Top 2021 internal communication trends

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This generation is no stranger to technology, and they’re looking for platforms and apps to see their health records, manage costs and easily shop around for different types of care. The post Top 2021 internal communication trends appeared first on PR Daily.

Technology special feature for communicators

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One of the many lessons we’ve learned in 2020 is technology is paramount to reaching, communicating, and engaging with employees. Arm yourself with the most effective technology suited to your needs to reach your communications goals in 2021.


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Why Your Technology Company Needs PR

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

A high-impact PR program can be a technology company’s greatest asset – provided it’s well conceived and skillfully executed. Yet even if the PR program is executed internally, public relations and influencer marketing can help put a tech company on the map. For a more mature technology business, they can help build a competitive advantage. The typical B2B technology customer is an educated buyer who may research his purchase for weeks or months.

How employee communications technologies are enabling ‘continuous listening’

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Two-way communication has long been the gold standard for internal communicators, but the latest employee communications technologies have made it a more tangible reality. COVID-19 and the rise of remote work has forced the rapid adoption of these workgroup-communications technologies.

Worst PR Technology Nightmares

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Most are used for internal and external communications, and they work well. If anything, technology tools allow mistakes to travel faster and further then ever before. Here are some of the worst technology “horror stories” experienced by our team or by colleagues who wish to remain anonymous. The post Worst PR Technology Nightmares appeared first on Crenshaw Communications.

How internal communications will change again in 2021

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RELATED: Attend our Internal Communications and Culture Next Practices Virtual Conference ]. Budgets for communications technology has grown and is shifting to the neglected services to implement it. However, internal communications is most often devoid of such metrics and data.

The Impact of AI, Automation, and Technology on News Gathering

Business Wire

To better understand the implications of “robots reporting the news,” Business Wire convened an incredible panel of media experts at our New York newsroom to discuss how to responsibly and effectively apply this advanced technology to news reporting. The use of artificial intelligence in the news industry is growing at an increasing pace.

5 Ways To Raise Your Internal PR Game

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Earlier this week, we made the case for raising your internal PR game. The technological and social changes over the past few years have both made internal communications more important, and also opened up opportunities to revolutionize it. 5 ways to raise internal PR standards. Consider technology tools. In 2017 McKinsey found that only 17% of companies report investing in some form internal communications technology.

Consumer brands must tap technology to stay relevant post-pandemic

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One way to do so is by tapping into technology, and we already are seeing this success exemplified through brands that have developed a hybrid approach that mixes traditional with digital. FREE DOWNLOAD: 2019 Internal Communications Measurement Survey Results ]. Do not underestimate the power of technology in these challenging times. The post Consumer brands must tap technology to stay relevant post-pandemic appeared first on PR Daily.

Crafting snappy internal comms emails: if you want it to stick, make it quick

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Would you say your internal emails spark rich conversation—or are they more of an aggravation? 12 hours: Amount of time per day employees are connected to technology for work. Comms expert Kristin Graham shares her tips for inbox messaging mastery.

Is Public Relations Management a Technology? [PR Tech Sum]

Sword and the Script

Managing customer relationships is a business process that’s virtually impossible to perform at scale without technology, even as the term CRM has become synonymous with the technology. Here’s the summary of news – the monthly PR Tech Sum – from the world of the PR technology vendors. >>> Two small international PR tech vendors Prezly, and Propel, both promote a similar concept ( here and here ).

5 Ways to Improve Internal Communication


Here are five key takeaways from IPR’s white paper about how to improve internal communications: 1. Treat your internal publics like your external publics. “Internal communications should not be treated as a one-size-fits-all proposition.” But when you want to get information out internally how do you do it? The point that IPR makes is that we spend much more time personalizing our messaging externally than we do internally.

4 tactics for courting international journalists

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PR across most sectors has spilled over from domestic to international. Brand managers for products and services have targeted a global audience thanks to advances in technology, and that has resulted in a targeting of journalists on the same worldwide scale. Let’s lift the lid on how specifically to approach international writers: 1. International journalists are, for obvious reasons, predominately freelance. For interviews, think about the international angle.

$100 Million M&A for Internal Comms Tool: What’s Older is Still News in Marchlyjunetember [PR Tech Sum]

Sword and the Script

Internal comms tool SocialChorus acquired by a PE firm; Burton-Taylor digs up revenue numbers; Nexis Newsdesk Simplifies news search; Propel adds broadcast monitoring Welcome to the beginning of September.

PR and the Marketing Technology Skills Gap

Shift Communications

Keeping pace with the rate of change in marketing technology has become a full time job. Heck, just keeping up with the news is a challenge, never mind closing the gap on technological skill sets you need to execute effectively. So, how in this wave of ever changing technology do we keep our heads above water here at SHIFT? We started to notice the move towards more widespread marketing technology adoption in our client base in the last 18 months.

