Why Your Technology Company Needs PR

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A high-impact PR program can be a technology company’s greatest asset – provided it’s well conceived and skillfully executed. For a more mature technology business, they can help build a competitive advantage.

Israel Automotive Technologies Worth Watching


Advancements in technology aim to make completing tasks easier, and our quality of life richer. Israel has become a hub for companies focused on technologies that will make traveling behind the wheel of a car more enjoyable as well as safer.

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How voice technology could transform PR and marketing

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Alexa, will technology change the public relations industry? “It’s We use data analytics to inform our campaigns and to measure campaign outcomes such as message delivery or perception change. The post How voice technology could transform PR and marketing appeared first on PR Daily.

Technology Makes Us Lazy Communicators

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When Shonali reached out to me to ask if I’d write a guest post on technology in communication, I immediately jumped at the chance. Many rants are made across the tubes of information about how social media vanity stats aren’t true engagement (e.g. Guest Post by Matt LaCasse.

PR Tips For A High-Impact Technology Launch

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Technology companies gearing up for a new product launches know full well they’re adding to a crowded marketplace. The post PR Tips For A High-Impact Technology Launch appeared first on Crenshaw Communications.

How voice technology is reshaping PR

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Since Apple introduced voice technology with Siri in 2011, the tech trend has exploded and become relatively mainstream. The applications for voice technology are growing every day. However, what does voice technology mean for PR and marketers’ content strategies?

Using Google Analytics to Inform your B2B Tech PR Program

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I work on the B2B tech team, and leveraging Google metrics and analytics to dig deeper into a media hit has helped show our clients the value of securing mentions in niche technology publications. You may have noticed already that we talk a lot about data-driven PR at SHIFT.

Ten Tools to Help You Become an Informed Voter

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But if you want to vote for the representatives and propositions that really support your interests, it’s important to be properly informed about what they believe and what they will do. You can even explore this information for local races where you live.

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Moving Target: How Technology Changed the Travel Experience


Technology has changed the world, especially how we get from Point A to Point B and back. Whether a consumer is beginning to plan a trip, or ready to check into their pre-booked accommodation, they have become more reliant on technology than ever before. Wearable Technology.

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Voice search, AI and beyond: Why marketers must embrace technology

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Even marketers who feel they have a handle on technology can always learn and add new tricks. Experiment with social media and technology tools across your marketing efforts. The more technology marketers employ, the more distance they can put between them and consumers.

How Digital Marketing Technology has Affected PR

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In the past few years, PR has been able to leverage digital marketing technology tools and techniques. That’s where the digital marketing technology tools come in. Many of those are messaging apps: What do you, a PR professional, do with all of this information?

Online newsroom makes college a community information hub

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An information hub. There’s a video on the sound recording technology program’s final recording for spring semester , as well as an article on spring commencement. award for 17 process technology majors, a department that also received a $1 million gift.

Pitching Reporters Amid COVID-19 Informs 2020 ‘State of the Media’ Report


Social media algorithms are ranked as the most important new technology impacting journalists today, while the heady promise of AI continues to fade. Only 15 percent of respondents see AI/machine learning as the most important technology to affect the industry.

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Impact of Technology on PR

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The impact of technology on public relations is accelerating. As such, PR pros must determine how they can best leverage technology to stay current. In the end, technology is at the heart of most organizations. Now, that information is much more readily available.

Why I Started Technology Awards List

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Ironically, I started Technology Awards List because I wanted to exit the PR and marketing industry. . I was laid off from one of the best jobs I’d ever had: I was an analyst covering social media and collaborative technologies at a large, well-known industry analyst firm.

7 years of Intelligibility


Industry Insights & Trends business business cycles communicators information intelligibility PR PR tools public relations technology Happy between week: the most highly anticipated time of year for yours truly.

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Is technology killing employee communications?

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Two-fifths (42 percent) report missing critical information necessary to do their job caused by ineffective communication tools, with nearly half saying this was at least a weekly frustration. And, the technology they are using isn’t easy to use. There’s too much technology.

Pornhub donates 50k masks and offers free subscriptions, digital platforms and tech partner to share COVID-19 information, and Tony Awards postponed

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Tech companies and digital platforms partner to share COVID-19 information. ” Why it matters: Getting the correct information in front of people is crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic. Technology updates.

How technology has changed PR agencies

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How have agencies updated their roles to reflect the technological changes and era of social media, and how have agency employees adapted? Prior to social media, journalists call in updates so they could inform the public.

Why I Started the Technology Awards List

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Ironically, I started the Technology Awards List because I wanted to exit the PR and marketing industry. . I was laid off from one of the best jobs I’d ever had: I was an analyst covering social media and collaborative technologies at a large, well-known industry analyst firm.

