Brands lacking a privacy-first culture risk losing customer trust

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Customer trust and data privacy go hand-in-hand, but too many marketers don’t understand what’s involved in this digital handshake—nor what’s at stake. The sheer amount of personal digital data, from financial records to facial recognition, flooding corporate […].

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After a transaction, your private information (credit cards, social security numbers, financials, etc.) These third party sites have separate and independent privacy policies. California Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance. Because we value your privacy we have taken the necessary precautions to be in compliance with the California Online Privacy Protection Act. Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance. Changes to our Privacy Policy.

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Facebook launches ‘Privacy Checkup,’ most agencies offer social media services, and Starbucks closes 2,000 stores in China

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We wanted this year’s Super Bowl effort to not only raise awareness, but also financial support for the incredible research and innovative treatments happening at the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine, where Scout is still a patient.

When A Privacy Breach Is A PR Crisis: How To Avoid It

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In the second group are errors committed by or within the organization, like systemic sexual harassment or financial improprieties, which are tougher to handle because the organization is usually at fault. The best privacy crisis is the one that doesn’t happen, of course. The post When A Privacy Breach Is A PR Crisis: How To Avoid It appeared first on Crenshaw Communications. What would happen if your emails were disclosed for all to see?

Zoom criticized for privacy and data concerns, Airbnb apologizes and pledges $250M to hosts, and NPR skips April Fools’ Day

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Here are today’s top stories: Zoom slammed for privacy concerns and data sharing. As the virtual conference platform’s membership and meeting numbers are sharply rising, so are privacy concerns. However, convenience doesn’t negate people’s right to privacy. Disclose how you’re using data and make sure you’re following privacy best practices before you’re forced to do so through regulations (some of you might already be, through Europe’s GDPR).

Linking Cybersecurity and Corporate Reputation. Survey Results Coming Soon!

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Sample questions include: How confident are you that the following are effectively protecting your private financial, medical or other personal information: Your bank. Do not pay the ransom, even if it will likely make it difficult to access your bank or credit union accounts and expose your financial information to criminals. Cyber Security Reputation cyber security Cybersecurity data privacy DHM Research RepUs reputation reputation management ReputationUs

Brand managers gird for Calif. privacy act, Blizzard backtracks after criticism, and women-led organizations earn more

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Good morning, PR pros: The California Consumer Privacy Act will take effect Jan. Communicators will have to become more savvy about data collection in light of privacy concerns and restrictions to provide consumers with valuable content and offerings. Bolloré succeeded Renault’s Carlos Ghosn, who was arrested after allegations of financial misconduct. privacy act, Blizzard backtracks after criticism, and women-led organizations earn more appeared first on PR Daily.

4 changes in advertising that communicators should know

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With COVID-19 disruption, an election year and a growing desire for privacy and security on the side of consumers, here’s what PR pros should consider about the changing marketing landscape. Privacy, trust and transparency are starting to dominate the advertising landscape.

6 B2B Tech Trends From CES 2020

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The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was a hot topic in Las Vegas. Are they really worth the data privacy trade-off? Instead, the underlying problem is that tech companies have been slow to recognize D&I as a cultural, operational and financial benefit.

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In earnings call, Facebook discloses $3-5B in fines—and Wall Street yawns

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Facebook says it is preparing to pay a hefty fine to the Federal Trade Commission for privacy violations stemming from the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The company made the announcement coinciding with a positive earnings report where the company demonstrated revenue growth and promised to continue its structural reorganization towards privacy. As the Washington Post notes , the fine of that size effectively “resets the baseline for future privacy investigations.”

Building brand authenticity in a world of distrust

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Privacy is set to become a critical for brands if it isn’t already.” The challenge between short financial performance and building long term trust remains. Pillot de Chenecey suggests that brands builds trust through authenticity, transparency, respecting privacy, and demonstrating empathy. The Future Laboratory hosted a discussion with Sean Pillot de Chenecey at the Corinthia Hotel London tonight to mark the launch of his book The Post-Truth Business.

CVS shuts down photo site due to potential breach

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Customers who provided credit card information for transactions on are advised to check their credit card statements for any fraudulent or suspicious activity and to call their bank or financial institution to report anything of concern. Financial transactions on,, and in-store are not affected. Nothing is more central to us than protecting the privacy and security of our customer information, including financial information.

Aetna ‘envelope error’ results in class-action HIPAA lawsuit

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alleging the company violated the privacy of its customers by sending many of them letters through which the phrase “filling prescriptions for HIV” was visible through envelope windows. Aetna was notified of the situation on July 31, after which it mailed a letter notifying patients of the breach of their privacy. This is an unacceptable breach of privacy, and appears to violate federal and NY laws. This is such a breach of #privacy.

