter. Let the interview play out, but pay attention.

Anatomy Of A Pitch: Winning Tech PR Tips

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Now, let’s take a look at the anatomy of an effective tech media pitch. She chooses a pitch based on the game situation, the skill of the other team, and weather conditions. A media pitch is not very different. All the research, preparation, and consideration ensure that the correct story will be hand-pitched to the right media. If the grip isn’t right, the pitch will fall short. The Wind-Up begins the pitch with a tantalizing start.

AirPR Interview Series: Emmy Award Winning Journalist & PR Pro Mika Stambaugh


“Nail the elevator pitch.”. I try and imagine friends sitting around a table talking about a story they heard on the radio that made them think of someone that could learn or benefit from the message and ultimately sharing… so I tend to cast a wide range pitch net! One of the ways I have seen PR evolve is pitching used to be only to the assignment desk and now I mainly pitch directly to the reporter. Mika: Nail the elevator pitch.

Tips for targeting trade publications with your pitch

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Despite this, PR pitching to trade press editors often feels like an afterthought. Given that PR pros now significantly outnumber editorial staff and trade press outlets are a shrinking breed , having your pitch or press release cut through the noise is a challenge. Over the past decade, in my role as an editor of trade magazines covering the coal mining, shipping and cement industries, I have been pitched numerous articles, interviews and press releases.

LinkedIn’s leading ladies talk PR, tech, and changing the world


Interviews Girl Scouts interview LinkedIn PR public relations publishing STEM tech technology women in tech World PitchAs a career professional, can you imagine a world without LinkedIn? It would be like trying to function without a pencil in a one-room schoolhouse. Ridiculous. LinkedIn has essentially replaced the need for business cards, since you can basically use … Continued.

10 Fundamentals for Successful B2B Media Interviews

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B2B reporters today don’t do media interviews like they once did. There’s only so much time in the day which means fewer interviews are conducted. If you are fortunate enough to secure an interview, then you certainly want to make the most of it. Below are ten proven tips for successful media interviews. Keep in mind these are offered from the perspective of the typical B2B announcement or story pitch. is a common way to close an interview.

Example of a Stellar Media Pitch

Rock the Status Quo

Rock The Pitch #13 This critique has nothing to do with bad luck. Here’s what she said… Hi Carrie, Took a quick peek through my email and remembered this pitch, which turned into a 6-page feature in Life Refined magazine. THE PITCH It’s impressive. Bravo, Manuela – stellar job on this pitch!! Similar Posts You Might Like: Rock The Pitch #12: Seriously, Why Would I Bother? Rock The Pitch

Journalists Offer Constructive POVs on The PR Pitch

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The post Journalists Offer Constructive POVs on The PR Pitch appeared first on Ishmael's Corner ~ Storytelling Techniques For Business Communications. Journalism Media Relations Bloomberg BusinessWeek how to pitch journalists interview tips media and pr media pitch public relations reuters TechCrunchThe Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications.

How to Prepare & Coach Executives Through Media Interviews


Securing an interview with a media outlet for an executive or other company spokesperson is a dream…except when it’s not. Interviews provide an opportunity to showcase your brand and spokespeople as thought leaders, increase loyalty to your brand, defuse crises and drive sales. However, interviews can tank and hurt the brand if your executives and spokespeople aren’t properly prepared. Here are some of his top tips: How to Prepare for a Media Interview.

10 Tips To Ace A Media Interview

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You’ve landed a media interview. You want to make sure that your PR campaign and all of the hard work to land you that interview will now pay off for you. Read More › PR media interview tips pitching the media pr tips press coverage tips to have a good media interview top pr firm los angeles tv interview Congratulations. Now what? Now you want to maximize it.

How to perfect your pitch for any media environment

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It seems like a good time to go over what makes a good PR pitch. Well, maybe it does have something to do with the constant stream of reporters complaining about the terrible pitches they’re receiving from seemingly clueless PR professionals right now. And if you remember these three key steps when pitching, journalists might just come to love you, too. You’ll need to keep this in mind when pitching. There’s no need to work every single detail into your initial pitch.

Elevator Pitch or Twitter Pitch?

Waxing UnLyrical

We love following up with them after pitching an interview/story idea. I said, “Often PR professionals are heard talking about the ‘elevator pitch’ – a short summary of the story we are trying to sell the media that we can describe in a span of a few seconds. “Now that we have social media, how about replacing that with a Twitter pitch?” One of said, “A bad pitch can make the journalist slam the phone down on us!

Pitching Talent and Celebrity Booking With Patrick Lambert


We’ve got tips from Lambert on how to pitch a celebrity booker and what to avoid. How do you prefer to receive pitches? Pitches are best kept clean, simple, to the point with links and “buzz words.” As a celebrity booker, personal story points are best- interviews aren’t just about the project with daytime/talk formats so if there’s information about a person’s background, life story, socially conscious interests, etc.,

What Editors and Writers Want From PR Pitches in 2018


Developing just the right pitch has never been easy, however. S/he is reading 100 PR pitches a day. That is the overwhelming rule of PR pitches. Even the top 20 percent of PR pitches are a cavalcade of awkward transitions.”. While there may seem like a basic connection in the opening lines of that pitch, Thompson said it reflects one of the biggest mistakes you can make. “A Instead, Thomspon said more PR pitches should be framed like this: “Hi Derek.

