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A Clinical Look at Huawei’s Reputation Management

Ishmael's Corner

The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. The post A Clinical Look at Huawei’s Reputation Management appeared first on Ishmael's Corner ~ Storytelling Techniques For Business Communications. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. Note: A version of this essay appeared in EE Times. Beleaguered. That’s the word that seems tethered to Huawei these days.

10 tips for helpful, comforting COVID-19 communications

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When you come out on the other side, your brand reputation, your leaders’ reputations and the very culture of your company will hinge on how you communicated during this time. Here are 10 tips for internal communicators during this crisis; 1.

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Chief empathy officers; Managing media requests; Employee burnout; and more

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Stakeholders need to hear from you—and internal team members deserve to get updates before external audiences. Its struggles are a reminder that a positive reputation (it had been widely-recognized as an exemplary employer) can be quickly damaged in a crisis.

Facebook joins #GivingTuesdayNow push, brands celebrate Cinco de Mayo virtually, and Salesforce helps organizations return to work

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Register here to learn about data-informed storytelling from Kaye as well as speakers from AdCouncil, Twitter, AMEC, Forbes, CHG Healthcare, Southwest Airlines, Twitter and more. CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD.

International Conference Preview: Frank X. Shaw Talks Diversity, Disruption and 10 Years at Microsoft


Shaw oversees the narrative and reputation of one of America’s most ubiquitous companies. . In anticipation of his keynote address at PRSA’s 2019 International Conference in San Diego on Oct. Then there’s the specific technical skills of media relations and internal communications.

WhatsApp limits forwarding to slow misinformation, SeaWorld CEO resigns, and measuring PR in a crisis

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CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD. Join Ragan’s Crisis Leadership Board to network and brainstorm with peers, get the latest intelligence and research and start to strategize for the future of your organization. VIRTUAL CONFERENCE: Best Practices in Internal Communications & Culture ].

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Why you should lead with values in COVID-19 crisis

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How can communicators protect reputations and preserve their stature amid the current health and economic crisis? Remember internal audiences. In the rush to reach customers or to stem the tide of lost sales and revenue, companies in crisis often forget about internal stakeholders.

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How offering historical context helps in a crisis

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Here are some ways to tell that story to help bolster your reputation and build trust. The stories of leadership that come out of this crisis will provide the basis for sound decision-making in the future, and effective communications that provide reassurance when people need it most.

Crisis 167

3 strategies for becoming an employer of choice in these uncertain times

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Despite the disruption of the coronavirus, employers must take care to show internal investment and strive to become highly reputable to attract top talent. If there ever was a time to galvanize an internal conversation within your organization about innovation, now is that time.

WeWork IPO debacle dings JP Morgan, Nike’s digital strategy pays dividends, and CEOs who speak out get a reputation boost

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Will a leadership change make a big difference? When sharing news about a leadership change, how can communicators frame the move to preserve trust and bolster stakeholder confidence? of Alberta’s visibility—and reputation. Infographic: How to protect your online reputation.

4 ways to prepare for a crisis—and respond where it counts

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From educating leaders to responding in the right medium, a Florida International University expert offers tips. What are the things that realistically could harm you, your employees or your reputation? Controlling the narrative often isn’t possible in the free-for-all of social media.

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How communicators can learn to speak ‘CEO’

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He suggests making your message to the CEO: “I can translate the data into ideas and emotion, which is the heart of all storytelling.”. Coming in and saying, ‘We have a problem,’ is not leadership. Social media has created a ticking time bomb for many brands’ reputations.

How to adapt your crisis response for COVID-19 and beyond

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In communication, whether internal or external, decisions must be made about the sensitivities of what can be disclosed and then how it should be disclosed. Looking for more insights on how to respond to COVID-19 and safeguard your organizations reputation?

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7 ways to take a stand, engage talent and communicate internally

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Experts agree that before planting your flag in an issue or patting yourself on the back for your good deeds, you should do a deep dive internally. What are your corporate reputation initiatives? How do you talk about yourselves internally and externally?