GDPR Primer for Marketing and Public Relations

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Marketers, advertisers, and public relations professionals are ill-informed and ill-equipped to manage the largest change in data and privacy in the last 20 years: GDPR. GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation, is an EU regulation which strengthens data protection and privacy for EU citizens and the companies they do business with. Privacy by design : Rather than be an add-on, companies are expected to design their systems for privacy from the ground up.

Addressing media inquiries when an employee has coronavirus

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Say as much as you can without jeopardizing the privacy of the worker. If you are a lawyer, financial expert, real estate professional, or healthcare provider, you might have good advice to share with the public. Many of timeless pieces of PR wisdom still apply, but the emphasis and application might change in these extraordinary circumstances. In midst of all the stress and uncertainty about the coronavirus pandemic, it’s important for companies to strike the right tone.

Lockdown letter: brainstorming second order COVID-19 effects

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Polarisation of digital privacy - electronic communication has led to a relaxation in attitudes to legislation such as GDPR but it has also highlighted awareness. Business and society Building better business - as organisations rebuild and reinvent they’ll look beyond focus on people and planet in addition to financial return. As lockdown is released it will create a wave of second order effects. We’ve an opportunity to create a better future.

Google races to shutter Google+ after huge second data breach

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We have always taken this seriously, and we continue to invest in our privacy programs to refine internal privacy review processes, create powerful data controls, and engage with users, researchers, and policymakers to get their feedback and improve our programs. We will never stop our work to build privacy protections that work for everyone.

Learning From Past Crises to Navigate Post-COVID-19

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Then, at the beginning of the financial crisis, I was the director of public relations at AIG, and later started a public relations firm representing banks and credit unions communicating through TARP. For COVID-19, this may relate to mental health issues and financial implications that have long-term ramifications. Be respectful of their privacy, but seeing consistency among the people you call is a great basis for communication. From the Credit Union Times. May 11, 2020.

Canadians tech leaders speak out on Bill C-51


This includes sensitive information that can reveal everything from your financial status, to your medical history, your sexual orientation, and even your religious and political beliefs. Victims of these privacy breaches wouldn’t even be informed – that means the government could spy on anyone, at anytime, and we wouldn’t even know when we’ve been a victim.

Popeyes’ chicken sandwich gooses profits, Google’s HR exec steps aside, and Tyson lays off 500

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ABC 7 KATV reported : “We have an ongoing focus on financial fitness to make sure our business remains competitive. Rakuten told Motherboard in an email this was introduced to comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

How storytelling can inhibit good communications

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Invasion of privacy. The credit rating giant, one of the largest in the world, was trusted with some of the most sensitive data used by banks and financiers to determine who can be lent money. Equifax, a large credit rating company, had financial data that banks and financiers used to determine who can be lent money. Storytelling has become a buzzword in the communications industry, but sometimes it pays to be simple and direct. Consider these insights.

Tips for Pitching to the Media

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They’re capitalizing on being extraordinarily relevant and piggybacking on the data privacy lawsuit Facebook is currently facing. In business, there’re amazing, good, bad and terrible product and service pitches.

2019 Meeker Report Highlights

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Privacy and overuse are causing Internet and social media users to actively consider their usage. Digital payments now make up 59% of all financial transactions ( slide 120 ). Privacy Concerns and Their Impact on Advertising. Facebook, GDPR, the new CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) plus changes being made by Facebook and iOS will all impact targeting in advertising. Photo by Thom on Unsplash. It’s here! Mary Meeker’s report on 2019 Internet Trends.

PR Lessons From The Bungled Equifax Crisis

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Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened when the news broke that credit-reporting giant Equifax suffered a breach that could compromise the privacy of some 143 million consumers. Those officers included the Chief Financial Officer and the U.S. Just yesterday we learned that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and 34 state attorneys general have announced inquiries into the attack.

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As public trust ebbs, workers turn to employers for info and assurances

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Employees and consumers alike want chief executives to take a vocal stand on social and workplace issues such as climate change, diversity and inclusion, immigration, income equality, ethical use of technology (privacy and data security) and so on, and for their actions to bolster those stands, he said. “If Beyond that, 90% say businesses must protect the welfare—both physical and financial—of their employees at all costs, regardless of the impact on the bottom line.

Facebook has historic stock drop in wake of scandal

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David Wehner, Facebook’s chief financial officer, said on Wednesday that the company’s decision to give its users “more choices around data privacy” following the Cambridge Analytica. Even social media behemoth Facebook isn’t impervious to a PR crisis.

Who Were The PR Winners And Losers of 2017?

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But blockchain is seen as “having the potential to reshape the global financial system and possibly other industries,” according to Bloomberg. Unlike United’s experience, the reputation damage from Equifax’s massive privacy breach will haunt it for years. Yes, 2017 feels like a lifetime ago, given our breakneck news cycle, but there were plenty of public relations lessons over the year for big brands and business categories.

