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Report: Consumers say tech companies can do better on privacy and more

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A recent FleishmanHillard report about reputation management and technology highlights the struggle to maintain consumers’ trust amid data breaches, privacy concerns on social media platforms, and increased hate speech online. Though almost 60% of consumers in the United Kingdom think that technology companies are currently regulated the right amount, just over half of U.S. Users’ data collection and privacy aren’t consumers’ only area of concern, though.

Why Your Technology Company Needs PR

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A high-impact PR program can be a technology company’s greatest asset – provided it’s well conceived and skillfully executed. Good will and strong community relations are also in demand as Silicon Valley is blamed for a host of problems, from data privacy threats to income inequality. For a more mature technology business, they can help build a competitive advantage. Credibility is like money in the bank for brand reputation.

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How Privacy Conscious Brands Can Gain an Edge on the Competition

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As consumers become warier of digital ads that infringe on their privacy, brands must think of ways to relate to their customers without appearing to intrude on them. Is there an opportunity for brands to get ahead by establishing themselves as privacy-conscious, at a time when targeted — even invasive — ads are the norm? Is Privacy Consciousness the New Corporate Social Responsibility? How to Change the Privacy Narrative and Public Perception.

Who Is Fighting Fake News? [article]

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has radically changed journalism and public relations , two industries that rely on the free exchange of information and ideas. ” It’s a war of information being waged on keyboards and in the cloud and it affects all of us. The online communications revolution has unleashed a Pandora’s box of disturbing problems that threaten privacy, democracy — even the concept of objective truth. Web 2.0

Five ways marketers can prepare for GDPR

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Facilitated by Firefly CEO Claire Walker, our team of experts included Simon Morrissey, Head of Data and Privacy at law firm Lewis Silkin, Nicholas Dunn-McAfee, Head of Policy and Research at the PRCA and Simon Loopuit, CEO and founder of trust-hub. From a reputation perspective, handling data in a respectful manner shows your customers that you are safe guardians of their personal information. Give your customers choice in how and when they receive information from you.

Google’s Turn On The Hot Seat: A PR View

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The hearing offered a golden opportunity for members of Congress to grill Pichai on a host of issues — data privacy, use of location data in advertising, hate speech on YouTube, or its controversial experiments with a government-censored Chinese search engine, among others. As summed up by Daniel Castro, vice president of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, “Google came away unscathed.”

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Who Were The PR Winners And Losers of 2017?

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Here’s a look at those who came out on top, and others who took a reputation beating last year. After “Today” show star Matt Lauer was abruptly fired following allegations of sexual misconduct, it seemed that NBC would take a terrible blow to its reputation. Cryptocurrency had a great year in 2017, breaking through the $10,000 price barrier and throwing off some of its shady reputation. That’s because 2017 brought a pile-up of hits to its reputation.

5 Trends Shaping Tech PR In 2018

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At times, technology PR can feel like a shape-shifting beast — large, fast-moving, and even a little intimidating. Privacy regulations. The GDPR privacy rule officially blazed into our lives in May. And it won’t be the last data protection or privacy regulation we’ll see. In July, the state of California passed its own data privacy regulations called CCPA , and other states are sure to follow. Big tech’s reputation challenges.

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Big Tech Advertising: Olive Branch or Smoke Screen?


Several key factors likely played into this strategy to push out mainstream advertising in order to update a brand’s reputation or make a push for consumer involvement. Facebook is currently under a heavy amount of scrutiny , both for its allowance of incorrect information as well as its lack of respect for consumer data privacy. It’s rolling out a new News tab that promises to both pay publishers fairly as well as prevent the spread of false information.

Future of PR and social media for International Air Transport Association crisis communications conference

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I will be talking about mobile, data and wearable technology as the drivers and ethics, real time and content as the issues. But public relations has always depended on persuasion, information, advocacy, the truth. Mobile, data and wearable technology. But why be afraid of big government when we freely provide our life story to social networks and give up our privacy to airlines in return for a bribe of a few more air miles.

