What Tesla’s move to eliminate its PR department means for the industry

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The move was first reported yesterday by Electrek, a news website that tracks the transportation industry’s shift from fossil fuels to electric. Here are some lessons for the PR industry from Tesla’s dramatic move.

Airbnb: Transforming Travel Industry using Digital PR

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In the early to mid 2000s, nearly every service industry tried to translate what they had to offer to the internet. Some not only succeeded, they transformed entire industries and set the standard for those who would come after them. The post Airbnb: Transforming Travel Industry using Digital PR appeared first on. Ronn Torossian Insights MARKETING PR Firm PR Tips Pubilc Relations Strategy

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What the Cision-Trendkite Merger Means for the Communications Industry


As the CEO of a leading communications technology company, I have been asked by many of our customers what this means for the industry. Generally, it is exciting to see continued investment in tools for the PR industry. We have already witnessed a steady increase in the marketing teams’ budgets for technology, automation and measurement over the past fifteen years. They are paving a path for the entire industry to elevate itself through data and technology.

Marketing lessons from the South Korean beauty industry

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The global cosmetics industry’s revenue is expected to grow to at least $ 379 billion , and skin care is its main driver. consumers expect quick results—a common hurdle for communicators and marketers—but asking consumers to put in the work to get the outcomes they want isn’t a negative. What can communicators and marketers learn from K-beauty? For marketers and communicators, watching and responding to cosmetics trends is crucial for success.

PR industry resilient but COVID-19 leaves significant human cost

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It finds an industry getting to grips with structural changes, managing the health impact of COVID-19, and bracing for Brexit. Ingham’s view, informed by the 35,000 members of the PRCA, was that the industry would shrink by as much as a fifth. Industry talent is in a state of upheaval.

Clichés of the PR Industry

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They say this because they have a certain amount of experience in particular industry, or similar experience working inside a related company. But the most fun things I’ve done in my career were pitching toilet seat wipes to building owners…helping a start-up acquire some funding and go to market…help a high-tech company integrate a recent acquisition and spin it off a year later for a 3x return on investment…and the list goes on.

How PR Can help shape marketing messages

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With tightened budgets affecting many organizations, make sure that your marketing and PR efforts work in tandem to deliver the best results. PR and marketing continue to be in a relationship that works closely together, but oftentimes departments struggle to stay connected.

Virtual Event Marketing

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This year, with the state of things, due to the pandemic, the event marketing industry, as well as other global events, have undergone significant changes. The post Virtual Event Marketing appeared first on.

Media Relations Shrinks as a Public Relations Service; Cliff Notes to 3 Industry Reports

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Studies find media relations isn’t the top PR service anymore; PR weakness on technical skills; execs are key to shaping corporate social positions Several interesting reports on the PR industry were published earlier in 2020 but got lost in the blur that unfolded since.

How to Research Industry Trends Hassle-Free

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What time and resources are we committing to understanding overall cultural trends and our industry’s current relevant news? For starters, we’ll explore not only why we should be dedicating time and resources to research industry trends but also how to do it completely hassle-free. The ability to tap into this knowledge can help inform owned, earned, and paid media of your organization’s PR and marketing efforts. Google Trends is the ULTIMATE tool to research industry trends.

A Guide to Breaking into the PR Industry

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According to 0to5.com, “the PR industry is on the rise- a reflection of the growing need for great communications and the growth of social media outlets.” The post A Guide to Breaking into the PR Industry appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog. Brand PR Featured PR Agency PR Firm PR Inspiration Public Relations Ronn Torossian 5W Public Relations 5WPR CEO Insights MARKETING PR Tips Pubilc Relations

What lies ahead in 2020? Predictions from 20 industry experts

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As we in communications and marketing look ahead to 2020, what can we expect? Bloggers will feel like they’re on the cutting edge of organic influencer marketing. The more communicators can help at every stage of the marketing operations funnel, from customer service up through advertising, the more PR will make an impact in 2020. How can we truly move our industries forward with thought-provoking content and discussions? Amanda Milligan, marketing director, Fractl.

Do industry benchmarks for social media still hold value?

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In a world dominated by paid campaigns and audience hyper-targeting across social media, is there still a place for industry benchmarking? In my work, I’m regularly asked to provide “industry benchmarks” to gauge and assess the success of our social campaigns. In the world of marketing and communications, benchmarks are commonly used to measure the perceived success or failure of a social campaign or post. So even within our own walls, industry benchmarking can be unreliable.

Lockdown creative industry awards 2020

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There's no need for industry awards for at least 12 months. Creative, marketing and PR industry events have either been postponed or moved online for at least 12 months. industryI've written up the winners across all categories. In any normal year, this week would see the start of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. I don't think there's any need for any awards this year.