Lawyering up on Data Protection and Cybersecurity

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Metaverse Law focuses exclusively on data privacy and cybersecurity, so I help businesses with their compliance obligations under these new privacy and cybersecurity rules, bring in third parties to assess the security systems and help them deal within an instant. And so as long as they’re collecting sensitive data, that could be customer data, customer lists, financial data, healthcare data, information in the Cloud, a lot of them are covered by these new laws.

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8 data protection tips for PR pros

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After all, PR professionals often have access to important files like drafts of press releases yet to be distributed or spreadsheets with sensitive information on company financials. Creating strong passwords can go a long way in protecting your privacy.

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CBI sets out urgent requirement for internal and external communication on AI

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It’s already happening in many sectors from analysing millions of legal documents to detecting financial fraud. Ethics, employee engagement and wider stakeholder management are the three pillars of the CBI’s report AI: Ethics into practice. UK businesses have an opportunity to lead by example and take an ethical approach to the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) according to the CBI. AI represents a significant growth opportunity for the UK.

7 times to turn down a media interview

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Employee, client or patient privacy will be breached. Sometimes the reputational damage caused by silence is greater than the financial damage of future lawsuits. This story originally ran on PR Daily in September 2014. I advise doing almost every media interview you're offered, but sometimes turning down an interview makes sense. This article discusses the times saying "no" is your best move.

7 newsroom features that increase journalists? engagement


To protect the patient’s privacy, the clinic recorded interviews with him and made those available, along with interviews with physicians. Every corporate online newsroom has “musts”—the essential areas that are most visited by reporters and other key users.

Fame and the media game: What is fame now? And can you enjoy it without press intrusion

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The debate on privacy and press regulation pre-hacking was defeating. Driven by market forces, stars frequently exploit private happiness for financial return discarding all common sense. Some stars have been vocal on the issue of privacy, hungry as they are to exploit the fame cycle as they rise to the top. Then moaning about invasion of privacy when they feel they are at the summit wax. As you may have seen on The Drum here are my thoughts on Cheryl.

Virgin Media, T-Mobile and more disclose data breaches; YouTube demonetizes ‘coronavirus’; and Tito’s Vodka corrects a COVID-19 fallacy

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T-Mobile also announced a data breach that exposed customers’ financial and personal information. Your financial information (including credit card information) and Social Security number were not impacted. Data privacy and protection are extremely important to Princess Cruises and the company regrets this incident. Also: Free-doughnut Fridays for Dunkin’ loyalists, Google to index by mobile-friendly websites, most communicators don’t quite get SEO, and more.

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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Client engagement and communications manager—Manulife Financial (Canada). Privacy, cyber crime and dark Web reporter—San Francisco Chronicle (California). For lovers of aquatic animals and conservation initiatives, Shedd Aquarium in Chicago is the place to be. More than 32,000 animals reside at the aquarium, including turtles, sea otters, penguins, sharks, dolphins, fish, frogs and the world’s most rare iguana species.

Twitter earnings are up, despite fewer users

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Business Insider reported : Twitter blamed the fall on European's new privacy law, the company's efforts to stamp out toxic conversations involving misogyny and racism, decisions not to move to paid carrier relationships in some markets, and tweaks to the platform meant to reduce automated use.

Zoom chief focuses on winning back trust, Hobby Lobby closes and furloughs most employees, and Apple makes COVID-19 face shields

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Following backlash over data sharing and privacy concerns, Zoom has been scrambling to fix its default settings to regain consumer trust and stop “Zoombombing” incidents.

3 email gaffes marketers should avoid

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Here’s an example: One of my connections is in the financial services industry and was approached for a “connection” on LinkedIn. Though he didn’t know the woman, it appeared that she was in the headhunting and executive search function in the financial industry from her biography, so he accepted the connection, thinking she might be a good future resource. WTF stood for “Why Txxxxx Financial?” Middle name has been redacted for privacy.)

Improving patient engagement with health-care-specific CRM

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Health care organizations face unique privacy, security and data collection challenges that standard marketing technology doesn’t address. HCRM uses powerful analytics coupled with a thorough marketing database that includes demographic, clinical, financial and behavioral data to help provider organizations create targeted groups of consumers most likely to need and respond to their specific marketing campaigns.

PRSA 2017–2019 Strategic Plan: “Framework for the Future,”


Big data offers insights that enable customization and pose new cyber security and privacy issues. We have not lost the importance of organizational excellence in this process; staff and leadership will ensure PRSA continues to perform the highest levels of service, implementation and financial stability. Dear Member, Change has become the new normal for public relations and communications professionals, and developments continue to emerge.