5 secrets for tailoring your PR pitch for TV

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How should PR pros adjust their pitches when approaching TV producers? Jennifer Joyce is a reporter for FOX29 in Philadelphia fields pitches from PR pros and works with them to share stories that are relevant to the community. When pitching TV, your story must be visual.

Newspaper SOS: Why print publications are in desperate need of PR

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In my last newsroom, working for Ohio’s largest newspaper, I didn’t have my own desk. Imagine my surprise when I reported for work in public relations, having leaped from the unfolding train wreck that is newspaper journalism after 30 rewarding years.

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Elevator Pitch or Twitter Pitch?

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We love following up with them after pitching an interview/story idea. I said, “Often PR professionals are heard talking about the ‘elevator pitch’ – a short summary of the story we are trying to sell the media that we can describe in a span of a few seconds.

Google and Facebook throw money into local news

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Google is launching software to help local news publishers, and Facebook is donating to organizations that support journalism. As local newspaper readership continues to wane, there hasn’t been a corresponding internet phenomenon to replace the daily local paper.

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3 Facebook Features That Benefit The Media


When Facebook first launched, users searched for classmates and dorm room friends. In fact, Facebook users are more likely to post and respond to news content than Twitter users. Facebook paid attention to the way journalists were using the site and launched Signal in September 2015.

Report: 83% of journalists use Twitter—but most still want email pitches

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Muck Rack’s new State of Journalism report reveals that nearly 60% of reporters turn to digital newspapers or magazines as their first source of news, and 22% check Twitter first. Facebook made the No. Also, 44% said they plan to use Facebook less next year.

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Facebook: ‘We know we have more work to do’

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Such is the lesson Facebook is learning after it recently made headlines for allowing brand managers to target users based on anti-Semitic phrases. Facebook approved all three ads within 15 minutes. In our case, it took Facebook’s system just one minute to give the green light.

Facebook’s Current Woes Symptomatic of Raging Content Saturation


Facebook is an easy target right now. You could optimize a news release, and Google News indexed it just the same as an article from a real newspaper! 2011 — Facebook follower numbers seemed to grow on their own. People were actively looking for Facebook pages to “like.”

3 Facebook features PR pros should be using

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Though it started as a site for college kids to connect, Facebook has become a major source of news for most of its users. Facebook users are more likely to post and respond to news content than Twitter users are. Recognizing that trend, Facebook has added tools for news outlets.

4 Sources to Find the Right Reporters to Pitch


A successful public relations pitch has the potential to elevate your brand in a way advertising simply can’t. But a good pitch starts with finding the right reporters.

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How to pitch an Op-Ed to The New York Times

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Founded in 1851, The New York Times (NYT) is considered one of the leading newspapers in the world. An Op-Ed is an essay that runs on the opposite side of the editorial page in a newspaper. To gain some inspiration, follow The New York Times Opinion section on Facebook.

Survey: Financial journalists see cybersecurity as No. 1 topic for 2019

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You might think twice, though, about pitching them via Twitter or Facebook. Here are highlights of the 2019 Financial Services Journalist Survey : Fifty percent of finance journalists expect to spend less time on Facebook. Personalize your media pitches.

4 tips for optimizing your newsjacking opportunities

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Have your virtual antennae up at all times, and cultivate a rapport with journalists so you can respond quickly—and with the ideal pitch—to breaking events. Unfortunately, far too many PR pitches reek of laziness, and that can be damaging. Media Relations PR newsjacking pitching tips

Facebook tests ‘News’ feature, Lyft offers rides to job interviews and doctor visits, and YouTube’s 20M trees campaign

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Here are today’s top stories: Facebook partners with journalists and publications for ‘Facebook News’. Vox’s headline read , “Facebook has finally decided that the best way to deliver news is to act like a newspaper.”

3 ways to keep your PR pitches out of Twitter rants

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Looking for pitching advice? For example, this was tweeted at a recent Ragan PR conference in New York City: Friends don't pitch friends on Facebook, only Twitter. - @michelleleff #RaganPR2016. — Less surprising are media tweets exposing lame pitches. Package the pitch.

15 big changes on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat

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Here’s a list of recent innovations, including rumors worth paying attention to: Facebook. Facebook is big on video: According to Facebook’s last earnings report, Facebook users watch 100 million hours of video daily. Facebook’s Sports Stadium.

What the GateHouse/Gannett deal means for PR pros

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newspaper chains are fusing as one media powerhouse, in hopes of bolstering an industry in decline. The newspaper market hasn’t recovered—but a mega-deal might help some local papers stay afloat. The two biggest newspaper companies in the U.S.—Gannett The top two U.S.

How to Generate Coverage From Conferences


Here are four steps to pitching reporters and getting coverage from your upcoming conference. For example, you could hold a Twitter Q&A session prior to the event or post short video introductions on Facebook and Instagram. Best Practices Featured pitching tips

10 Social Media and Public Relations Tactics You Need to Know

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Traditionally, PR has spread information through media outlets such as newspapers, trade publications, and television. Whether you're on LinkedIn or Facebook, a profile is essential to your social media strategy.

Lin Pophal on the Evolving Role and Field of PR

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I’ve known Lin Pophal for years through her work as a writer for eContent , HR Executive , and others; have pitched her client stories and my own thought leadership topics (I’m in her eContent story on content curation tools ). Is it interesting to get pitches?

