8 PR Tools for B2B Thought Leadership

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Thought leadership is part of public relations best practices, and it’s particularly powerful in B2B and technology categories. Chances are, you’ve come up with a solution to a problem that differentiates your company. Even more significant, you’re an innovator whose job it is to foster that same spirit of innovation at your business. How do you leverage that thought capital? The answer may be a strategic thought leadership plan.

Why ‘thought leadership’ is a buzzword PR pros should retire

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The term is meaningless without the true leadership behind it. Here are some tactics PR pros should use to build their clients’ reputations. Why can’t we all talk to each other like real people? So, how do we tell the difference between meaningless buzz and a phrase that might be genuinely useful? Buzzwords are like fashion trends—the favorite looks of this year’s autumn season are headed to the trash heap by the time spring rolls around.

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Word of Mouth Marketing: How to Spark Positive Conversations

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It claims to be the best of its class and will transform your business. With such outsize claims, you're likely to dismiss the product as a sensationalized gimmick -- and you wouldn't be alone in thinking that. You start to want that product. To some extent, yes.

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How To Pull Together A PR Event – Fast

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In PR , we often create client events to generate brand visibility. But, in January, we were asked to pull together a media event – in this case, a reception and panel discussion – for one client in less than two weeks. One reason for the rush was that the discussion was related to a television show featuring our client, so we wanted to make it happen when the series was still airing. Be ready to spend more.

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Thought Leadership Didn’t Kill the Management Guru. The Internet Did.


The magazine cites the digital revolution as a cause; the techno-geeks driving business change aren’t the most savvy wordsmiths out there, and they don’t tend to think broadly across industries or fields. But there’s another cause, in The Economist’s view: “Perhaps the biggest enemy of guru renewal is the development of a ‘thought leadership’ industry.” By creating an abundance of information, the digital revolution makes it harder for anyone to stand out in any field.

How to Maximize Public Relations Placements


Whether it’s a television slot or an interview in a magazine, the right PR placements are a critical part of building brand awareness for any business. It’s also possible to use social media to build buzz in advance with posts designed to create anticipation.

How to Use Dynamic Listening to Reach New Customers


With the media landscape evolving at the speed of technology, communicators need to be able to listen dynamically to their audiences across multiple media channels. It’s no longer just the mainstream media that needs to be taken into account. With social media and access to this information being so easy, anybody with a smartphone and an idea can become a viral source of news. Listen to Increase Customer Spend. How to do that?

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How to Combat the Fake News Frenzy in B2B PR

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A recent UKPulse survey of UK residents conducted by Gorkana shows just how deep this distrust of media has become. That compares to 59% of respondents who noted TV as trustworthy; national radio received 56%, local radio received 54% and regional papers notched 48%. So with plenty of distrust to spread around, how can honest, upright PR professionals gain public trust? That’s what we're here to discuss. 8 Ways to Fight Against Fake News in B2B PR.

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4 steps for adopting a ‘diversity first’ practice in PR

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Here’s how you can bring more consciousness to your workflow—and an exercise to help evaluate previous work and identify hidden bias or blind spots. PR pros, it’s time to put your money where your black square box on Instagram was “standing in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter.”

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade goes virtual, Facebook launches climate change hub and Lego promises to eliminate plastic packaging

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Hello, communicators: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo tweeted a video PSA from actor and “certified young person” Paul Rudd touting masks: Certified young person Paul Rudd wants you to wear a mask. Vibe check: Yaas queens, like ourselves, we want to go to bars, drink, hook up, do our TikToks.

4 reasons why your video failed—and how to fix it next time

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Follow this expert advice to craft your story, resolve tech glitches and market it wisely. You were sure your video was going to go gangbusters, and yet, for whatever reason, it didn’t. With so many moving parts, how do you learn from a failed video? . To all of them. Maybe everything went wrong, from story to sound to social media promotion. Job one is to figure out what happened, learn from the mistake, and apply it to your next video. .