‘The whole person’: Internal publication tells employee stories

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Though digital communication has finished off some internal magazines, others have found new life, as organizations move from stodgy corporate promotions to people pieces. Published for decades, in recent years it has transitioned from a collection of short, business-related stories to more of a consumer publication, says Amanda Jo Deppe, senior director of internal communications and community programs. Employee Engagement Internal Communications Print Publications

Join us at Facebook HQ for the latest internal comms strategies

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Join them at their Menlo Park, California headquarters for the Internal Communications & Employee Engagement Summit at Facebook , July 30–31. Take advantage of the latest tools and technology available to communicators. The post Join us at Facebook HQ for the latest internal comms strategies appeared first on PR Daily. Employee Engagement Executive Communication Internal Communications Leadership Communications Social Media The Workplace

Inside Dell Technologies’ pioneering social media monitoring operation

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That’s the daunting yearly challenge facing Dell Technologies’ social media support team, which won a 2019 PR Daily Digital Marketing and Social Media Award in the “Social Listening and Real-Time Response ” category for its nimble digital efforts. Social media listening is about more than preemptively sniffing out potential problems, says Nishant Mishra , director of social media programs at Dell Technologies.

Creating an internal task force around return to the workplace

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Whether a percentage of your workforce has returned to the office, or will remain remote in the short or long-term, this is an issue that employees have questions around—and you need to be prepared to answer.Regardless of your organization’s timetable to returning to the physical office, waiting to create an internal task force on this issue is not recommend. The post Creating an internal task force around return to the workplace appeared first on PR Daily.

Is technology killing employee communications?

Communications Conversations

I believe a big reason employees are using words like this to describe corporate communications is simple: There’s simply much technology. And, the technology they are using isn’t easy to use. Internal social media tools (Yammer). Internal screens. There’s too much technology. What’s more, the technology we are using isn’t easy to use. Second, I think we, as communicators, need to be better students of technology.

How To Develop International Media Contacts

Action PR

Looking for the right international media contacts can seem like a daunting task, but with these six steps you can get yourself off to a flying start. Have a look at individual journalist’s social media profiles too and connect with them, as international communication is more convenient through apps and technology. Try to understand the professional and personal routines of your international contacts.

Monday Roundup: Internal Communications

Waxing UnLyrical

It’s impossible to communicate your brand’s value and mission to the general public without first communicating it well internally. So how can you gain cohesiveness in your organization through internal communications? The new ‘ABCs’ of Internal Communication: 3 steps to becoming a business communicator. The case for internal communications. Building Your Business With Internal Collaboration. Measuring employee engagement in internal communication.

Traveler Expectations for In-Flight Technology


Want to learn how travel technology impacts your brand? Read Cision Global Insight’s free “Integrating Travel Technology Into the Customer Experience” white paper today! Results from a 2014 survey by Honeywell International that appeared in the Washington Times indicated that roughly one in five travelers switch from their preferred airline carrier to one that offers better Wi-Fi. Featured Trends travel technology

Travel 218

Corporate communicators struggling with internal measurement—here are the obstacles

Agility PR Solutions

A large majority (84 percent) of communicators want to implement some form of measurement to determine employee engagement, but they say they often lack the budget and technological resources to do so, according to new research from internal email comms firm PoliteMail Software. The post Corporate communicators struggling with internal measurement—here are the obstacles appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

CBD Technology and Products Changing the Industry


Cannabis and CBD technology products have been on the rise in recent years, with many consumers using them daily thanks to CBD’s potential to provide medical and therapeutic benefits. To celebrate, we’re highlighting CBD technologies and products that are changing the industry, and the lives of consumers who use them. No matter where the products are used on the body, receptors located throughout the body absorb the CBD to stimulate internal healing. .

We Can Control Our Communications Technology Destiny


9 at the PRSA 2017 International Conference in Boston. As technology has evolved and offered us as practitioners in the PR profession new ways of doing our work, communications should be getting easier and more engaging. In partnership with PRSA, APPrise Mobile recently conducted research and published a report regarding the use of technology in the PR and communications industry. 9 at this year’s PRSA 2017 International Conference in Boston.

Media tech: Journalists worldwide embracing technology to tackle daunting challenges

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With media newsrooms moving at lightning speed around the clock, new research from the International Center for Journalists (ICF) finds editors and reporters around the world increasingly turning to digital technology to help address challenges such as the spread of misinformation and growing attacks on reporters. The post Media tech: Journalists worldwide embracing technology to tackle daunting challenges appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

Survey: Comms companies slow on the technology uptake

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According to a survey from the Public Relations Society of America and APPrise Mobile , a sea change in how companies distribute internal content and coordinate messaging seems inevitable. Companies have been especially slow to invest in making internal content mobile-friendly. The report found that messaging technologies are being adopted at a “group level” in an à la carte fashion, rather than in uniform, companywide rollouts.

