5 Insights From The Best Emails Newsletters in Financial Services

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Email newsletters are a particularly useful tool for financial services companies, especially if you’re writing about personal finance. We surveyed the best financial email newsletters, drawing inspiration from many of them.

Journalism and News Trends for PR Pros


The revenue model for journalism is at best in flux, and at worst, in chaos. Serious journalism from unexpected sources. Vice magazine, originally a local magazine in Montreal and best-known for local coverage and shock journalism, grew into Vice Media. More data journalism.

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Brand journalism positions biotech leader

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The Norwegian woman suffers from alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, a rare disease that makes breathing feel like sucking in air through a coffee stirrer, CSL Behring—a biotechnology company—reports in its brand journalism site Vita. You think you’re getting strong with those visits to the gym?

Kraft Heinz grapples with botched financial results and CMO departure

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The company recently admitted in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing that some of its employees fabricated transactions surrounding procurement and suppliers, which will cause Kraft to resubmit its financial results for 2016 and 2017 and reevaluate its 2018 numbers.

Publications Continue to Characterize Brand Journalism as “The Devil Wears a Keyboard.”

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With the story “ The Invasion of Corporate News , The Financial Times became the latest publication to skewer brand journalism. I suppose the FT figured a headline along the lines of “You’re Too Stupid to Figure Out Journalism from Propaganda” might alienate readers.

Financial Times reporter calls out corporate communicator over 'threat'

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Financial Times. lucykellaway Bravo Ms Kellaway and FT for excellent journalism. There are times when calling out a journalist can serve you or your brand well. Factual errors come to mind, or unwarranted attacks on one’s character.

15 PR, marketing and journalism pros to follow on Twitter

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Start with this list of 15 communication professionals who are experts in journalism, PR, marketing, social media and writing: Journalism. Lauren Young is the editor for Reuters Money , and she tweets and retweets items throughout the day regarding financial news, politics and more.

What is your Wall Street Journal headline?

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When I worked in Silicon Valley, a front-page story in The Wall Street Journal was the “ungettable get.” Our efforts often felt futile, as the Journal covers mostly business news with significant financial or industry-shattering impact.

Survey: Financial journalists see cybersecurity as No. 1 topic for 2019

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To that end, Muck Rack polled financial journalists to get their insights on how the media landscape is changing—and to cull a forecast of 2019. Here are highlights of the 2019 Financial Services Journalist Survey : Fifty percent of finance journalists expect to spend less time on Facebook.

Will quality journalism become extinct?

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This week, the News Media Association (NMA) wrote to ministers to say that it is becoming “increasingly difficult” to fund quality journalism, and the diversion of advertising revenues is to blame. Other papers with significant readerships, like The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal and the Daily Telegraph, have followed suit with paywalls. The post Will quality journalism become extinct?

Welcome Kevin Gaboury: LTPR’s New Intern

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Kevin will support us with our public relations efforts as he finishes up his master’s degree in strategic communication at the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication. […]. It’s the New Year and that can only mean one thing: A new intern!

Blendle: Bite-sized saviour of journalism or future apathy victim?

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By and large, most publications are still struggling to find ways to maintain quality journalism and keep solvent. Even the Financial Times, with its subscriptions of up to £700 a year, was pretty quiet on profitability figures this year, although it reported ‘rising revenue’ and firm profits the previous year. Either way, Blendle is a positive development for journalism and publishing. Christian Sharp firefly pr Journalism marketing PR

And I Thought Media Properties Had Stopped Aspiring to Be PR Agencies

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Communications Industry Journalism PR Andrew Benett Bloomberg Bloomberg branding services Bloomberg communication services Bloomberg PR services business communications business consulting Business Insider content business decline in journalism Financial Times fortune media properties native advertising paid content pr agencies PR industry PR market public relations industry publishing industry the New York Times trusted original content

Build or Buy an Audience? This Startup Just Bought a Media Publication

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The PR Opportunity for Brands as Publishers Tinker with Journalism. Marketing advertising audience development content marketing financial communications

Why brands are considering niche agencies over one-stop shops

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For example, a wealth management firm seeking a national stage will likely work with an agency specializing in financial services, rather than a local agency offering services to them, but also the yoga studio down the road. Brand Journalism COVID-19 PR PR Industry

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From the Archives: Will robots replace PRs and journalists?