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Emmy Awards go virtual, Hearst Magazines staff vote to form union, and more retailers to close for Thanksgiving

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Also: Domino’s Australia and New Zealand face backlash for ‘Karen’ campaign, Instagram account calls out brands’ lack of diversity, how marketing budgets are shifting, and more. More retailers should continue following suit in the weeks to come, but the retail chains that have already stepped forward have been able to grab positive media coverage and receive kudos from consumers and employees. How are your Thanksgiving campaigns shifting? CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD.

3 purposeful steps corporate America can take to address racism

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Not sure what to do or where to start? It’s time to go beyond the “statement” to address systemic racism. We are facing a global health pandemic, economic uncertainty and instability, and national protests to end systemic racism and police brutality. Yet, in all of this, there is a great opportunity for corporations to reaffirm their purpose, lean in to affect change to address systemic racism and show their commitment to their people.

Fisher-Price toys inspired by COVID-19’s WFH, the world’s last Blockbuster is on Airbnb, and Dunkin’ debuts fall menu early

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Also: A social media platform size guide, Disney cuts ‘Fox’ from its television studios in rebrand, your most hated jargon, and more. Hello, communicators: OKCupid’s global communications manager, Michael Kaye, recently tweeted a quip to which many PR pros can relate: Reporters: PR people: [link]. USA Today reported : According to Jill Nelson, Dunkin’ vice president of marketing strategy, pumpkin is the most talked about flavor fans discuss on the company’s social media pages.

Review — The Loudest Voice (TV Series)

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How much can one single individual influence the political landscape? Spin doctor Roger Ailes was a political adviser to Republican presidents Richard Nixon , Ronald Reagan , and George H. to become a newsman. As he transitioned to what later became MSNBC, he more or less invented television formats where people just talked about politics for hours on end. The idea was to create a Republican news channel.

What John Wooden and Socks Can Teach Us About Burnout


Legendary college basketball coach John Wooden has a famous instruction he gave to his players at UCLA, including hall-of-fame player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Put your socks on correctly so you don’t get blisters. Coach Wooden was trying to teach his players how to prevent an injury, but he indirectly taught them an important tool to deal with burnout: Be present and be in the moment. What about how we ideate? How novel, right?

London Fashion Week goes digital and gender-neutral, business leaders weigh recession, and Getty Mueum’s Animal Crossing strategy

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Also: Facebook launches gaming app early, why Disney turned to employee furloughs, remembering Prince, join our Twitter #RaganChat, and more. And I really try to channel that when I make music.” Don’t just react to the pandemic. CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD. Return to normal?”.

5 Tips to Effectively Engage Generation Zers


Salty , Nugget , Spill the Tea , Woke — if you and your clients are not speaking the language of Generation Z, then you need to become fluent fast. By 2020, Gen Z will account for 40 percent of all consumers according to an Accenture report , and some experts estimate their current spending power to be as much as $140 billion. It is also critical to understand that Gen Z’s preferred media consumption channels are unlike any previous consumer segment.

Twitter mourns Mr. Peanut, Coca-Cola won’t give up plastic, and Hallmark Channel chief steps down

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Also: Microsoft data breach exposes 250 million customer support records, Apple remains Fortune’s most-admired company, podcasting pitfalls to avoid, and more. We’re devastated to confirm that Mr. Peanut is gone. crazy how you don't know what you got till it's gone.

Pornhub donates 50k masks and offers free subscriptions, digital platforms and tech partner to share COVID-19 information, and Tony Awards postponed

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Also: How CFOs are reacting to the pandemic, Vodafone Italy focuses on connectivity, NBC shelves outbreak episode, Universal Studios extends closures, and more. The adult entertainment website recently announced it was donating a total of 50,000 surgical masks to medical workers and first responders at several organizations in New York, including Mount Sinai South Nassau. When a global human crisis happens, it is up to everyone to work together to help support the community.

