How To Safeguard Your Digital Reputation

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The foundation of a good public relations campaign is reputation management, and it’s important now. Our new all-digital workstyle can impact brand and personal reputation, and not always in a good way. COVID shutdown raises reputation risks. Here’s how to protect your brand’s reputation and thrive even during the COVID era. That’s why all devices must be secure and security measures clearly communicated and enforced.

9 tips to protect your reputation during COVID-19

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What can businesses and communicators due to safeguard carefully developed reputations and digital presences? A slew of negative reviews questioning your operations and handling of this crisis may threaten your online reputation. How can you safeguard your reputation to win the customers back once this is all over? Our general and cosmetic dental practice is currently closed because of state and federal guidelines.

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How To Measure PR Outcomes: A Practical Guide

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That was how we measured the PR team’s performance – by counting the publicity clips our work generated. And how to measure the other activities that a PR group delivers? The absence of a standard formula for measuring PR success remains our holy-grail challenge as an industry. Measuring earned media as if it were paid advertising is a little like using a map of Arizona to navigate Nevada. So, how should we measure PR outcomes?

Employee emails worsen Boeing’s reputation, Taco Bell offers $100K salaries, and Carnival bans offensive clothing

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MEASURED THOUGHTS. Like other cruise lines, we have long had some basic clothing guidelines in place, and our guests respect them and understand we are a family-focused business.”. Measures to increase inclusivity can include making social media content more accessible for those with hearing or sight limitations, finding ways to welcome and involve employees of all backgrounds, and limiting ways that your products and services might be featured negatively.

4 expert tips to build your reputation on TripAdvisor

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Sites like TripAdvisor enable owners of and marketers for properties, restaurants or attractions the option to respond to reviewers publicly—another key aspect of managing brand reputation on the platform. Each property has a dashboard holding resources to manage reputation and dispute reviews. Measures are in place to deal with questionable reviews that get past the site’s automated and human screens.

#measurePR Recap (September 2018): Ethics of PR Measurement

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As September is Ethics Month at PRSA, the discussion revolved around the topic of ethics in PR Measurement. After kicking off the discussion with introductions and a reminder of the #MeasurePR chat guidelines, here’s what they and the #MeasurePR community discussed. Understanding what ethics in measurement means can be varied. Sultana Ali pointed out what is at stake: your reputation as a Public Relations professional. Guest Post by Jen Zingsheim Phillips.

PR problem? Hire a journalist… or rather don’t if you want to have successful PR

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It also stretches credibility to believe Simpson wasn’t aware the site was public as the Simpson Associates website appears to have been available for over a month between 18 April and 27 May when the Daily Mail broke the story about Simpson breaching the BBC’s editorial guidelines. So either he hired a writer who has such as laissez faire attitude to the truth they just made it all up, or Simpson has already been doing this type of work in breach of BBC guidelines.

The Price Of Losing Credibility

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They have politicized the simple safety measure of wearing a face covering while denying ambivalence about masks. Crenshaw Communications ImPRessions leadership reputation COVID-19 communications PR White House

Hilton partners with Lysol on ‘CleanStay’ initiative, NBA’s Lakers return $4.6M loan, and 51% distrust news media outlets

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RELATED: Join us for PR Daily's can't-miss Media Relations & Measurement Virtual Conference ]. MEASURED THOUGHTS. In order to financially support our in-shop employees, and based on SBA guidelines (1/3). Why it’s important: It’s easier to sidestep a potential crisis than to repair your reputation following backlash. Also: Disney+ deals with backlash over legal jargon tweet, join our Twitter #RaganChat, why PR pros must lead now more than ever, and more.

Disney says older movies have ‘outdated cultural norms,’ Facebook axes 5.4B fake accounts, and Michigan workers sue McDonald’s over ‘toxic culture’

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The Washington Post reported : The decision to attach this message to some animated films was met with both praise from people who viewed it as an accountability measure and criticism from those who thought its wording was dismissive. MEASURED THOUGHTS. ” Why you should care: A toxic workplace culture can decrease retention and hurt talent recruitment, but it also can give your external reputation a black eye.