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With the recent news that Microsoft sacked twenty seven writing staff to replace them with AI algorithms, it seems appropriate to look at this prediction again: There’s a growing threat to journalism: robot writers. Blog Technology Traditional PR ai Journalism PR robots

How brand managers can build lasting relationships during COVID-19

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Salzman contends PR is an economical tactic in a financial downturn. “I’ve Brand Journalism COVID-19 Crisis Communications Marketing PR PR IndustryWhat kinds of messages are resonating, and why is PR such an essential part of your organization’s recovery strategy?

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How PepsiCo partnered with actor John Krasinski to highlight CSR efforts

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The passion of the show’s producers, who are all volunteers, to use their reach to generate more positive impact and truly partner with us to multiply support for the RERF convinced us to quickly increase our financial commitment and fundraising efforts in time for the [April 26] show.

Crisis 131

All brands are media: The biggest lie the marketing industry has ever told

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But, for every Red Bull, there’s a Verizon (you remember Verizon’s failed attempt at brand journalism, right?). And for every Coke, there’s a slew of companies out there that just don’t have enough to say to sustain an ongoing brand journalism effort.

How brand managers can lean into ‘wellness’ during COVID-19

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Campaigns that seek short-term financial gains have missed the point. Brand Journalism Branding COVID-19 Health CareThe pandemic has many organizations looking to craft messaging about health and safety, but what messages are appropriate and relevant for audiences?

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30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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However, many journalists and communicators might decide that journalism isn’t the field to which they want to dedicate their lives. When award-winning journalist Rob Kunzia left journalism to pursue PR in 2015, he had this to say : First, I—you know, I could pay the rent.

How to generate authentic brand advocacy from your employees

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If employees learn to expect a reward for every action, what happens if the company must curtail incentives because of financial constraints or other unforeseen circumstances?

Google and Facebook throw money into local news

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Google is launching software to help local news publishers, and Facebook is donating to organizations that support journalism. The Lenfest Institute for Journalism, blockchain organization ConsenSys, Civil Media and The John S. Facebook has also made moves to support journalism.

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Has the Digital Age Affected the Impartiality of the Press?


Want to see how journalism is changing? Journalism carries political weight – it influences the perspectives of its consumers and consequently their behavior. Featured Trends journalism media relations public relations Publicity

SeeDepth Masters In Marketing Interview: Author And Marketer Drew McLellan

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The agency specializes in B2B financial services industries. The Wall Street Journal calls him “one of 10 bloggers every entrepreneur should read.” By Seedepth.

Virgin Media, T-Mobile and more disclose data breaches; YouTube demonetizes ‘coronavirus’; and Tito’s Vodka corrects a COVID-19 fallacy

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T-Mobile also announced a data breach that exposed customers’ financial and personal information. Your financial information (including credit card information) and Social Security number were not impacted.

Mattel’s gender-neutral dolls celebrate inclusivity, seniors stereotyped in ads, and eBay and WeWork execs depart

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FREE GUIDE: Brand journalism and content marketing—what’s the difference? ]. CEO departures in 2019, according to Challenger, more than at the same point in 2008 when the economy was embroiled in the financial crisis.

Why the Climate Debate Desperately Needs a New Narrative

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The right calls for a moderate approach in which we put our trust into human financial systems to spark innovation and ingenuity. It allows our public discourse to strike a healthy balance between totalitarian desires from the left and ideas of infinite financial growth from the right.