Google ordered to let employees speak out, how PR pros feel about the future of influencer marketing, and WeWork loses comms chief before IPO

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Also: Salesforce educates consumers about its brand mission, Taco Bell makes waves with vegetarian offering, report shows hiring women leads to bigger returns, and more. Good morning, PR pros: NBC News correspondent Julia Ainsley recently turned an unfortunate on-air moment into a pregnancy announcement: As mentioned on @Morning_Joe today, here’s the time Baby Girl Ainsley made herself known to the world by causing a little morning sickness on national television.

TikTok’s ads anger influencers, Instagram tests ‘Group Story’ feature, and Houston Rockets apologize for Hong Kong tweet

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Also: Brand managers can do better at monitoring reputation, Unilever vows to ditch plastic, and HSBC to lay off 10,000 employees. AdAge reported that although some content creators appreciate being featured, others complain that TikTok uses their content to boost its user base (and, ultimately, its revenue) without sharing the profits. I have had a lot of opportunity since that tweet to hear and consider other perspectives. HSBC to lay off up to 10,000 employees.

How To Transform Your Brand’s Online Newsroom Into a Media Magnet


When your brand is mapping its media outreach strategy, it’s easy to get hung up on the usual suspects: public relations, paid advertising, social media and content marketing. Yes, online newsrooms are not new — in fact one of the first to launch after the commercialization of the Internet in 1995 (for the Acoustical Society of America) still exists today — but a robust online newsroom has actually become more important than it was a decade ago. Do: Make Your Newsroom Easy to Find.

10 Social Media and Public Relations Tactics You Need to Know

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Can public relations and social media really work together to bolster your business? How social media can help with public relations. How to prepare your social media profile to use for public relations. How Social Media Can Help with Public Relations.

Epic reverses course on ‘return to work’ plan, WarnerMedia lays off 600 employees, and Gillette Venus offers inclusive Animal Crossing options

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Also: Chipotle partners with Tony Hawk to offer burittos and video game access, how most consumers research brands before buying, ‘Black-ish’ airs once-rejected episode, and more. Hello, communicators: Chipotle is giving fans the opportunity to eat like Tony Hawk—and then play his new game. The restaurant chain is giving access to Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2 Warehouse Demo to the first 2,000 consumers who order the “Tony Hawk Burrito” on Chipotle’s app or website.

3 Awesome B2B PR Methods That Will Attract High Quality Leads

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Many would say that the primary objective is to create buzz and awareness around your company. Yet, it plays many more vital roles that are easy to overlook. According to a recent survey , 32% of digital marketers said their greatest challenge was delivering quality sales leads -- with second place at 16% going to delivering enough leads. How can your PR efforts help you to consistently deliver high quality B2B leads? Relevance to people’s busy lives.

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Don’t be the only communicator who isn’t at Facebook

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Whether it’s a fun vacation or an exciting project at work, no one wants to let a great opportunity pass by. The following top organizations have already reserved seats at the 90 percent sold out Facebook Leadership Communications Summit, held at Facebook HQ on Feb. 23-24: Director, Leadership Communications. Sony Pictures Television. We’ve all felt it: FOMO, the fear of missing out.

What is a Media Kit? And how do you create one?


Designed to summarize a business, product, or event, media kits are primarily utilized by journalists and are typically known as a “one stop shop” for media contacts when they need quick access to information. What’s the best way for them to reach this individual?

Behind the Headlines with Kaitlyn Smith


A few months ago, Flackable , a national financial public relations and digital marketing agency, promoted Kaitlyn Smith to account executive. Smith joined the organization as an account coordinator in November 2016, and quickly advanced through her ability to craft successful campaigns and land national coverage for clients. In her new role, Smith will continue to execute results- driven campaigns, while also taking a leadership role in the organization.