Why Marketing Pros Should Care About the Dark Web

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Many marketing pros have no interest in technology, and when I bring up subjects like the deep web and the dark web, their eyes glaze over and they quickly reach for their phones. But after researching online reputation issues for my new book How to Protect (Or Destroy) Your Reputation Online , I can say with absolute certainty that marketing professionals who ignore the deep web and the dark web do so at their organization’s or their client’s peril.

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Online security using SSL and HTTPS


SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, which is essentially a protocol that provides a secure connection and encrypts the information that is being sent from a server to a user and vice versa. SSL provides security in two steps, which offers online privacy and data integrity. This could mean hackers or other unwanted third parties can access the information you are sending to and receiving from this server. ssl,http,https,security,technologyWhat do SSL and HTTPS mean?

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Supercharge Your B2B PR With Newsjacking

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The year has already brought huge changes in many digital technology categories, like the news that Google will end cross-site third-party cookie sharing. The announcement may mean nothing to most consumers, but for our clients in media, ad tech, data privacy, and digital security, it’s a big deal. Stay alert for B2B technology changes. When in doubt, don’t jeopardize brand reputation by seeming to take advantage of a crisis or tragedy.

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Building brand authenticity in a world of distrust

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Democracy should be based on everyone having access to the same information. We’re only starting to understand the impact of technology platforms such as Google and Facebook on society. Privacy is set to become a critical for brands if it isn’t already.” Investment in reputation will always get cut in the short term in favour of shareholder value.

Why don’t we teach our kids how to use the internet to create, invent and do good?

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The post alluded to teaching cyber security to kids as a way to protect themselves and their personal reputations and data. And yeah, any class would involve lessons around online privacy and cyber security, as Baer points out. Using technology in the classroom is a great thing. For example, why couldn’t we teach out kids: * How to effectively search for information on the web (and no, just typing something into Google does NOT qualify–anyone can do that). *

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Google co-founders step down, Riot Games pays $10M in harassment suit, and most consumers distrust organizations’ data use

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Also: Coalition issues a privacy framework, TikTok faces lawsuit over data collection, tips for mining great stories within your organization, and more. Good morning, PR pros: A coalition of trade organizations and companies called Privacy for America has announced a “comprehensive new framework” proposal for privacy legislation across the United States. — Privacy for America (@privacy4america) December 3, 2019.

6 Reasons Your Tech Company Needs PR

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A high-impact PR program can be a technology company’s greatest asset – provided it’s well conceived and skillfully executed. Good will and strong community relations are also in demand as Silicon Valley is blamed for a host of problems, from data privacy threats to income inequality. For a more mature technology business, they can help build a competitive advantage. Credibility is like money in the bank for brand reputation.

Want To Work In Tech PR? Here Are 5 Questions

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Jobs are more in demand than ever, as brands in every vertical and size have come to recognize the value of positive reputation and third-party endorsement. Take my agency; we focus on tech PR, with a particular focus in B2B technology. Sometimes we get down in the weeds, discussing whether an embargoed or exclusive strategy might work, and though smart people can disagree, we’re usually looking for a realistic and informed approach.

How To Supercharge B2B PR With Newsjacking

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The year has already brought huge changes in many digital technology categories, like the news that Google will end cross-site third-party cookie sharing. The announcement may mean nothing to most consumers, but for our clients in media, ad tech, data privacy, and digital security, it’s a big deal. Stay alert for B2B technology changes. When in doubt, don’t jeopardize brand reputation by seeming to take advantage of a crisis or tragedy.

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Deborah Weinstein on the Challenges Confronting PR and Digital Marketing

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Technology has transformed everything we do, from our ability to swiftly discover and tightly target key opinion leaders (be they journalists, politicians, shareholders, stakeholders, or all of the above) with relevant, credible information—to our proven power to build robust virtual communities by creating enticing, engaging bridges to the brands we represent. Both owned by Facebook, they’ll keep the monolith steady, despite its privacy scandals, for years to come.

Owners of site that facilitates affairs respond to hacker threats

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There are a few inherent reputational pitfalls in operating a website for the express purpose of facilitating extramarital affairs, but things really came to a head this week for Avid Life Media (ALM), the company that runs Ashley Madison, a dating site for married people. It reads, in part: We apologize for this unprovoked and criminal intrusion into our customers' information.