Survey 101

International Perspectives From PRSA’s Global Affairs Committee


Quentin Langley, chair of PRSA’s Global Affairs Committee, teaches PR, marketing and journalism at the Fashion Institute of Technology and at Fordham University, both in New York City. We asked him how recent events have influenced international perceptions of the United States and its brands, and how the COVID-19 crisis has affected global communications. We have long been trying to understand the international perceptions of America.

Working with Global Media: CNBC International and The Associated Press Share Tips

Business Wire

by Ai Arakawa, Senior International Media Relations Specialist Many of us in the PR/Communications business spend our days focusing on our work with local media. To find out, Business Wire Hong Kong invited two renowned journalists from the Associated Press and CNBC International to speak to a sold out and inquisitive audience at The Hub in Wan Chai. Ted Kemp just moved to Singapore to serve as managing editor, Digital of CNBC International.

What the tech?! Navigating the world of technology as a PR pro

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I have a liberal arts degree and my experience was primarily in broadcast and internal communications. Navigating the world of technology as a PR pro appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. A few years ago, I was talking about careers with a friend when she said, “Tawanda, tech jobs are really on the rise right now, you should look into the industry.” The comment threw me completely off guard.

Chats with Chip: Ryan Williams on Internal Communications and Measurement

Media Bullseye

The most recent episode of Chats with Chip featured a conversation about internal communications and measurement with Ryan Williams , a partner with Tekara Effectiveness. Ryan, who has 20 years of experience in this field, illuminated trends, difficulties, and advantages of formulating a regular plan to measure and implement internal communication tactics. Despite the positives of internal communications strategies, Ryan recognizes the difficulties.

10 Takeaways From PRSA’s 2018 International Conference


Austin, Texas, was the backdrop for PRSA’s International Conference this past week. If we think for a moment that we are in ‘just” a technology and social revolution, make no mistake that public relations and news are in the midst of a similar evolution and revolution. Thought Leadership PRSA International ConferenceWhat’s on the mind of PR professionals these days?

3 ways CRM technology can make PR pros’ lives easier

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Technology can make your life easier. This is because software firms get excited and blindly develop technology for its own sake, forgetting about the people for whom they are developing it. The technology you use should help you achieve this by enhancing the PR skills you already have. Great CRM technology can remove this administrative burden with automated data collection, giving you more time to focus on billable activity. Working in PR is taxing.

Pinterest seeks to woo advertisers and international users as IPO looms

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That would include making ads more relevant, expanding internationally, and using technologies like Lens, its visual recognition tool , to recommend more products. “We Fortune reported: The number of Pinterest’s international monthly active users has tripled since the first quarter of 2016. The post Pinterest seeks to woo advertisers and international users as IPO looms appeared first on PR Daily.

Monday Roundup: PRSA 2015 International Conference

Waxing UnLyrical

I’m here for the 2015 PRSA International Conference where there’s absolutely no shortage of awesome speakers this year. Why: “Technology advances faster than government can adapt, so laws that were enacted before social media existed often determine its lawful use,” writes Eric Schwartzman as he explains why “everyone needs social media compliance training.” What do you hope to learn at the PRSA 2015 International Conference?

4 ways to get the most out of your communication technology

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The technology that transforms our personal lives eventually finds its way into the workplace. In today’s mobile, mixed-media reality, we depend on internal blogs, community forums, and social media. Technology should be used to humanize and scale our communication, not to automate it. With the rise of technology like AI, the temptation to automate employee communication is high. Technology alone can’t do that for you. We are obsessed with our phones.

TCIP #003 – The Power of Mobile Technology in Crisis Communication with Jim Spicuzza

Melissa Agnes

Mobile technology can do wonders for today’s crisis communication. Within this podcast, Jim Spicuzza, CEO of CrisisGo, and I discuss the power of mobile technology in your crisis communications. Whether we’re talking communicating internally with, either your entire staff or specific targeted groups, or externally with key stakeholders, mobile technology is a tool that we both believe needs to be leveraged for today’s crisis communication.

Mobile 177

Why and how you should use podcasting—externally and internally

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Two obstacles have prevented internal communicators from pursuing podcasting (in addition to those listed above). Though content isn't a problem—most internal communicators have good ideas for employee-focused podcasts—concerns about the time and cost of production, coupled with confusion over how to distribute an internal-only podcast, have held them back. Podcasting is not just red hot; it's here to stay.

Brandwatch and Cision: a story of two sides of the impact of technology on PR workflow

Stephen Waddington

It’s also a sign of the impact of technology. Brandwatch’s datasets include national and international social media; communities such as Mumsnet; and 8,000 different earned media thanks to integration with LexisNexis. Job cuts are the human side of the modernisation of PR but new opportunities are being created enabling us to work smarter and deliver better work. Cision is set to lay off 100 people in London as media monitoring revenues fall according to PRWeek.