Traveler Expectations for In-Flight Technology


Want to learn how travel technology impacts your brand? Read Cision Global Insight’s free “Integrating Travel Technology Into the Customer Experience” white paper today! Want to see all of Cision’s key findings on travelers’ technology preferences?

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Where does public relations fit in the marketing technology stack?

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At the recent MarTech San Francisco conference, Scott Brinker revealed the marketing technology stacks of 41 different companies. Where does public relations fit into the marketing technology landscape? Everywhere and nowhere, because public relations is not a technology.

The Marketing Gaps: Talent, Technology and Strategy

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Visit performance.pr2020.com for additional information and resources. Strategy Technology Talent Following is an excerpt from The Marketing Performance Blueprint (John Wiley & Sons, 2014). The Marketing Talent Gap.

What will PR technology look like in 2025?

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A few weeks ago, the MN PRSA folks asked me to present at the local APR study session on “technology.” In 1995, technology looked like this in the PR world: The Mac Classic is one of the computers I grew up with. Video technology will render conference calls useless.

How IROs Leverage Digital Technology


In the process of preparing for the event we discovered a few ways that the IR community is using digital technology to more effectively reach and engage investors, shareholders, analysts and target media. Technology is transforming investor relations.

How a sleek, informative website can be your brand’s best PR face

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Evolving trends and emerging technologies ensure that the business of PR is always moving forward. The post How a sleek, informative website can be your brand’s best PR face appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. The world of PR is in a constant state of change.

CMO Council study explores impact of technology on travel experience

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Whether you are a smart and well-informed travel planner, a “relaxed nomad” ready to roam without stress or strife, or a deal-seeker on a budget, technology is […].

Survey: Comms companies slow on the technology uptake

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The report found that messaging technologies are being adopted at a “group level” in an à la carte fashion, rather than in uniform, companywide rollouts. Forty-four percent said their company has an informal policy that relies on employee judgment.

Survey 132

3 ways PR pros can use technology effectively

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Technology has forever changed the way PR pros communicate with their audiences. No matter the organization or client, PR pros must learn to embrace social media communications—including the technology behind their chosen platforms.

Will the next wave of technology disruptors fix the broken customer experience?

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Technology is providing us with some great solutions to business obstacles, including many in comms fields—but for every solution, we seem to be left scrambling to overcome new obstacles createdby the technology.

Online newsroom makes college a community information hub


An information hub The college has been featured in important news stories, and Del Mar officials naturally wish to trumpet the news. There’s a video on the sound recording technology program’s final recording for spring semester , as well as an article on spring commencement.

Does Too Much Technology Make Us Bored?

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And in doing so, I experienced two very different attitudes to customer service, and technology, all in the same day. When I asked for information on the various Airs, she didn’t deign to answer, but pulled up the comps on the nearby iPad… and then did nothing.

3 ways CRM technology can make PR pros’ lives easier

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You don’t have to write everything down by hand, keep reporter information in tabbed folders on a shelf in your office or send snail-mail pitches. Technology can make your life easier. The technology you use should help you achieve this by enhancing the PR skills you already have.

Advances in automation: how AI and automated technology are shaping medicine, journalism, and PR

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This ability to glean information with a single click—or less—and a simple voice command is just one example of the abilities of artificial intelligence (AI) and automated technology. Thrun wondered if artificially intelligent technology could assist with this early-stage diagnosis.

How to Tackle Social Media for Your Business Even When Technology is Not Your Strong Suit


So with the help of today’s article, I’ll show you how to use social media even when technology is not your strong suit. Clicking the pin, or image link, will bring you to the website that contains more information about the image/pin.

We Can Control Our Communications Technology Destiny


No matter the size of the organization or the industry it operates in, every company faces the same challenge of effectively delivering important information and messaging. This post is brought to you by APPrise Mobile , a proud sponsor of PRSA.

How Technology is Powering the Earned Media Revolution

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These clicks add up over time, connecting audiences with the information they need to make buying decisions. For far too long, communications teams have struggled with gaps in technology, content, data, analytics and attribution.

How to make yourself immune against commercial persuasion

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The Shannon and Weaver model have many uses, amongst them to highlight how big the gap is between what the information source is transmitting to what the information receiver is actually receiving. Never react emotionally to what the media is putting in front of you.

How technology’s 'Hummingbird Effect' evolves PR strategies

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It is informative and inspiring, and generated many ideas that may be applicable for my business and clients. Today’s Technology Innovations. There is plenty of anecdotal information, but there will be better quantifiable data in the years to come.

Pitching Business and Technology Contributors: Q & A with Freelancer Anne R. Gabriel


Gabriel has spent over 30 years as a professional in the communications field, writing about business and education technologies as a journalist and marketing communications consultant. Moving fluidly between the worlds of journalism, business technology writing, marketing and PR, she does everything from writing editorial for C-Level IT publications to providing marketing support for organizations ranging from start-up to Fortune 500. Anne R.