The #PRStudChat Community Discusses Financial Services & Social Media on April 19th

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Social media participation in the financial services industry is expected to increase as social networks expand in the coming years. Jenn and the JConnelly team have been working with financial companies for years helping them to navigate the social media landscape.

PR and Technology 2019 Trends

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There’s no doubt that technology continues to have an impact on the PR industry. Let’s look at the trends discovered in the 2019 edition of this report — PR: Tech – The Future of Technology in Communication. PR:tech – The Future of Technology in Communication.

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Financial Services Content Report: Industry Benchmarks & 5 Keys to Success

Contently - Strategy

Financial services content is also incredibly complicated. This number includes content creation, distribution, technology, and talent. To help marketers be more efficient and effective, Contently created this new report that examines the state of financial services content marketing.

Compounding Returns: 5 Financial Analogies that Explain Good Content Marketing

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There are many examples of how this works, but one I stumbled upon recently by a financial advisory firm looks to me to be a good illustration. Here are several financial and investment analogies and the relationship to content marketing.

Make PR Measurement A Priority

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New technologies are helping make the measurement of public relations results easier, less time-consuming and more meaningful. More PR agencies today are designating a measurement guru on its team to own analytics. Identify the “core measures.”

Measuring the Value of Earned Media


Marketers who work in technology, biotech/pharma and financial services also rate earned media has highly effective. Additionally, measuring the impact of communications campaigns from awareness to revenue will reveal what works well and what doesn’t.

A CRM with Real Analytics for Public Relations, M&A Report, Geoffrey Moore on PR Technology; PR Tech Sum: Propel, Burton-Taylor, Cision, Edelman and Onclusive

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And now, here’s this month’s PR technology summary…. This means they can measure earned the same way they do paid or owned, and make more fully informed investment mix decisions.”. Financial data published on the press release include: Revenue increased 1.6%

PR measurement by valuing intangible assets–brand and reputation

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Brand Finance believes: “There is a growing demand that it is time for a new form of financial reporting, whereby boards should be required to disclose their opinion of the fair value of the underlying values of all key intangible assets under their control.

Why AI isn’t ready for the spotlight in PR—yet

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Is technology alone “good enough” for what communications professionals need now? Like any tool, the technology is limited by the vision, expertise and skill of the person who manages the tool and the job at hand. Measurement matters.

Why one size does not fit all in PR measurement

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For many industries, services can be measured and return on investment can be easily quantified. PR measurement has become a point of contention even to those within our industry. What is frustrating is that they stop short of offering a new solution, or they offer intensive measurement processes that completely bypasses that time spent on measurement means time away from pursuing PR opportunities. Public Relations is a service.

TrendKite Reveals PR Attribution: Measure Traffic from Articles Without Links


Today, we're taking PR measurement to a new level with PR Attribution. This is new technology we’ve developed in-house, that allows PR professionals to see all visitors coming to their website from PR articles - regardless of there being a backlink in the article or not. The Pioneering Story of Measuring PR’s Digital Impact. In fact, Forbes and Business Insider are ranked 4 and 5, behind niche green energy pub, Electrek, and financial pub, Seeking Alpha.

Analyzing “results” from a communications performance measurement conference

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“Until we relate one public relations measure to another…we will never be able to show causation from our communication programs.” Specifically, strategic objectives and performance indicators need to be developed before determining what measurement tools should be used.

How to Use AI to Build a Brand Narrative


Many of us already utilize these technologies to help measure and attribute our success, gain insights into performance against competitors and report results back to the C-Suite. AirPR’s new Research Trends TM provides insight into how to build a brand Narrative.

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Analyzing “results” from a communications performance measurement conference

PR Conversations

“Until we relate one public relations measure to another…we will never be able to show causation from our communication programs.” Specifically, strategic objectives and performance indicators need to be developed before determining what measurement tools should be used.

What PR pros mean when they say ‘business acumen’

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Much has been made of financial literacy and business prowess, but what specific skills are industry leaders talking about? This includes being able to read and understand our basic financial reports and the attributes of our publicly traded stock.”.

5 Ways Our Weekly FB Live Show Helped Grow Our Business & Our Work Culture

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Since the conception of SocialLIVE, our network of followers clients and “fans” has expanded and we regularly and consistently measure who we are reaching and the rate of engagement on our videos. A Guest Post By Stephanie Abrams Cartin and Courtney Spritzer, Co-Founders, Socialfly.

The Making of Cision: A Brief History of 15 M&A Transactions that Consolidated a Sizable Chunk of the PR Technology Market into One Company

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In the course of putting together the monthly PR technology summary ( PR Tech Sum ), I’ve realized that no news site has compiled a complete list of all the acquisitions around Cision. Today, the company is perhaps the largest of its kind, and I think understanding how it got to the place it is now, offers an interesting window into the world of PR and the evolution of technology for the digital PR community. 3) September 15, 2014: Visible Technologies.

Industry Consolidation Continues Among PR Vendors; PR Tech Sum: Onclusive, SocialChorus, Teletrax, iQ Media, Agility PR Solutions

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There isn’t a whole lot of coverage about PR technology. Vocus owned or acquired brands like PRWeb, Help A Reporter Out (HARO), iContact, and several lesser-known social media technologies. c) PR Tech Reviews based on my review of the technology (1-2 per year).

Earned Media: 3 PR Studies Quantifying the Impact of Media Relations on Sales [UML]

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PR measurement can be a bit like a self-fulfilling prophecy. On one hand, it gets dinged for a lack of measurement. On the other hand, measuring some PR activities, like earned media , is far more challenging than other forms of marketing and communications.