Marriott, Norwegian Air and more announce layoffs; Target, other chains offer special hours for at-risk shoppers, and EU asks Netflix to slow streaming

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Marriott International said it is furloughing tens of thousands of its workers, some who will be laid off. Why it matters: Catering your offerings to your consumers and community provides a much-needed service and can also boost your reputation.

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Instacart, Amazon employees strike over COVID-19, Macy’s furloughs employees, and Google thanks health care workers in video

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Why it’s important: In a time when most communicators, both internal and external, are struggling to keep up with crisis responses, don’t forget the importance of employee communications. Internal communications.

Pornhub donates 50k masks and offers free subscriptions, digital platforms and tech partner to share COVID-19 information, and Tony Awards postponed

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Internal communications. Share how you're highlighting messages from reputable sources within your communications strategies under #DailyScoop.

Steak-umm earns praise for Twitter rant, Twitter’s CEO pledges $1B to fight COVID-19, and Lowe’s closes for Easter Sunday

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CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD. Join Ragan’s Crisis Leadership Board to network and brainstorm with peers, get the latest intelligence and research, and start to strategize for the future of your organization.

Brands donate to frontline workers, Yelp pauses GoFundMe effort after backlash, and Ralph Lauren to make 250k masks

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Jennifer Rankin Byrne, vice president of corporate communications for PBS, shared her takeaways on crisis and reputation management during Ragan’s Speechwriting and Public Affairs Virtual Conference on March 26. Internal communications.

Airbnb suspends marketing campaigns, Google cancels April Fools’ Day jokes, and WHO launches app with COVID-19 info

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You can further support efforts such as these by helping your colleagues and industry peers share updates from reputable sources—and leading by example. Internal communications.

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Airlines cut jobs and flights, Starbucks moves to takeout mode, and Facebook offers resources for small businesses

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Many airlines are reducing their national and international flights by as much as 85% as traveler numbers dramatically fall. Position your brand as one to rely on (boosting reputation and loyalty) by sharing information and resources that can help your audience best handle the pandemic.

American Express tailors perks during COVID-19, Burger King offers a Whopper to smart students, and Molson Coors delivers to delighted fan

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The more you can answer questions and address concerns through your tailored efforts, the better chance you stand of retaining sales along with your brand reputation. CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD. We want to know how COVID-19 is affecting your campaigns, messaging and internal operations.

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Why you should address the coronavirus with employees

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By not communicating and engaging employees on sensitive matters like the coronavirus, companies could experience decreased productivity, increased costs, reputational risk and other performance challenges.

How Goldman Sachs showcases its leaders in authentic messaging

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The latter is true for Kaydee Bridges , Goldman Sachs’ VP of digital and social media strategy, who spoke at Ragan’s 2019 Leadership and Executive Communications Conference in Washington, D.C.

Google releases COVID-19 website and search, Carnival chief defends coronavirus response, and Starbucks and GameStop close their doors

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The first free session streams live on Wednesday at noon PT from MasterClass’s site and will feature Chris Voss, who was once the lead international kidnapping negotiator for the FBI. Don’t wait to do the right thing—your reputation might not recover.

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The role of communicator shines bright during the pandemic

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While technically accurate, communicators are being increasingly viewed by the C-suite as essential frontline messengers of critical, often life-saving information for employees, and as safeguards of corporate reputation.

How communicators can change their organization’s objectives

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FREE REPORT: Benchmark your internal comms efforts against your peers ]. Many consumers don’t put much faith in business leaders to do the right thing, and press releases will do little to bolster damaged reputations.

WeWork to lay off 2,000, Deloitte marketing report reveals ‘experience debt,’ and LinkedIn debuts employee engagement features

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Why it matters: Layoffs accompanied by news of an adverse work environment are a recipe for a deepening reputational crisis. RELATED: Deliver powerful leadership messaging in a digital landscape ].