The future of PR: an interview with Maja Pawinska Sims

Stephen Waddington

An interview with Maja Pawinska Sims is a rite of passage for anyone in the PR industry. Like many agency types making their way in the industry I pitched her stories. I caught up with The Holmes Report’s EMEA editor to find out what we can expect for the PR industry in 2020. A call from Maja puts you on your wits but her contribution to the industry makes it a better place. Maja has spent two decades working in and reporting on the industry.

How to Ace a Last-Minute Media Interview


There’s something about the last-minute interview request that has even the most seasoned spokespeople feeling a pinch of dread. Here’s what you need to do to deliver your best interview yet, even if you have only 10 minutes to spare: Set up a Time. If a reporter calls on deadline, never jump right into the interview. With a last-minute interview, you don’t have time to do a full assessment of the media opportunity, outlet and reporter like you would in normal circumstances.

Five Journalists Share Tips for Interviewing

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Instead, the root cause can lie in the interviewing process for sourcing the content. I think it’s fair to say that interviewing tends to be an undervalued expertise in the communications industry. I say “undervalued” because PR trainings abound on topics like pitching journalists or how to use social media for brand storytelling. Good luck finding a webinar for PR that addresses the art of the interview. The interview starts before the interview itself.

B2B PR Tips For Embargo Pitching In A Crazy News Cycle

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Once the exclusive runs at an agreed upon date and time, the story can be pitched widely to the broader media targets. That’s one reason why embargo pitching is still relevant in today’s accelerated news environment. Pitching under embargo gives reporters more lead time to review the news, conduct necessary research or interviews to substantiate the story, bring in additional assets and get the story published on time with full confidence they won’t be scooped.

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Why journalists want a time-sensitive pitch

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Journalists are inundated with pitches from PR pros daily. Sometimes these pitches are for story ideas that can be written and published at any time—evergreen pitches. Journalists hate getting pitched a story that ideally should have been published days before. Also, when a PR pro pitches a time-sensitive story, his or her source may not be prepared for the quick turnaround required. So, why even pitch it in the first place? What belongs in the pitch?

How to Hand-Hold Your Clients Through Perfect Live Media Interviews

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Your pitch worked! The interview! What are the most common issues seen with media interviews and, as PR pros, how can we avoid them? Key messages should get away from the old style bullet points with ad libs #prprochat — Gerard Braud (@gbraud) February 5, 2015 It’s important to not let clients get too confident, no matter how many times they have done interviews in the past. Always, always, always run through preparation basics for every single media interview.

How to Pitch Better Brand Stories


So many entrepreneurs and small business owners think just pitching their product or service is enough because it’s that good. Around Father’s Day, I pitched his story to Entrepreneur – not the Beebo. Making something newsworthy means having a “real person” to interview. If you really want to stand out, include relevant video in your pitch and subject line. It also shows you went above and beyond to send a pitch. Best Practices Featured pitching tips

Tips to Prepare for a Media Interview

Reputation Us

Whether you actively pitched your business’ news to local reporters, or they outreached to you for an upcoming editorial feature, you should always know the process for seizing the moment so you don’t miss out on a potential PR goldmine. The post Tips to Prepare for a Media Interview appeared first on LTPR. A potential media opportunity can strike at any moment.

4 ways to seize control of any interview

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It’s a common misperception that journalists are solely responsible for crafting an interview. Many executives relinquish control, only to suffer later from “interview remorse.” The spokesperson will complain that the reporter “didn’t get it” or “doesn’t understand the space” instead of taking responsibility for educating the interviewer and driving the conversation. Here are four ways to flip the script and drive better interviews: 1. Drive the interview process.

When a Client Turns Down That Juicy Media Interview…

Rock the Status Quo

Busting our humps day after day to pitch creative stories that go nowhere, then madly celebrating ( even if it’s in the privacy of our own office ) when we finally land one. ” Or, “I don’t want to talk about [ that oh, so sexy story you pitched ]” and “would they mind if we discussed [ insert boring snoozefest of an idea here ] instead?” It helps me keep things in perspective, no matter what happens once I’ve sent out that pitch.

#HAROConnects With Chicago Tribune: Top 10 Pitching Tips


On Tuesday, HARO (Help A Reporter Out) hosted a Q&A panel at the Cision headquarters in Chicago that featured three Chicago Tribune reporters who discussed how they work with PR professionals day to day as well as offered advice for getting a pitch noticed. She has interviewed Ray Bradbury, Junot Diaz and Donna Tartt and her work has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, The Baltimore Sun and The Independent in London. Make Email Pitches Short, Personalized and to the Point.

PR Pitches Journalists Will Love

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Recently an editor acquaintance of mine told a public relations seminar that she didn’t care how PR pros pitched her as long as they didn’t waste her time. Yet getting your approach just right can still be daunting, so we thought it a good time to revisit the rules for successful story pitching. Keep your pitch under 200 words. The best pitches are often those that point out a connection to a hot trend.