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TikTok launches PR campaign, Boeing announces more layoffs, and Walmart’s e-commerce sales rise 97%

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If local guidelines allow and it’s safe to do so, in-person sales may also be available in certain areas. MEASURED THOUGHTS . Third-party marketplaces add an additional layer of complications for communicators looking to keep their brands’ reputations intact.

Why and how the Barcelona Principles revisions are hurting PR

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Not long ago, Fred Cook , CEO of Golin , floored me on our monthly author Q&A by saying that if it were possible to measure PR, someone would have figured it out by now. There isn't an ironclad way to measure the effectiveness of our programs, and metrics are all over the board. Now the guiding light for the industry's measurement is the Barcelona Principles. From: Importance of Goal Setting and Measurement. From: Media Measurement Requires Quantity and Quality.

3 ways the WHO can fix its PR crisis

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These blows to WHO’s reputation have reduced the primacy and effectiveness of its role as a trusted source of information for many. This was perhaps a miscalculation, as many celebrities who endorsed the messages were often caught behaving in ways contrary to the guidelines.

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Effectively Engage and Build Your Community Through Podcasting

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Don’t forget that engagement can also be measured. We can’t always predict what will resonate, so it’s important to not stick to a formula or rigid guidelines. Trader Joe’s podcast, Inside Trader Joe’s , is fun and is filled with puns, which is perfectly aligned with its reputation. A Guest Post by Christy Maguire, Graduate Student at American University, PR Expanded Blog Contest Winner.

2020: A Year of Thinking Slow

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We tend to quote Daniel Kahneman a lot, either in pieces for this newsletter or our own sales collateral, because his work is very important to reputation – and his book, Thinking Fast and Slow , is a banger*. Am I following the latest government guidelines?

New Rules That Every PR Person Should Know

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As PR measurement guru Katie Paine puts it, “The people brands are trying to reach simply will ignore everything most companies spew.”. The explosion of digital and social media has made every factor of corporate reputation―from customer service to CEO behavior―relevant to brand image, and therefore to PR. That means more PR professionals are at work on executive visibility and content programs and reputation management is built into every program.

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Google Analytics 101 for Hospitals and Healthcare

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Think about what things hospitals measure in terms of marketing. A key indicator of great reputation is people talking about you positively. One way to measure this is by returning visitors from social media channels. Examine and measure organic search traffic within your geographic radius. All of this information can be gathered without violating HIPAA guidelines, as Google Analytics collects data only in aggregate.

8 often-overlooked steps to take before crisis strikes

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In a crisis, company leaders turn to communicators to limit reputational damage, yet many communicators feel underprepared to right the ship should disaster strike. Here are eight easy measures you can take now to ensure you’re ready for any gales and swells that might arise: 1. They will usually fall into the categories of strategic risks, operational risks, reputational risks and compliance risks.”.

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Social media platforms ban groups for hate speech, Wendy’s speaks out after Twitter silence, and brand managers celebrate #NationalSocialMediaDay

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The Verge reported : “Like anyone else, politicians on Twitch must adhere to our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. After updating our guidelines to better address supremacist content, we saw a 5x spike in video removals and have terminated over 25,000 channels for violating our hate speech policies,” a YouTube spokesperson said in a statement to CNN Business. MEASURED THOUGHTS.

My Take on the Fake News Debate

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If they don’t, their brands and reputations (and hence businesses) will take a beating. They can and should take measures to combat fake news. This industry body could factor in interests of all parties – the social networks, government, users, and media to issue guidelines and also audit the networks (on a voluntary basis – think the MPAA movie ratings, the Parental Advisory Label for recorded music, or Comics Code Authority).