Growing a Business With 2020 Marketing Trends

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Business owners, as well as marketers, are constantly looking for ways to improve and are always prioritizing the newest trends to promote brands and corporations. The post Growing a Business With 2020 Marketing Trends appeared first on.

Trends 244

5 terrific tips for winning industry awards

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Putting an industry award on the company mantel can be a nice PR win for a B2B. Industry awards exist for every niche, and each competition will have multiple categories and/or subcategories, which increases the chances of winning but complicates entering. Industry competitions usually require summaries of 500 to 1,500 words. Industry awards are usually annual, so businesses can and should plan a strategy well in advance. Marketing Media Relations PR Social Media

How the PR industry has changed in the past 25 years

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He is president and CEO of PAN Communications, an integrated marketing and PR firm with nearly $25 million in revenue, stemming from six straight years of double-digit revenue growth. But after the dot.com boom and the digital transformation our industry has experienced in the past two decades, we’ve expanded into more of an integrated marketing approach. How do you conduct business differently in the various markets you serve, and what are the unifying aspects? .

Get a Big Picture of the PR Landscape with these Notes from 10 Industry Surveys

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Over the past 12 months or so, I’ve easily reviewed and written about more than 20 such PR surveys from the PR sector (there many more about marketing). More: The 3 Characteristics of Effective Thought Leadership in B2B Marketing 3. Content marketing and media relations need each other.

Survey 102

The Reshaping of Public Relations Industry: Content Drives Everything … Including the Kitchen Sink

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The rise of digital communications and forms of digital marketing see to that. The post The Reshaping of Public Relations Industry: Content Drives Everything … Including the Kitchen Sink appeared first on Ishmael's Corner ~ Storytelling Techniques For Business Communications. The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. The best content wins.

The Competition and Industry Gets a Vote on Your Marketing

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The competition gets a vote in your marketing too. In fact, the entire industry gets a vote – buyer, seller, supplier, observer, analyst – and virtually anything with substantive influence on transactions or transaction intent. See these related posts: Your Marketing Predecessor was Probably a Hot Mess [UML]. Marketing, Strategy and War Analogies. We are All Forever Students of Marketing. Marketing as Sensors of a Business.

5 PR industry father figures

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It’s fascinating to chart the growth of public relations over the last century by looking at those who had the vision to create the industry. Edelman elevates marketing in PR. Edelman really thrived later when his agency built a reputation for creating product marketing events and stunts. He pioneered the integration of marketing and B2B PR and was a proponent of nurturing genuine relationships, both with the press and with employees.

What PR Stands to Gain from Content Marketing

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The public relations industry has always been a text-based business. education public relations marketing

Guest Post: The PR Generalist vs. The Industry Specialist

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Because PR is relevant to nearly every industry, practitioners can tailor a career in any number of ways. One notable distinction: becoming an industry-specific specialist or PR generalist. Throughout my 25 year career I’ve worked with clients from an array of industries – aviation, healthcare, government, museums, education, technology, and more. Is industry specialist the right path for you? Suzanne has been in the communications industry for more than 25 years.

Is the PR industry missing the boat with influencer marketing?

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For years, the PR industry had an intense love affair with “influencers.” And, this is where things got weird for the PR industry. And here comes this new influencer marketing and it’s all about the dollars. Just take a peek at some of these comments from that survey: “Influencer marketing is riskier.” ” “While still based on developing relationships, influencer marketing tends to be more transactional in nature.”

Breaking down barriers and navigating growth in the smart home industry 

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David Hernandez, lotus823’s co-founder and managing partner, recently shared his insight on this evolving market. The post Breaking down barriers and navigating growth in the smart home industry appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Marketing Public Relations marketing

How coronavirus has changed the influencer marketing industry for consumers and brands

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As a result of the economic disruption caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we’ve seen a huge number of brands scale back their marketing activity. 62 percent of marketers have admitted to changing their marketing strategies due to COVID-19, only 14 percent of marketing campaigns are now continuing as planned in the UK, and imagery of human interaction has […].

Marketing Tactics for the Cannabis Industry


And really, marketers within the cannabis industry have less work cut out for them than some in less lucrative and exciting industries. So is any marketing prowess actually needed? The name of the game in this cutthroat and fast-paced industry is to be innovative and different and to have a strong strategy for reaching as many consumers as possible, as quickly as possible. Spring for High-Quality Marketing Assets.

3 industry secrets PR professionals never share

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Inbound Marketing Public Relations PR Tips ESOHow to grow your company’s visibility. Public relations is an extremely effective way to promote your company. A well-executed PR campaign attracts your target audience and converts those prospects into loyal customers.

