How to Stay Current on Marketing Trends

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Marketing is a fluid industry. This can present a challenge for some professionals who solely rely on their school education to guide them. The post How to Stay Current on Marketing Trends appeared first on.

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How to promote a small business online


"How to promote a small business online" is one of the questions I come across the most frequently whenever I browse the Internet for marketing tips. how to Small Business Social Media Marketing how to promote a small business online how to promote small business promoting your small business online small business marketing small business marketing plan

How to search hashtags by date


Learn how to use social media monitoring to search hashtags by date and back it up with analytics that will tell you much more than just browsing mentions of given hashtags via native social media apps and their websites. Hashtags Social Listening Social Media Marketing how to search hashtags by date how to track hashtags how to track hashtags across social media instagram search by date twitter search by date

How to Use Twitter for Business


Learn how to use Twitter for business in just a few easy steps! Social Listening Social Media Marketing Twitter how to use twitter for business twitter business account twitter for business

How to use LinkedIn Groups to create marketing magic

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If you use the platform to uplift, educate and empower—instead of trying to sell—you can create a vibrant lead generation community. It’s also an incredible (and free) marketing opportunity. Start by joining groups that are relevant to your product, services or industry.

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9 Expert Guides: How to Win at Influencer Marketing

B2B PR Sense

Influencer marketing is no longer the cool kid on the block. In a flash, its moved from cutting edge to a necessary tactic for marketers -- including B2B marketers. Not to worry, though, if you're not there yet or need to up your game. Influencer Marketing

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Startup Woes: How to Stay Organized with a Startup Marketing Strategy

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The problem with bringing together many brilliant minds (which is usually how startups are founded) is that sometimes it can be difficult to stay […]. The post Startup Woes: How to Stay Organized with a Startup Marketing Strategy appeared first on.

Content Marketing Tips: How to Attract Your Audience

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B2B content marketing has become the white bread of content marketing. It's on every B2B marketer's menu and unfortunately a lot of it is as exciting as white bread. Simply content without a strategy it isn't a solid part of B2B marketing strategies. B2B Content Marketin

Swipe Right! How to Win Over Influencers, Journalists, and Bloggers

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One of the most difficult tasks for an up-and-coming marketer is building meaningful connections with influencers , journalists, and blogger; you need to manage to stand out from a crowd of thousands of people clamoring for the attention of the few who can boost your signal.

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How to Increase Your Reach on Instagram


Social Listening Social Media Social Media Marketing how to increase reach on instagram instagram organic reach on instagram reach on instagram social media marketingIncreased reach on Instagram will help you reach new audiences, generate leads and convert them into customers. Here are our bulletproof tips and tricks!

How to Become a Media Darling

Flack's Revenge

Every startup wants to be the belle of the media ball. oversight, have discretion about what they cover, the $1M PR question is how to become the object of a media love fest. It’s hard to overestimate the importance of. This post originally appeared on Business2community.

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How to develop a content marketing program

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We have heard the drumbeat of the importance of content marketing for years. Long before it was labeled “content marketing,” communications pros were using it in client work. Content marketing is a valuable tool in the communications arsenal. We’d love to hear from you.

How to use videos in your email marketing

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Email is a crucial tool for reaching new leads and expanding your audience, but it can be a challenge to stick out in a crowded inbox. Here’s how adding video can help. Email marketing is the most effective marketing tool out there. Evaluate how big your budget is.

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How to build influence using content marketing for PR

PR Warrior

The Cambridge dictionary defines ‘influence’ as the power to have an effect on people. Let’s face it, we’re all trying to influence an outcome of sorts. Cause-based nonprofits want to influence public opinion (and sometimes, a… MORE.

How to Create a Content Marketing Plan

Critical Mention

Did you know that over 60% of businesses don’t have a documented content marketing strategy according to CMI and MarketingProfs? Without a plan, you risk all of your content efforts going to waste. But not to fear!

How to Create the Best B2B Content in Your Industry

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It takes hard work and time to create something of quality that people will admire and use for years to come. But there are also master carpenters that create a lasting product that you will enjoy for years to come. Yet people still grapple with content marketing.

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How to get traffic to your website and blog?


Today I want to focus. how to Social Media MarketingThis is the question you ask when your website is brand new, when you post the first article on your blog, or your Google Analytics results are illustrated by the ECG death line. Been there.

How to sidestep 3 subtle—yet crucial—marketing blunders

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Marketing automation is powerful, but it’s far from foolproof. You need a robust strategy to guide it. Here are three common marketing automation mistakes, along with tips to avoid those costly blunders: 1. Email Marketing PR Writing & Editing

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Infographic: How to maximize your LinkedIn marketing potential

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Your business network can be an important sales tool, but only if you construct your social media presence to drive new customers to your sales team. LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for selling your products and services to businesses and customers.

How to Diversify Demographics Reached by Marketing Campaigns

Ronn Torossian

Digital marketing is a wonderful concept because it allows brands to reach consumers on multiple channels, wherever they may be found. This amount of potential reach can also come in handy for a brand that’s looking to diversify its audience. But how, exactly, is this achieved?

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Word of Mouth Marketing: How to Spark Positive Conversations

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What is word of mouth marketing? It claims to be the best of its class and will transform your business. With such outsize claims, you're likely to dismiss the product as a sensationalized gimmick -- and you wouldn't be alone in thinking that. You start to want that product.