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WarnerMedia?s specific plan to support Black Lives Matter, Facebook labels state-controlled media, and NYT apologizes over op-ed

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MEASURED THOUGHTS. Along with its $1 million donation to the Equal Justice Initiative and Center for Policing Equity, the ride-hailing company commited to “hold everyone who uses Uber” accountable to their community guidelines, which don’t tolerate racism, discrimination or harassment. More than ever before, communicators must gain key skill sets and employ strategic communications and media relations strategies to boost their organizations’ coverage, reputation and overall brand.

The metrics you should present to execs: 5 tips

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In smarter meetings, I''ve even seen a risk-and-reputation number derived from stakeholder surveys. But I can give you some general guidelines based on the role those numbers play for the board. Here are my guidelines for numbers you should present: 1. For more about writing great reports, read " 10 things every measurement report must include.". Please allow me to get on my soap box for a minute.

The Top PR Trends For 2017

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If true, it bodes very well for PR, which specialized in the powerful but maddeningly hard-to-measure mentions. The explosion of digital and social media has made every aspect of corporate reputation―from customer service to CEO behavior―relevant to brand image, and therefore to PR. That means more professional communicators are focused on executive visibility and leadership, and that reputation management is built into every program. Everything is measurable and measured.

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3 often-overlooked steps to take before crisis strikes

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In a crisis, company leaders turn to communicators to limit reputational damage. Here are three easy measures you can take now to ensure you’re ready for any gales and swells that might arise: 1. These guidelines will help you respond more quickly,” Gilliam says, “but they’ll also allow your audience to more easily understand important information.”. Yet many communicators feel underprepared to right the ship should disaster strike.

5 essential steps for communicating in a crisis

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You’ll earn a loyal workforce and enhanced brand reputation. Companies that do not craft a compassionate and thoughtful response to the ongoing national crises risk damaging their reputation and adding to the uncertainty and anxiety of the times. These measures will save time, one of the most precious resources during an unfolding crisis. As turmoil unfolds, your company must show compassion and treat your employees and the public with care and integrity.

5 powerful trends in PR


2: Online Reputation Management is a must-have Whether it’s in real life or on Twitter or other social media, PR’s main goal is still getting people to talk about you. You must focus on managing your online reputation and getting your message to the right audience by consistently creating and publishing quality content. Reputation management is also part of all these programs, further supporting the notion that it is a must-have. #4:

4 tips for better social media editing

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Which grammatical guidelines do you follow? Don’t neglect measurement and metrics. With each tweet or post you publish, you put your client’s reputation on the line. Editing can be a headache, but it’s the best way to prevent a content nightmare. Poor editing can sink your business. Sloppy writing signals to prospects that you’re lazy, incompetent or careless—and perhaps all three. Thoughtful, sharp editing is about much more than correcting spelling.

How to Enhance Your Non-Profit’s Communication Strategy and Achieve Results Like Never Before


It is, therefore, no surprise that the same is true for the success of an organization, which can be measured, and quite frankly, determined by their communication and reputation. Baldrick’s achieved such satisfying results, with what solutions, and how they did so by following some mention-worthy guidelines: Establish a concise strategy with a clear direction and defined audience.

33 Statistics Summarizing the Year in Public Relations, Content Marketing, Social Media and SEO

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Marketing measurement statistics. 11) Corporate reputation suffers with bad experiences. “82% Corporate Reputation ). 37% of publishers are not in compliance with FTC guidelines on native ads. Marketing Measurement Statistics. Many of the posts published here are heavily weighted with surveys and reports. There are a couple solid reasons behind this approach. First, I think data provides a wide canvas of the happenings in the industry.

Improved Social PR via the Employee Advocacy Route

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Major PR objectives like reputation management , relationship and task management can be streamlined by building out an employee network on social media. The key is measurement. One of the biggest selling points of digital/social marketing is that it can be measured. If you consider PR’s classic measurement elements – outputs, outtakes and outcomes, two of three of these can be controlled and enhanced with social employee advocacy. Guest Post by Jessica Davis.