International Conference Preview: Bob Woodward on the Importance of Investigative Journalism


For a reporter who’s made a career out of investigative journalism, it’s clear that Bob Woodward understands what makes a compelling narrative and how to get the “best obtainable version of the truth.”. “It’s It’s thinking about it and trying to put events in full context — and that all takes time.”. What’s your go-to source for news first thing in the morning? Well, I’m 76, so the first thing I do in the morning is go to the washroom.

4 easy steps for being a great podcast guest

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Here’s how to ace your opportunity. population have listened to a podcast, according to a recent survey. With a growing audience, hosts are looking to book a lot more voices. How can you become a great podcast guest? To be a great podcast guest, she notes that you are not only relaying your messages, but also helping the host to grow his or her audience by providing content that resonates with his or her audience.

How can you rebuild a damaged reputation?

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There’s no quick fix to restoring a damaged public image. If you want to regain consumer trust, you had better be prepared for long hours and slow gains. “Which office do I go to get my reputation back?” ” It was a damning question, put to the media in 1987 by Raymond Donovan, the former Secretary of Labor who was indicted on corruption charges for his work with a construction company accused of having mob ties. You have to be dogged.

PR Rock Stars: Room & Board’s Rebecca Lechner

Communications Conversations

I’m grateful for the opportunity to showcase this unique (and increasingly growing!) I work to position our company as an employer of choice. Think of it like this: consumer brand works to share the story of why you should spend your money somewhere.

Your Earned Media Measurement Strategy Checklist


As marketers begin to understand why it’s necessary to move away from outdated measurement systems when it comes to earned media, it’s important to develop a robust strategy going forward. To that end, answer the following questions to help shape your earned media measurement strategy. This might include staff from both marketing and PR functions, as well as executives or any other shareholders who need to be apprised of results.

Media relations is thriving

Stephen Waddington

If you read an article about an individual or organisation in your favourite magazine or newspaper you’re likely to view it far more favourably than if you heard the information direct. In the shift to elevate its status the public relations business is frequently dismissive of earned media relations. It’s plain daft to deny the role that media relations play within public relations. Media relations needs to be two-way. Transatlantic television became possible.

The New Measurement: Shifting from Traditional PR to Growth PR

Waxing UnLyrical

Marketing and Communications are converging as PR is poised to evolve radically over the next decade. Data science and digital media are transforming the way companies tell stories and how they can measure success. It is no longer acceptable to proffer low grade activity measures.

How can you rebuild a damaged reputation?

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“Which office do I go to get my reputation back?”. It was a damning question, put to the media in 1987 by Raymond Donovan, the former Secretary of Labor who was indicted on corruption charges for his work with a construction company accused of having mob ties. They rested their case without calling a single witness, saying the prosecution failed to prove Donovan did anything wrong. Donovan was free, but tainted—leading to his now-famous comment. You have to be dogged.

David and Goliath: How Underdogs Defeat Stupid Majorities Every Time

Doctor Spin

Goliath, the giant Philistine warrior, was defeated by the young David, who would later go on to become the king of Israel. David, being inferior in size and combat experience, used a slingshot to defeat the mighty Goliath from a distance: Instead of fighting Goliath on his terms (strength and power), he used his advantages (speed and accuracy). Now, the underdog strategy isn’t just useful for fighting; over and over again, it has proven useful when it comes to PR as well.

6 questions you should ask when measuring earned media

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As marketers begin to understand why it’s necessary to move away from outdated measurement systems when it comes to earned media, it’s important to develop a robust forward-looking strategy. This might include staff from both marketing and PR functions, as well as executives or any other shareholders who need to be apprised of results. However, no matter how involved the individuals on your team need to be, start out collaborating as a whole.

The Deep Work Habits of 28 Highly Productive People


Do you struggle to get stuff done? Have you installed every productivity app and extension known to man? Waiting for the inevitable finger of doom to swipe the smartphone of oblivion. ​Do Do you want to do something about it? Deep work productivity hacks from 28 world-class communicators : how do they focus and achieve. Links out to the 10 best blog posts I've read (on getting stuff done) during five months of exhaustive research. But how can you do it?

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