Cliff Notes to Effective Media Relations: A Summary of 3 Surveys of Editors, Reporters and Journalists

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Earlier this year, Muck Rack , one of the PR technology vendors I’m tracking, published a survey of 700 reporters for a report it calls State of Journalism 2019. PR earned media journalism media relations PR surveys survey cliff notes unscripted marketing

Survey 121

Macy’s to lay off 2,000, Spotify podcast listening grows 200%, and Cathay Pacific furloughs 27,000

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Ruth Porat, chief financial officer of Alphabet (YouTube’s parent company), recently reported to investors that Google’s video platform made roughly $15 billion in advertising revenue.

Dior’s China dustup, Dunkin’s CMO departs, and Vatican introduces a digital rosary

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Related reading: Kraft Heinz grapples with botched financial results and CMO departure. Brand Journalism Branding Content Marketing External Communications Marketing Morning Scoop PR PR Industry Social Media Storytelling The Workplace Visual & Video Communications Writing & Editing

Paradise Papers – winners and losers

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When does the reputational damage incurred by being hauled across the coals for using tax havens outweigh the financial benefits? documents, mostly from one leading firm in offshore finance- reminds us that investigative journalism is in buoyant health.

Target, others to close for Easter Sunday, Home Depot stops selling N95 masks, and AdCouncil’s #AloneTogether PSAs

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You might spot phishing scams, where scammers try to get your Social Security number (SSN) or financial info – maybe to guarantee you access to a COVID-19 vaccine (remember: there’s still no vaccine, so definitely no access).

Growing your personal brand on social media

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Excellent advice from Pattie Lovett-Reid, chief financial commentator, CTV News – 5 ways to grow your personal brand on social media. Digital PR GETTING PERSONAL WITH PR Online Reputation Personal Publicity for Executives brand digital journalism media Online personal PR promotion Publicity socialWatch Pattie’s interview with BNN’s The Street. ANALYSIS: Are you narcissistic if you’re on social media?

An Eclectic but Intriguing Mix of 32 Statistics that Summarize Public Relations and Marketing in 2019

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Most people find independent journalism and earned media to be the most credible source of information. Marketing PR earned media journalism marketing media relations owned media year end roundup

The 2019 Contently Summit: Keynote Presentations

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Shawna Dennis, VP of Marketing & Communications, MD Financial ( Slides ). ROI Strategy content marketing ROI Contently Summit data events journalism media companies sales enablementThe 2019 Contently Summit was one day full of 10 sessions that featured 24 speakers from 11 different companies. Over 200 people attended the event to hear about content mastery from peers and colleagues.

Snapchat’s redesign keys on UX, Mobile World Congress is canceled, and how one’s economic assessment skews by party

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According to data from Pew Research Center , Republicans are much more likely to be positive about the economy and their financial future than Democrats are.

Unfriended: What Facebook tells us about PRs and the media

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True, in the week of the Budget non-financial stories struggle for airtime. But the extent to which the media agenda has moved on and returned to running puff vanity pieces about new apps demonstrates that a certain kind of PR has triumphed over a certain kind of journalism. Despite its gutters and its hackers there is still a perception, particularly among the idealistic boomers, that journalism is fit to hold the high and mighty to account.

FT Rejects Biz Storytelling, Beware of Moving Images and Infomericals Baffle FTC

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Financial Times Rejects Business Storytelling The job description for columnists always includes the verb, provoke. Grab Bag Journalism Visual Storytelling animated images animated visuals business storytelling deceptive advertising Financial Times FT Lucy Kellaway FTC native advertising GIF native advertising visual storytellingThe Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications.

Growing your personal brand on social media

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Excellent advice from Pattie Lovett-Reid, chief financial commentator, CTV News – 5 ways to grow your personal brand on social media. As the Chief Financial Commentator for CTV News, Pattie Lovett-Reid gives viewers an informed opinion of the Canadian financial climate.