5 elements of stakeholder-centric leadership that lead to stronger financial performance

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What’s working for financial comms during COVID-19

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Among them are messages from investment firms and financial advisors seeking to assure recipients that things are under control. These senders have an even more complex task than most organizations as they must also address financial market drama.

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What Shadow Banking Means for Your Financial Services PR Program

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Financial services, as an industry umbrella term, includes personal finance, M&A, credit card related services, and robo advisors—just to name a few. What does Shadow Banking mean for a financial PR program? Public Relations Startups Technology Thought Leadership

Survey: Employees favor diverse leadership, but companies are lagging

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Only 35 percent of full-time employees report that they have equal male and female leadership, and fewer than 18 percent have substantial female leadership, reports DesignRush , a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies.

Walmart KOs violent-video displays but keeps guns, Uber spins bad financials, and blackface at Belgium’s Africa Museum draws ire

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RELATED: Join us for our Leadership and Executive Communications Conference ]. billion during this year’s second quarter—which, besides Kraft Heinz, General Electric and Newell Brands—is more than the remaining S&P 500 companies lost within their entire 2018 financial year reporting.

Looking at Leadership Today: Amy Lyons, SHIFT President

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In honor of Presidents’ Day, we sat down with SHIFT’s President, Amy Lyons , to get her thoughts on leadership and management in public relations and beyond. There are a growing number of women taking on leadership positions in marketing and PR, including here at SHIFT.

Social Selling Training for Insurance Agents and Financial Advisors


Wondering how social selling training for insurance agents and financial advisors really works - and how it can work for you to attract leads, convert sales and build referrals? Presented for insurance and financial advisors by Barbara Rozgonyi.

The four Ps of public relations leadership

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The chair of the Global Alliance introduces the Madrid Momentum ( Learning to Lead ) and details four Ps that constitute the cornerstones of PR leadership. The four Ps of public relations leadership.

A Case for Uber’s No. 2 Executive Coming from the PR Ranks

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The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. Uber’s CEO, Travis Kalanick, posted on the company’s website last week that the hunt is on for a No.

Join Mark Ragan in Texas or Florida for his Internal Communications Leadership Forum

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That's exactly why Mark Ragan created the Internal Communications Leadership Forum. Waddell and Reed Financial. Raymond James Financial. As an internal communications executive, your to-do list never ends. Demands come at you from every direction. Your plate is full.

‘Meaningful Social Interactions’ From Facebook’s Leadership Remain Scarce as Cambridge Analytica Story Accelerates

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For example, Equifax, which was built on security and securing peoples’ financial data, demonstrated over the summer to be irresponsible on data security issues. The post ‘Meaningful Social Interactions’ From Facebook’s Leadership Remain Scarce as Cambridge Analytica Story Accelerates appeared first on PR News Blog. It can be delicate, a disaster or at least ironic when a brand that bases its business on something is shown to be deficient in it.

How to Boost Your Thought Leadership PR with a Powerful Personal Brand

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A personal brand is like a powerful fuel for thought leadership PR -- and when used correctly with other PR tactics, it can skyrocket your success. A personal brand is not the same as thought leadership. You may be asking "What is thought leadership" and how does it differ?

Bank Stress Tests Complete. Could Your Bank Now Pass a “Reputation” Test?

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Each year the Federal Reserve conducts a financial health checkup on banks, called a stress test , to determine how solid they are. banks have significantly rebounded from the 2008 financial shock. Leadership (14.1%).

How to Be a Strong Leader During This Global Pandemic


From economic uncertainty to anxiety and disruptions to daily life, there are many immediate and potentially existential issues for an organization and its leadership. Thought Leadership coronavirus crisis management leadership leadership communications

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How to lead clients beyond COVID-19 without denying its impact

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How can their thought leadership translate to media outreach, blogs, social content and external email communications? Have they been impacted financially? Communicators and PR pros must be ready to offer solutions that help clients reframe expectations for the future.

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Edelman report: How stances on race are impacting trust

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According to the latest refresh of Edelman’s industry leading work around trust, consumers have never followed brand statements this closely—and missteps have a financial cost. COVID-19 Crisis Communications Employee Engagement Executive Communication Leadership Communications Storytelling

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3 principles for messaging during COVID-19

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In many cases, updates about what businesses are doing to clean their stores or weather the financial storm are irrelevant to clients or customers. At the leadership level, you might fear a loss of clients or customers threatens your company’s resilience.

Crucial workplace wellness trends

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If you’re not mindful of—and actively investing in—workers’ mental, physical and financial well-being, good luck sustaining a healthy business in the days ahead. Helping with financial concerns would also go a long way toward alleviating stress.

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Offense or defense in the current crisis? Both, advises Stagwell’s Ray Day

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As the chief communications officer at Ford during the 2008 financial crisis and a leader on the frontline during the Sept. For more insights on managing through this crisis, join Ragan’s Crisis Leadership Board.

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Responsible communication leadership: putting employees first

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Following the financial crisis in 2008, management thinkers and others have rightly questioned the role of business leaders in society. A new term coined: responsible leadership. A new term has emerged for an elevated emphasis on ethical business practice: responsible leadership.