TikTok’s ads anger influencers, Instagram tests ‘Group Story’ feature, and Houston Rockets apologize for Hong Kong tweet

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Also: Brand managers can do better at monitoring reputation, Unilever vows to ditch plastic, and HSBC to lay off 10,000 employees. Our presence in Tokyo is all about the promotion of the @NBA internationally and we are NOT a political organization.

Groups 122

Twitter mourns Mr. Peanut, Coca-Cola won’t give up plastic, and Hallmark Channel chief steps down

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The organizations were chosen based on several elements that boost both their reputations and bottom lines. The company confirmed that an internal customer support database was exposed online from Dec. Doing both can further protect your reputation and bolster consumer trust.

Instacart to hire 300K, how COVID-19 is changing social media habits, and Facebook offers small business resources during the pandemic

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Internal communications. Tell us your storytelling and pitching efforts below and under the hashtag #DailyScoop , and check out tips for pitching around the pandemic here: [link]. How is COVID-19 misinformation affecting your crisis responses and communications efforts among both internal and external audiences? Share how you're highlighting messages from reputable sources within your communications strategies under #DailyScoop.

Walmart pushes back on gender bias claims, digital marketing is rising, and WeWork’s CEO apologizes for IPO debacle

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Why it matters: The trade war with China has become a big problem for companies with extensive international portfolios, and some say the situation is damaging economies and consumers. FREE REPORT: Benchmark your internal comms efforts against your peers ].

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Kroger joins push for tougher gun laws, consumers readily change brands, and WeWork’s founder walks back trademark sale

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Also: Nissan’s leadership crisis escalates, MillerCoors wins an injunction over corn syrup messaging, and Vienna reigns as the world’s most livable city. Pinterest seeks to woo advertisers and international users as IPO looms.

MGM data breach affects 10.6M, L Brands chief to resign with Victoria’s Secret sale, and Twitter tests fake-news warnings

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The hotel chain said it discovered the breach last year and hired two cybersecurity forensics agencies to conduct an internal investigation. The crisis adds to MGM’s struggling reputation management efforts.

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Conference Recap: Microsoft’s Frank X. Shaw on Thriving in the Next Communications Age


Shaw, corporate vice president of communications at Microsoft, during the lunchtime keynote session Monday at the 2019 PRSA International Conference in San Diego. And that opportunity comes in the form of storytelling, diplomacy and truth, he said. Storytelling. “In There are three important things to remember about storytelling: Understand how stories travel. Storytelling is the best thing that communicators can to do to be successful in this new age.

Victoria’s Secret CMO retires after transgender hire, Google employee memo goes viral, and Coke stands firm on same-sex ads

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By avoiding responses, organizations risk having their workplace’s dirty laundry put on display for all to see, sending shockwaves through the internal culture and tarnishing its public reputation. Report: All kinds of diversity are essential to brand reputation.

Incoming! How to handle media requests in a crisis

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So my second tip is to expand your media relations team, either internally or by bringing in consultants. In a crisis, your organization’s reputation is on the line. Reputation can be defined as your stakeholders’ opinions of you.

Crisis 160

FedEx takes aim at Amazon, thought leadership shows promise for B2B, and Coca-Cola defends its new brand position

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Thought leadership” might be a hackneyed PR phrase, but there is no disputing that the tactic works. In a study, Edelman found that half of decision-makers consume thought leadership at a rate of an hour or more of reading per week. Thought leadership video.

Target, others to close for Easter Sunday, Home Depot stops selling N95 masks, and AdCouncil’s #AloneTogether PSAs

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CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD. Join Ragan’s Crisis Leadership Board to network and brainstorm with peers, get the latest intelligence and research and start to strategize for the future of your organization. Internal communications.

2020 Olympic Games postponed, Facebook offers more ways to fight COVID-19 misinformation, and CVS to hire 50K

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Here are today’s top stories: International Olympic Committee postpones 2020 Summer Games. No matter your industry or organization, you can help your audience become more savvy information consumers by sharing updates from reputable sources along with tips on how to identify misinformation. Doing so can help you to weather the pandemic more effectively and can also help strengthen your reputation among consumers and employees alike.