Study 170

PR & Marketing Leaders Share Predictions for the Future of Communications


The evolution of PR and communications, including the tools we use, the methods in which we measure its efficacy and the ways we cut through the clutter to share our stories, was front-and-center on the minds of communications professionals throughout the past year. Technology that informs.

Are You Confident About Your PR ROI?


With game-changing technology, practically innumerable communication platforms and reams of data, communication professionals have everything they need to make their daily communication efforts more exciting and valuable. Best Practices Featured PR measurement

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Investor Relations: Your Earnings Are Out, Now What?


Three essentials of measuring your financial earnings news and developing the right message. Utilizing AI and insights-driven technologies can now aid in determining the right messages, measure the audience of their earnings news and build reports to advise on future messaging.

Revenue Attribution and Proving Value in Marketing [UML]

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More than 70% of respondents to a survey – What Marketing Leaders Think About Strategy, Technology, and Data-Driven Change – by Track Maven cited the “inability to attribute top-of-funnel activities to business outcomes” as the top challenge in ROI.

Free E-Book! Prove ROI With Multi-Touch Attribution


Despite advances in technology, communication professionals still struggle to understand the value of their efforts, let alone prove it to others. It’s impossible to measure ROI with 100 percent accuracy. When measuring the value of your communication efforts, your work is never done.

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Brand24:  A Worthy Consideration for Media Monitoring [Product Review]

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The system provides measures for the routine items you’d expect: mentions, impressions, likes, comments, and sentiment. I imagine there are similar financial and technical hurdles to pulling in content from social media sites. Marketing martech PR tools product review Technology

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The 4 Engines You Need to Pull Off Content Marketing Successfully

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For example, if you publish useful and relevant content for a financial technology company, three times a week, you earn the right to publish a story , about a new financial analytics product your company just launched. Engine 4: Measure, iterate, and improve over time.

PR and Marketing: Embrace All Data Sources to Drive Business ROI

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Most C-level leaders are looking at financial metrics alone , and are not motivating internal teams to go beyond checking the box on top line metrics such as number of followers or SoV. The outbound messaging creates measurable demand for the new services, which feeds into the CRM system.

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Gazelles Learn to Dance with Elephants at InsurTechNY

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A POC is about the cultural fit, and optics, not just technology There are three potential pitfalls: selecting POC objectives; if you don’t set the right ones in the beginning, it is tough to change course later… is it measurable, easy to explain? They measure, cut, measure.

Future of PR and social media for International Air Transport Association crisis communications conference

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I will be talking about mobile, data and wearable technology as the drivers and ethics, real time and content as the issues. Mobile, data and wearable technology. We can use it to measure and evaluate our success. How often does the Financial Times write stories about itself?

PRSA 2017–2019 Strategic Plan: “Framework for the Future,”


Mobile technology is transforming how businesses communicate. This plan brings vision, intention and qualitative and quantitative measures to track our progress. PRSA News change cyber security Diversity Ethics Framework for the Future intention measurement mobile strategic plan visio

Transitioning to Chip-and-Signature Cards: Skepticism & Continued Risks


In an effort to curb large-scale data breaches and incidences of credit card fraud, card issuers in the United States continue to roll out new EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) chip-card technology. catches up with international card payment security measures, many U.S.

How To Prove PR ROI Through Multi-Touch Attribution


Ninety-five percent of communicators measure their public relations efforts, but 53 percent list measurement as a top skills gap. With today’s new technologies and easily-accessible data, why are so many still getting it wrong? Go Beyond Financial Impact.

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Boeing axes a top exec, REI takes a pass on Black Friday, and why it’s time to start using AI

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MEASURED THOUGHTS. The technology is ready to scale and has immediate applications for many of your current tasks.

Convergence of Marketing & Comms: Insights From E*Trade, Dolby, BitGo,  Bank of the West


We have all been on the front lines of the convergence of marketing and communications, but the transformation has not been without challenges: cultural challenges, organizational design challenges and measurement challenges. Becky Saeger, Board of Directors, E*Trade Financial. “I

How Experian Unifies Global Communications with Power of Voice™


Experian, a global leader in consumer and business credit reporting and marketing services with offices in 39 countries, helps millions of consumers and businesses use the power of data and technology to make financial decisions and reduce risk.

Five Ways Social Media Makes your Planning Process More Strategic


You may hear about the challenges of technology (yes, they exist) but there are also tremendous benefits. Social media is about people, however, the technology helps to facilitate the great interactions we experience.

How to Spearhead The Convergence of PR And Marketing


PR has evolved to become more marketing-centric, but content silos and measurement have remained stagnant. Emerging media, technology and the influx of data enables communicators to strategically reach and engage their target audiences across numerous online and traditional channels.

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How I Started One of the Top B2B Agencies

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However, due to the changing scene of the tech industry, our focus widened to also include financial services, professional services, marketing technology, and manufacturing. Measure, Measure, Measure.

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PRSA Expert Express Talk : PR Expanded ( Global, Disruptive Tech, Big Data )

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Here are the THREE big trends that communications professionals need to pay attention to closely, as they sharpen their skills to handle 21st century communications: Embracing Disruptive Technologies: Social, Mobile, Cloud, and Sensors. It’s not that you want to solely focus on the technology.

3 Studies with Benchmarks for Content Marketing, Blogging and Webinars [UML]

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Of those, 84% say they outsource content creation; distribution, technology, strategy and measurement were distant followers. Whether you are tallying up your results for the end of the year, or planning programs for the next year, benchmarks provide context for companions.