8 rules for better communications during COVID-19

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I’ve been around long enough to have experienced previous upheavals like Y2K, 9/11, the “Dot Com” bubble and the 2008 global financial crisis. Explore educational and thought leadership content.

27 business terms all communicators should know

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Do you know your way around your company’s financials and annual reports? Do you know the financial logic behind the reports that your company generates? A financial product that pays out a yearly amount, usually used as income streams for retirees.

How G&S Business Communications is embracing a moment of change

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G&S has also taken a closer look at how it defines value for clients—and important reevaluation in light of reduced marketing budgets for many during this uncertain financial moment. COVID-19 Crisis Communications Leadership Communications PR Industry The Workplace

Good News for Leaders, Here’s What #Millennials Like About You

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Financial performance should not be the only measure of success. Leadership Mentoring PR 2.0 Last September, the World Economic Forum published an article discussing what Millennials really want from businesses. What stood out immediately from the article appeared in the first sentence.

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Creating an internal task force around return to the workplace

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COVID-19 Crisis Communications Employee Engagement Leadership Communications PR Industry The WorkplaceA look at how communicators are navigating this complex issue.

How stances on racial justice are affecting trust

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According to the latest refresh of Edelman’s industry leading research around trust, consumers have never followed brand statements this closely—and missteps have a financial cost. According to Edelman’s Trust Barometer, the risks of staying silent have never been higher. The U.S.

Keep Calm and Then What? How to plan your communications around the return to ?normal?

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Is your company financially stable, and what are your ambitions? Blog Claire Walker Employee Communications Leadership Traditional PR customer communications employee comms internal comms leadership media public relations Social Media

How offering historical context helps in a crisis

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When the world was rocked by 9/11, and then by the Enron and WorldCom scandals, corporate America felt rudderless, and many stakeholders no longer trusted financial institutions. Your crisis communications should be able to lean on your past record.

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What PR pros are sharing with stakeholders during COVID-19

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Leadership must show empathy and authenticity.”. What about when it is time to share some hard truths about the financial future of your organization? Get the latest tips, insights and coverage on the current crisis by joining our Crisis Leadership Board.

5 ways leaders can fight for racial justice

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They’ve sat through training programs that yielded temporary shifts in interactions with nonminority colleagues, only to watch as the momentum of such training waned because of a lack of leadership follow-through. I am an African American woman with corporate leadership experience.

All Marketing is NOT Content Marketing

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Compounding Returns: 5 Financial Analogies that Explain Good Content Marketing. Marketing CMO content marketing leadership marketing leadership marketing strategy theorContent marketing could quite possibly be the most misunderstood concept in marketing today.

PR Agency Search: Priorities in a PR Expanded World

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As a former head of CorpComm functions at Fortune 100 financial institutions, these priorities resonate for a number of reasons. Guest Post Leadership PR 2.0 A Guest Post by Simon Locke, Founder & CEO, CommunicationsMatch TM.

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Pride in a Time of Pandemic


One major concern is financial viability in a difficult economic climate. Thought Leadership LGBTQ Pride MonthThe month of June marks the traditional celebration of LGBTQ Pride in communities across the nation and world. This year, Pride will look different.

Astellas Pharma’s strong employee culture an antidote to the current crisis

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In addition to her five years with Astellas, which includes her current role as president of the Astellas Global Health Foundation, Knight has served as director of global community relations at Baxter and has held leadership roles at Ogilvy and Kraft Foods.

Canceling over coronavirus: Should your event go on?

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It is a huge financial commitment to be a part of a convention like Expo West, but it is worth the risk because of the opportunity for companies like ours to showcase our products to the game-changers and decision-makers in the industry,” he says. “I

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Communications Careers: Measuring Progress in Steps Through Peaks & Valleys

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Prior to founding CommunicationsMatch, Locke held senior corporate communications roles at Prudential Financial, Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank and founded communications consultancies. . Guest Post Leadership Mentoring PR 2.0

Experts Weigh in on the PR Job Market Right Now, and What It Will Look Like Later This Year


In health care, “our clients have come to a screeching halt,” she said, but opportunities still exist in areas such as technology and financial services. Financial communications and investor relations are also hot areas now,” Delulio said.

How to offer ‘greater good’ in your COVID-19 communications

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Others, like Bristol-Myers Squibb, are contributing substantial financial support and needed products (like personal protection equipment) to relief efforts in affected areas around the world.

Pornhub donates 50k masks and offers free subscriptions, digital platforms and tech partner to share COVID-19 information, and Tony Awards postponed

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To help models who have been financially impacted by COVID-19, Pornhub will offer them 100% of their video sales after processing fee — for a total payout of 85% of video sales earnings on both Pornhub and its clip site Modelhub — for the month of April.

How communicators can learn to speak ‘CEO’

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This means that you need to understand the relevant financial jargon, business jargon, and be able to translate your own work into terms they can understand, so that they can also understand how your function is helping the company advance its objectives,” he says.