5 crucial steps for a dynamic rebranding

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Companies rebrand for a variety of reasons—whether mergers and acquisitions, reputational issues or strategy shifts, among other factors. Are perceptions of your organization so steeped in your old positioning/reputation that they can't be peeled away? Though those are concise (ideally one sentence), it's important to measure the impact of each word so you can articulate and justify its inclusion to the organization at large.

4 rules Grubhub follows to drive social media success

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Keep in mind platform differences when you measure your efforts. Employ your brand voice and follow social media guidelines, but don’t stick to a script. “No With each positive experience, a consumer is more drawn to your products and services—and is more likely to trust you (also boosting your brand’s reputation). The company’s senior manager of social media says online marketers must put consumers first, think of each platform and prepare with mobile devices in mind.

Netflix apologizes for film’s promo image, Estée Lauder to lay off up to 2,000 employees; Airbnb bans parties

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Airbnb had been highlighting its experiences before the COVID-19 crisis, and with the pandemic decimating the travel industry, the company is leaning on those experiences more than ever, which are now adapted for social distancing guidelines or offered virtually. MEASURED THOUGHTS.

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An update on the CIPR’s 70th anniversary crowdsourced project

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The pitches received so far range from milestones in the CIPR’s history to the career journey for practitioners; and from modern two way engagement in areas such as media relations, public affairs and the third sector to planning and measurement. CIPR members interested in contributing to the project should read the contributors’ guidelines (opens as a PDF) and submit a pitch by 3 November, 2017. History and members are informing the CIPR’s 70th anniversary project.

Google ordered to let employees speak out, how PR pros feel about the future of influencer marketing, and WeWork loses comms chief before IPO

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Why you should care: How employees talk to each other and the outside world is a crucial piece of your organization’s reputation. However, setting guidelines can be tricky, especially in these polarized times. Use specific guidance from the NLRB and other government organizations to create your employee guidelines and consult a lawyer about what you can and can’t prohibit in the workplace. MEASURED THOUGHTS.

Top 11 PR Crises in 2020 So Far


Of course, this resulted in a huge pay-out from the company and serious damage to their reputation – which we all know is incredibly hard to rebuild. Aer Lingus tried to adapt to the new social distancing guidelines that have come into play on their flights promising customers that more flights would take place to avoid overcrowding. It just goes to show how easily reputations can be damaged.

Top 11 PR Crises in 2020 So Far


Of course, this resulted in a huge pay-out from the company and serious damage to their reputation – which we all know is incredibly hard to rebuild. Aer Lingus tried to adapt to the new social distancing guidelines that have come into play on their flights promising customers that more flights would take place to avoid overcrowding. It just goes to show how easily reputations can be damaged.

Mattel’s Black Barbie runs for president, 60% of COVID-19 restaurant closings are permanent, and Post partners with Dunkin’ on caffeinated cereal

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MEASURED THOUGHTS. We want to hear how you’re telling your brand’s story, including what messages you’re using and the content formats and channels you’re focusing on to strengthen your reputation and effectively reach stakeholders.

Chipotle unveils new food safety protocol via livestream

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locations were closed during the afternoon lunch rush, making time for employees to hear directly from co-CEOs Monty Moran and Steve Ellis on their plans to rebuild the brand’s sullied reputation. Chipotle’s revamped food safety program includes stricter guidelines and procedures for its suppliers, as well as “high-resolution” testing and product preparation in the brand’s central kitchens.

The Importance of Adaptive Response In The First Moments of Crisis Management

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One’s adaptability is a measure of how effective that reaction is. For example, some threats might include: financial earnings, reputation, human life, or physical assets. Policies and guidelines must allow for discretion and autonomy during crisis. Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Louis Hayes, a police officer in the Metropolitan Chicago area. It’s an important piece that discusses a topic that is often seen as controversial.