7 traits of excellent PR agencies

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Have good reputations. However, make sure to pick an agency with a good reputation. That doesn’t mean you have to go with the biggest agency out there; even boutique companies can have a solid reputation. Great PR agencies aren’t afraid to give up some free information—they know that that’s the best way to show their expertise and attract clients. Make sure that any PR agency you choose is always up-to-date with the latest news and information.

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7 essential digital techniques all marketers should master

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Data and privacy protection. For too long, digital marketers have taken personal data for granted, enjoying the benefits without securing it properly or thinking too much about privacy. go into effect, creating strict boundaries around what companies can do with people’s personal information with heavy fines for non-compliance. Committing to specific digital tactics can be difficult for marketers.

8 tips for health care organizations to foster better communication in 2016

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Here are eight forecasts for this year from the firm — presented as potential strategies for managing your reputation. With ongoing data breaches in the news, patients will continue to have concerns about privacy issues, as will providers and payers. Data security must be heightened to avoid Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act violations that can negatively impact your organization’s reputation. With mobile technology comes engagement.

Lawyering up on Data Protection and Cybersecurity

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Metaverse Law focuses exclusively on data privacy and cybersecurity, so I help businesses with their compliance obligations under these new privacy and cybersecurity rules, bring in third parties to assess the security systems and help them deal within an instant. And so as long as they’re collecting sensitive data, that could be customer data, customer lists, financial data, healthcare data, information in the Cloud, a lot of them are covered by these new laws.

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Facebook launches multi-pronged push toward self-regulation

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He wrote: Technology is a major part of our lives, and companies such as Facebook have immense responsibilities. From what I’ve learned, I believe we need new regulation in four areas: harmful content, election integrity, privacy and data portability. The move echoes Zuckerberg’s announcement that the company would make a big shift to prioritize user privacy. This is the first time that we’ve built information on how ranking works directly into the app.

4 social media marketing trends that won’t go away

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New technology gives birth to infant practices, and early data shows that recently several of these local fads have grown to be trends. Consumers are more hesitant than ever to share personal information, even an email address, much less credit card information. Your ads should appear on reputable and related sites. Notify your users and followers if you change your privacy policy. They need to know exactly what you do with their information.

Popeye’s chicken sandwich returns, Adobe breach hits 7.5M, and rushing to measure ROI won’t produce results

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The software company recently announced that it left millions of Creative Cloud subscribers’ information unsecured for roughly a week, potentially exposing their emails, member IDs and other information. In an age of constant security breaches and data privacy concerns, most consumers recognize this. Why you should care: Watch for continued crisis and reputation management lessons as the company continues to struggle with its brand image issues.

Google, Microsoft and Verizon challenge Zoom, retail sales decline to new low, and PlayStation launches ‘Play at Home’ campaign

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Verizon is acquiring Blue Jeans Network, The Wall Street Journal reported , to “bolster Verizon’s business group as the carrier rolls out faster 5G networks and pitches new applications of wireless technology to its largest corporate customers.”. Meanwhile, Zoom has turned to security consultants and privacy experts to fix its security issues and fix its image following a slew of negative headlines and “Zoombombing.”. VIRTUAL EVENT: Keep employees informed, engaged and inspired ].

NHS at 70: Ten difficult conversations for communicators

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2 Technology versus community care The public is wedded to the notion of doctors’ surgeries and hospitals on every street corner. Instead, where appropriate, technology is already empowering online consultations and self-care in the home. 3 Media relations vs integrated communications The recruitment of journalists to fill communication roles has led to a shortfall in planning, integrated communications and reputation management.

Many fooled by Instagram hoax, Spicer joins ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ and LinkedIn shares coveted skills

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Also: Consumers ridicule care guidelines for Apple’s credit card, how to prepare for another privacy act, and a heartwarming tale from Orlando’s airport. Good morning, PR pros: Today’s technology trends call for particular skills, and communicators who embrace them are head and shoulders above the competition. Here are today’s top stories: Instagram privacy hoax hooks big fish. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) takes effect Jan.