Study: Millennials will pay for content, but not news

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The American Press Institute has found that a scant 15 percent of millennials pay for print newspaper, and 21 percent pay for print magazines. Facebook and search engines remain more popular methods to obtain news than paid sites.

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How to tweak your headlines for success

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After I sent it, my pitch got zero response online. Suddenly, the editors I’d previously spoken with perked up their ears, and one national newspaper—which has shunned the previous headline—called me for more information. If your pitch isn’t clear, they’ll skip over you.

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8 PR sins to avoid

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Delauter called out Rodgers on Facebook. in its story about the Kirby Delauter hubbub, Uh, Council Member: In our country, newspapers are actually allowed to write about elected officials (and others) without their permission. But his PR sins got me thinking back to my newspaper days.

Report: Less than a third of financial reporters trust press releases

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Most financial journalists (85 percent) say that print newspapers are the most trusted source of industry news, followed by online newspapers (more than 83 percent) and executives of financial companies (nearly 57 percent). Pitching and source tips to consider.

2 Enduring Strategies for These Content-Saturated Times


You could optimize a news release, and Google News indexed it just the same as an article from a real newspaper! 2011 — Facebook follower numbers seemed to grow on their own. People were actively looking for Facebook pages to “like.” And Facebook actually showed them your posts!

Media relations is thriving

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If you read an article about an individual or organisation in your favourite magazine or newspaper you’re likely to view it far more favourably than if you heard the information direct. The Daily Telegraph was the first UK national newspaper to go online in November the same year.

Media Relations in 2020


A couple of decades ago, media relations meant keeping in touch on a regular basis with the assignment editor of the local TV station and the city editor of the newspaper. And then there are special groups on various social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

4 reasons ‘publicist’ is a dirty word in PR

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RELATED: Learn how to sharpen your pitching skills, boost buzz and land more headlines. ]. When the media gripes about PR pitches addressed to the wrong names or that are irrelevant to their beats, it’s because pitching has become a transactional.

Creating, Distributing, & Amplifying Your Press Release


Could it be on a news site or in the newspaper? You can also send a press release to a journalist, but do so as part of a carefully-written pitch. But on Facebook, one share to your business page should suffice.

Journalism and News Trends for PR Pros


As mobile’s importance continues to grow for news delivery, Facebook developed an application, Instant Articles , for select publishers to publish their content on Facebook directly from their own content management systems and get a faster loading time in Facebook users’ news feeds.

A day in the life of one solo PR/social media consultant (and adjunct professor)

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We’re pitching a lot of bylines to these kinds of pubs, and in many instances, I’m on the hook to take the first stab at the draft. We create content for Sleep Number’s Careers Facebook and Instagram pages and the company’s LinkedIn and Glassdoor pages.

Media 102? A brief update to media 101

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They’re the main players that make up the journalist line-up that you’ll find in every national newspaper in the UK today. So, do you pitch to an editor in the hope they pass the story to a freelancer? Editors. Reporters. Columnists.

6 content lessons from Gannett’s USA Today Network

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Mark Zuckerberg posted it on Facebook.). Gannett was a holding company with more than 100 local newspapers and properties but no cohesive story. Investors tended to think of Gannett as a newspaper company. If you were pitching this story, what would you need to know?”.

8 ways to boost media coverage

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Local news can sometimes be as valuable as national events if you get coverage in the dominant newspaper where your company is located. Companies such as Google, Facebook and Twitter are always relevant. Not every day in PR can end with a new project launch or major initiative.

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Misinformation 2.0: Deepfakes are the biggest threat to media today

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For journalists, publishing a breaking story based on a video that is later proved false can damage their reputation, erode the trust of readers in the newspaper or magazine they write for, and even lead to libel lawsuits.

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Behind the Headlines with Catriona Pollard


To make your voice heard, use strategic, targeted pitching techniques and broadcast authentic stories that will resonate with your audience. With today’s media being so fragmented and competitive, what works better is strategic, targeted pitching of interesting media angles to select journalists. We can then use this information to refine our topics for pitching to the media and communicating with audiences. Today, media is fragmented and competitive.

3 Essential PR Trends to Monitor in the New Year and Decade


When we began this decade, many local newspapers had at least 10 more pages of non-syndicated content than they do today. And people still faxed pitches! This includes newsletters, closed Facebook groups and social media pages, among other places.

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PR resolutions for 2015

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Review the media coverage you achieved last year and the publications in which they appeared and determine if you need to review your approach to pitching to the media. Welcome to 2015!

PR considerations for tech startups

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Related: 5 Public Relations Tips to Help You Write a Pitch Someone Will Actually Read. It’s more than just sending a pitch email to a reporter. Have something tangible to pitch. Just pitching a meet-and-greet “executive interview” won’t work.

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Can Print Still Flourish in The Age of Digital? An Interview with Star Tribune Magazine’s Sue Campbell


But the evocatively-titled website Newspaper Death Watch continues to track newspapers, from Denver’s Rocky Mountain News to the Tampa Tribune, that have closed in a column headed “R.I.P.”. So, Sue, what’s up with our Minneapolis newspaper – so successful in growing digital products like StarTribune.com to 7,000,000 unique visitors – giving birth to another print publication, Star Tribune Magazine ? Then I get my coffee, and read the print edition of our newspaper!”.

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