What can the PR industry learn from digital advertising?

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Marketers who know the PR industry inside and out will tell you it’s a universal truth that earned media can be way more effective than paid media. Is there anything the PR industry can learn from the world of digital advertising? The post What can the PR industry learn from digital advertising? However, in a more integrated age, it might be time to rethink that. If […]. appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Analysis Public Relations profession

How to Keep Your Content Engaging in a “Boring” Industry

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When you’re creating an editorial calendar as a content marketer, it can often be challenging to put a fresh spin on evergreen content. Beyond writing about trending, newsworthy topics from Google News or refreshing your blogs for the current year, it’s challenging to keep writing about topics related to your industry if you’re not in a “sexy” industry like entertainment. Some industries have more complex concepts or terminology than others.

How to Keep Your Content Engaging in a “Boring” Industry

Critical Mention

When you’re creating an editorial calendar as a content marketer, it can often be challenging to put a fresh spin on evergreen content. Beyond writing about trending, newsworthy topics from Google News or refreshing your blogs for the current year, it’s challenging to keep writing about topics related to your industry if you’re not in a “sexy” industry like entertainment. Some industries have more complex concepts or terminology than others.

5 Steps to Marketing at an Event Outside of Your Industry


Even if you’re not creating a marketing campaign on this scale, The North Face illustrates how a brand can leverage other industries to create an authentic event experience. Here are 5 key tactics to keep in mind when stepping outside of your brand’s event marketing comfort zone: 1. Instead of trying to force a connection between your product and another industry, let one naturally develop.

Marketing + PR = Happy Customers


As part of her contribution to the PR Council’s PR Genome Education Series, our brilliant Chief Strategy Officer (Rebekah Iliff) recently engaged a panel of communication heavy weights to discuss how Marketing and PR should work together to reach customers. Industry Insights & Trends Adam Weinroth Andrea Huspeni convergence customers Emily Dunlop Marissa Aydlett marketing Marketing and PR PR PR education PR tips public relations Sheryl Pattek

6 tips for new PR pros from an industry vet

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Heather Fox is a senior account manager at Catalyst, a division of Endeavor Global Marketing, based in New York City. It’s an award-winning agency with several national and global clients in a variety of industries. For someone new to the industry, this may present a learning curve. The post 6 tips for new PR pros from an industry vet appeared first on PR Daily. Just getting started in the PR field? Here are some tips to survive your first job or internship.

To battle influencer fraud, brand and marketing coalition releases industry’s first guidelines

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With influencer marketing skyrocketing as a leading (and effective) branding strategy, fakes and posers are starting to pop up across the social terrain, forcing comms pros—who were just starting to establish ground rules for the practice—to scramble in search of ways to combat […]. The post To battle influencer fraud, brand and marketing coalition releases industry’s first guidelines appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

Paid internships on the rise in PR industry

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The PR Council has announced that its members pledged to pay their interns in the United States at least minimum wage in their market. The decision drew praise from Tina McCorkindale, president and CEO of the Institute for Public Relations , as well as others in the industry. “I I applaud PR Council’s mandate, and I hope more industry leaders follow suit,” McCorkindale says. “I The latest decision should help improve diversity in the industry, she adds.

“An antidote to the insanity that now pervades the marketing industry”

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Delusions of Brandeur is a hilarious, beautifully produced book that takes aim at marketing nonsense. Ryan Wallman has written a book about modern marketing practice that’s the perfect length, is well researched and backed up with evidence. We learn that the primary objective of the marketing profession is to sell stuff and that the business itself is obsessed with shiny new stuff. Delusions of Brandeur pokes a satirical stick at the marketing industry.

7 sins of startup marketing

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While many factors cause startups to succeed or fail, one common determinant for success is a robust marketing capability, whether in-house, outsourced or a mixed model of resources. Having worked with approximately 250 startups and as the marketing mentor to Plug and Play Technology Center, the world’s largest incubator/accelerator, we have identified seven of the key mistakes startups make as they grow when it comes to their marketing program: 1.

How to approach influencer marketing through a PR lens

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With accelerating growth of influencers fueled by brands increasing their marketing budget devoted to influencer marketing , how should brands vet influencers to ensure the partnership will be fruitful? How often are they included in coverage of the industry your brands are a part of?

How To 171

ICCO Summit Considers Future of PR Industry

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Victoria is a Marketing & Communications Manager with CARMA. The Global International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO) Summit, held on 29-30 September in Oxford, England brought together inspiring speakers from PR consultancies around the world, to address the challenges affecting the PR industry today. The following article is written by Victoria Arscott.