Does Direct Mail Really Work for Millennials?

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As social media and search advertising have become integrated into our everyday lives, many believe that direct mail is an outdated way to reach consumers as smartphones allow millennials to access information, products and services instantly. This seems like a paradox: if they have a reputation of being glued to their phones, why are they ignoring online ads? You might find this annoying, distracting, or perhaps even an invasion of privacy.

J&J offers to settle in Ohio, consumers question leaders’ ethics, and how TikTok fills a specific niche

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It’s not about privacy and friends, but strutting on the world stage. Taking notes can be tedious and time-consuming, but technology might finally have an answer for tired typists. However, companies should think about privacy concerns as they plan to capture conversations from their employees and customers. WeWork IPO debacle dings JP Morgan, Nike’s digital strategy pays dividends, and CEOs who speak out get a reputation boost.

Uber pivots from forced arbitration for sexual assault victims

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So moving forward, survivors will be free to choose to resolve their individual claims in the venue they prefer: in a mediation where they can choose confidentiality; in arbitration, where they can choose to maintain their privacy while pursuing their case; or in open court. The company has also pledged to publish a safety transparency report that includes sexual assault data and information on other incidents that occur. The move is also Uber’s latest to repair its reputation.

Brands donate to frontline workers, Yelp pauses GoFundMe effort after backlash, and Ralph Lauren to make 250k masks

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Despite the good intentions, Yelp quickly received criticism from business owners, because they weren’t informed of the fundraisers and weren’t able to easily opt out of the efforts: Hey @gofundme , can you shut down this page please? Yelp misstepped by not informing business owners—and then by making it difficult for the owners to act. Charitable actions can be greatly appreciated during this crisis, but make sure those efforts don’t come at the cost of privacy and autonomy.

What lies ahead in 2020? Predictions from 20 industry experts

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In fact, everyone has caught up to technologies that are now familiar, which means you and your competitors are selling the same benefits, over and over again. Given the data that many companies already have, available technology could, if we used it right, tell us what the most effective response to a crisis is and how to best de-escalate a situation before it turns into a crisis.” In 2020, I think we’ll see greater emphasis on corporate reputation and workplace branding.

How Your CEO Can Save Your Company?s Image

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These examples will provide your team with strategies on how to communicate effectively and reboot your reputation in the public eye. This in turn will enable the company to repair its reputation and deliver a clear vision going forward. If Facebook had immediately taken action and disclosed what it knew as soon as it became aware of the incident, it could have taken steps to protect user privacy and resolved the issue.

‘Deepfake’ video of Facebook CEO raises red flags for PR, news outlets

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Facebook is moving cautiously when it comes to removing fake videos—a new wrinkle that threatens to worsen the brand’s reputation for authenticity and accurate news. The latest video, a creation by an artist exhibiting a gallery show about fake video technology, was uploaded to Instagram and immediately garnered scrutiny for its content: Mark Zuckerberg appears to credit a shadowy organization called Spectre with teaching him how to dominate the world.

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Mattel introduces American Girl with hearing loss, U-Haul shuns new hires who use nicotine, and Spotify bans political ads

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Also: California’s Consumer Privacy Act starts, workplace distractions take a toll on employees, Muscle Milk aims to reward year-round fitness fans, and more. Good morning, PR pros: On Wednesday, California’s Consumer Privacy Act went into effect, ushering in 2020 with a bevy of warnings for organizations that collect consumers’ data. Otherwise, even a masterfully crafted PR statement won’t save you from potential reputational damage as consumers and employees lash out.

26 Thoughtful Marketing Predictions that Could Actually Happen in 2019 Across PR, Content, Digital, Social Media and Customer Success

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Calls for GDPR style American laws to codify privacy as a human right will increase, culminating in American laws in 2020. Television, XM Radio, Smart Things and other technologies will continue to meld with traditional digital channels and tools.”. – Marty Weintraub | Aimclear. Sticking to the three S’s will be vital in 2019 since people are consuming so much information. 21) Consolidation of marketing automation technologies. “We