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#PRStudChat Discusses How to Get Started with Digital Marketing Analytics

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Seniors are actively job hunting and ready to apply years of education when they enter into the workplace. They seek out marketing and PR professionals who have a good grasp of digital analytics and how to track and measure campaign results and prove business value.

How To Develop A Winning PR Strategy

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

“Strategy” is a word that’s thrown around a lot by PR and marketing professionals, and its meaning is often diluted. In our business, it means the blueprint or roadmap for how we’ll achieve PR or communications goals. Align messaging within PR and marketing.

Negative Customer Experience: How to Diffuse the Situation

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It happens to even the best of us. It’s not always due to something the business or manager did wrong; sometimes there are misunderstandings or miscommunications. The post Negative Customer Experience: How to Diffuse the Situation appeared first on.

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How To Brand When Expanding into the American Market

Ronn Torossian

Interested in expanding your market reach beyond your borders and into the thriving and vibrant American marketplace? there has, perhaps, never been a better time to reach out to the American marketplace. But, while the market is thriving, breaking into […].

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How to Do Your Own Market Research

Maine PR Maven

Nancy Marshall interviews experts across all fronts in communication, marketing and public relations on The PR Maven® Podcast. She interviewed Susan Baier, whose company, Audience Audit, develops custom attitudinal segmentation research for smart marketing agencies and their clients […].

How to successfully pitch podcasts

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Podcast audiences are a great, captive resource for PR pros looking to expand their reach. How can marketers like you get your CEO or brand spokesperson interviewed on a podcast that’s heard by tens of thousands, or even millions, of listeners? How to make your guest appealing.

How to stop overservicing (and underwhelming) clients

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Making your agency turn a profit requires knowing what you are good at, and what jobs you should send to someone else. Here’s how to know when to say “no.”. It doesn’t matter how clear your proposal was or how beautifully you designed your scope of work.

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Infographic: How to write irresistible headlines, from A-Z

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Read on for an alphabet’s worth of tips to craft zippy, snappy, satisfying story-toppers. An online writer’s primary job is to get the reader to click or scroll down the page. instead of “Why bran muffins are good” to create a sense of urgency.

How to nail your next Instagram campaign

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The popular image-sharing platform is a powerful tool for marketers looking to retarget online visitors and develop new audiences. Here are some important points to consider. Yet, there is a right way and a wrong way to handle your Instagram marketing strategy.

How to Track Hashtags Across Social Media


Learn how to track hashtags across social media, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Insights Social Media Social Media Marketing how to track hashtags across social mediaIf hashtag analytics is something you also need, make sure you make it until the end!

How to Measure Social Media ROI?


This post will help you evaluate your social media marketing performance. Business Social Listening Social Media Marketing measure social media ROI social media ROIDo you struggle with measuring your social media ROI?

How to make sure your real-time marketing hits the mark

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Talking about a current event or trend can be incredibly valuable for your organization, but you must take care not to violate trademarks or court backlash. We know timeliness is one of the key ingredients to building valuable content. Stay true to yourself.

How to Adapt to the Future of B2B Inbound Marketing

B2B PR Sense

B2B inbound marketing started some 10 years ago in response to growing frustration with traditional, outbound marketing tactics. Meanwhile, the methods and priorities of b2b marketing strategies grow and evolve. It is our job to grow with them.

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How to identify meaningful marketing metrics

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Marketing campaigns sink or swim based on data. The big question for marketers, is, which metrics matter most? Consider these three tips to navigate meaningful metrics: Focus on the bottom line. If you’re not driving revenue or bringing some sort of substantive ROI to the table, who cares what the data reveals? When selecting which metrics to monitor, start with the bottom line. Just try to be consistent in how, what and why you measure things.

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A Few ‘Kick-Start Your Career’ Tips From Top 5 Most Influential Women (Plus One Man) in Content Marketing


When starting out in a content marketing career, skills development is essential. The industry changes quickly but there are a few core skills that will always be important during your content marketing career. How To career contentmarketing how to

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How to make maximum use of micro-influencers

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Here’s how to capitalize. The rise in micro-influencers is interesting to note because it seems these scrappy, relatable personalities are beginning to capture the attention of brands big and small —and are driving results. If they love it, try out one to two paid posts.

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How to market during Pride Month

HMA Public Relations

This year is especially meaningful to LGBTQ+ people because it commemorates the 50th anniversary of […]. The post How to market during Pride Month appeared first on HMA Public Relations. June is Pride Month – a celebration of the LGBTQ+ community.

How To Collaborate With Influencers In Six Simple Steps


How To Collaborate With Influencers In Six Simple Steps. What just a few years ago seemed to spark disbelief, hardly surprises anyone anymore. Also, it comes as no surprise that more and more brands choose to focus their campaigns around digital influencers. The post How To Collaborate With Influencers In Six Simple Steps appeared first on Prowly Magazine. How To how to influencer marketing PR

How to communicate your brand story through micro-content

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When it comes to social media, let’s face it, it’s really easy to do stuff. The post How to communicate your brand story through micro-content appeared first on PR Warrior | Trevor Young. Content marketing Social media